Insurgency Warfare

  • Insurgency warfare is one of the most difficult types of warfare to engage in as we have seen numerous times throughout history. What we can aim for however, is the dismantling and disabling of the threat to a degree where it becomes incapable of reviving and reorganizing. The Pakistani military has been making successful efforts to dismantle, curb and curtail the insurgency spread on their soil. Across the border in Afghanistan the U.S. is providing every possible support to the ANSF so they too can protect their homeland against internal and external insurgencies.

    However, as President Obama stated yesterday at the Pentagon press briefing, “Ideologies are not defeated with guns. They’re defeated by better ideas—a more attractive, more compelling vision.” This is the larger battle, and one that the entire international community has to face in the long term. We have to, collectively, provide people with the better narrative - one that would help those who are brainwashed by violent ideologies to choose education, progress and prosperity over destruction of entire societies.

    Haroon Ahmad