Why Ain ali was bailed-?

  • Why this model was bailed out when she was caught red handed with huge amount smuggling fgrom the country,

    what kind of justice and country is where criminals are balid out by the High Court,and what is the character 0f advocates who defends such criminals.

  • That is not wise to keep a person under Judicial Lock up after 14-30 days, unnecessarily.

    She was held for 4 months, what must be enough to collect the details.

    A culprit is entitled for bail once required information has been collected by the Law enforcing Agencies.

    She didn't commit a murder.

    Now it is up to Court of Law to decide if she is guilty or non-guilty.

  • The kind of offence Ayan Ali did is a bailable offence, so she did get on bail after investigating authority okayed before the court that no further enquiries are left to question with. This does not mean that she has been cleared or let loose. She will face the charges through her hired advocate, and if the verdict goes against her she would definitely get sentence.

  • Thank for detail, information,but was she caught red handed or not,what more proofs court needs,would there be bail if some common person, found in the same circumstances,i think not at all she got bail because she belongs to some infuencial politician.

  • Her offense is BAILABLE according to Pakistan Criminal Procedure Code.

  • alltrue12 saheb: You are right when you say she was caught red handed at the airport. But the maxim of justice is audi altrem partem (hear the other party). The justice provides maximum opportunity to the accused to say in their defence. For any lie or weak point from defence side it is taken to task by prosecuting counsel through cross examination. Although, the case looks crystal clear, even then, law requirements have to be completed.