World's 10 Greatest Inventions

  • Those who worshiped CNN have also started worshipping Modi!

  • There are two pole apart points on Modi's speech:

    • Bad point

    Those who know DNA technology would laugh on Modi's statement. Even the heart transplants attempted in recent past failed. Though, it is difficult to explain for non-scientific minds why it is so, yet, I would try to explain in as simple words as I can. Every human cell is composed of chromosomes that is composed of DNA series which has bi-spiral series of genotides (pair bases of A,T and C & G proteins). After some five, six or more set of ladders arrangement the series code repeats its sequence, each sequence is called STR or short tandem repeats). Like finger prints identify a specific biological body, more authentic is STR which determines the probability of specific man. The whole body's DNA/RNA is composed of similar STR arrangement. Now if a body organ of any man or animal is replaced the whole body starts protesting/rejecting the alien DNAs and consequently all systems start collapsing. So, it is not possible to have an elephant head and human body through plastic surgery.

    • Good point

    The good point is acceptance of scientific values. Almost all religions generally and Islam particularly is based on DONTS. Evolution is still a pain in the azz for churches. We as Muslims have a long history of Fataween on scientific inventions. Loudspeakers, TVs, Earth is round and revolving around the sun, travelling on Train (pagans invention) they were all unanimously declared haram. DNA technology is entirely Haram for Muslims because our Islam is based on four pure and authentic evidence. Dissection of dead human bodies to teach different aspect of anatomy in medical school and colleges is also Haram. In this denial mode if Modi has tried (though naively) to close up the gap between sciences and religion, I think it is a good omen.

  • If someone invents something in America, Canada, Britain, Germany, etc, why don't we call those inventions/discoveries as Christian inventions?

    Why are we calling Arab or Persian inventions as Muslim inventions?

    We are Pakistanis proud of Arab, Turk, or Iranian inventions?

    Can a Pakistan gutter-man, who happens to be a Christian, say that his brethren ruled over India and the rest of the world for centuries?

  • Suicide vests didn't make to top 10 not even top 101 inventions.


  • Qarar & Shirazi

    Can you read Urdu or just Hindi?

  • اقبال تہذیب ، سائنس اور خرد کا دشمن تھا ، صحرا نشینی کو پسند کرتا تھا .. پاکستان کو بھی عرب کا ریگستان بنانا چاہتا تھا . اقبال کا خیال تھا سائنس کی حکومت دل کے لئے موت ہے .. صحراؤں میں اچھے کردار اور جنگجو لو پیدا ہوتے ، موسیقی پیار محبت سے لوگوں میں اپنا فلسفہ پرچار کرنے کی بجاے اس نے کہا عوام کی تقدیر کو بدلنے کا طریقہ شمشیر و سناں اول ہے

    میں تجھ کو بتاتا ہوں تقدیر اُمم کیا ہے

    شمشیر و سناں اول ، طاؤس و رباب آخر

    اقبال نے کچھ بھی نہیں ایجاد کیا وہ صرف علم کلام کا ماہر تھا .... مسلمانوں نے صدیوں سے علم کلام کے ماہر لوگ پیدا ہو رہے ہیں جو صرف باتیں بنا سکتے ہیں

  • @wazirabadi

    Qarar & Shirazi

    Can you read Urdu or just Hindi?

    Yes, I do understand Urdu, and when talking about Muslim inventions, I'll have to agree with Shirazi sahib on suicide vest. Your video should have listed that as top five.

    This is for you:

    فاسفورس، پوٹاشیم ، سلفر اور نائٹروجن

    یہ چار عناصر ہوں تو پھٹتا ہے مسلماں


  • Qarar - Here is the answer