Judicial Commission rejects PTI's election rigging claims

  • ISLAMABAD: The judicial commission, tasked with holding inquiry into Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s allegations of election rigging in 2013 general election, has sent its report to the government, sources said Wednesday.

    The sources told Geo News that the three-judge commission headed by the Supreme Court Chief Justice and comprising Justice Ameer Hani Muslim and Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan in its report rejected all the three allegations leveled by the PTI.

    The Imran Khan led party had accused Nawaz-League of stealing people’s mandate through organized rigging in the general election which it claimed were not conducted in transparent manner.


  • This was the final nail in Ilzaam Khan's political coffin. He has lost the final slogan he was left to rally the brats around his flag. I guess it is about time he should sell off his container and take out old tanga and switch to his sincere friend's facebook:


  • Though the report is not officially made public, but almost all Pak TV channels are running tapes and even discussing in talk shows that jC has rejected all the three charges levelled by PTI on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

    In case, smart media is telling the truth, then, I am wondering how IK and PTI would react because they have repeatedly reposed full confidence, come what may, on the findings of JC. Would they eat their words, or would continue the same slogan "when 22 parties are saying election is rigged, it is rigged" lol.

  • Wait and see, tomorrow morning there will be another U-turn, and that too will be with full self-confidence, which is trademark of ilzaam khan.

  • Pappu Niazi ko dance nahi ata h, bas kanjer khana culture at h.

    Pasha Party is using Babur Awan Lota for Riaz Tekhdar campiagn to hide his corruption and China Cutting Mafia. Pasha Party was linked with Hizb u Tuhrir during Pasha London conspiracy last year. All knows what is agenda of Hizb u Tuhrir, to malign Pak Army and create rift between civil military relation to damage Zarb i Azb.

    Riaz Tekhdar is distorting image of Pak Army and Judiciary with stupid media propaganda through Pasha London Plan paid media cells and anchors on the direction of Hizb u Tuhrir. His target is retired Pak Army officers with ex CJP in background music.

    Riaz Tekhdar gifted Farm Houses to Pappu Niazi, Zardari and Zardari. Also gifted bhatta to Altaf Hussian (MQM) under the garb of universities for China cutting in Karachi.

    Pasha Party is definitely hurt and looking for areas for political agitation and this is perfect. After Judicial Commission Report abuse ex CJP and retired officers of THIRD UMPIRE (Pak Army).

    Next dharna will be for Riaz Tekhdar!!!!

  • جس ملک میں سیاستدانوں اور بیوروکریسی کی مالی کرپشن پکڑنا محال' ہو اس ملک میں سیاستدانوں کی انتخابات میں منظم دھاندلی کون پکڑ سکتا ہے؟۔

  • Tehreek-i-Dhandhli initiated by PTI was a great political blunder.

    Had Imran Khan been politically mature, he must have initiated a Movement against Religious Fanaticism and Corruption.

  • Imran Khan survived Dharna and Javed Hashmi this Judicial Commission is nothing. JC report will be discussed for week or 10 days max and then we will move on to new topic.

  • PTI playing role as real apposition. But not achieving people exceptions. Because people was expected "Dharna" for Inflation, Unemployment and basics for poor people not for Wazarrat-e- Uzma.

  • Axactly Shirazi saheb: Now the photocopies of JC report have been procured by almost all media channels, they have already started "namak mirchi" and sarcastic remarks which will go on for a week or so. But this is not all said and done.

    PTI has certainly sustained a set back which will harm its popularity graph. What I see in Imran Khan, he is simply a matured man with childish brains. There is no harm in being ambitious to be the PM of Pakistan. Every politician thinks so. But the way he acted during two years playing in the hands of powers behind the curtain for a short cut dream come true was nothing but a child's dream. Every political party is complaining about the rigging but they didn't take the course that Imran did. Just because they didn't have solid proofs up their sleeves. Imran also didn't have, but he boasted he had millions of proofs. Now he has to face the music. Media was giving full support to Imran's dharna, the same media would be mercilessly critic after this turnaround.

  • Just Curious

    DonaldWWisher = Donald Trump Well Wisher ??


  • @Imtiaz Ahmed Saab

    Did you notice as JC reports came closer Imran Khan start reviving the old dead horse - talk to Talibans. Strategic move - it will take some focus off GHQ sponsored dharna.

    Imran Khan is PM in waiting he should act like one. So far only Reham bhabi is taking her job seriously - the future First Lady. But I am little disappointed even she couldn't convince Khan Saab to forget Talibans. Instead of dragging IK to his liberal roots bhabi jee is being Talibanized.


  • Donald Trump is estate business king. He is billionaire if not trillionaire. He can be a strong candidate if he gets the presidential election ticket.

    Yes, Shirazi saheb, in my opinion, bhabhi appears to be a more serious and wise "would-be" leader and it would be beneficial if Imran relinquishes his chairmanship and gives it to bhabhi saheba.

  • RAGA of Dhandhli, in Pakistan, works only where a Big Power instructs Pakistan Military to get rid of a certain politician like Z.A. Bhutto.

    عمران خان صاحب کو معلوم ہونا چاہیے تھا کہ ١٩٧٧ میں پاکستانی فوج ایک غیر ملکی طاقت کی خواہش کی تکمیل کے لئے ذوالفقار علی بھٹو سے نجات حاصل کرنا چاہتی تھی

    اس لئے الیکشن میں دھاندھلی کا نعرہ لوگوں کو بیوقوف بنانے میں کامیاب ہو گیا

    ٢٠١٣ میں فوج کے صرف چند جرنیل اور طالبان ، پاکستان کی اینٹ سے اینٹ بجانے کے لئے آپ کی مقبولیت کو استمعال کرنا چاہتے تھے

    لیکن کوئی غیر ملکی طاقت نواز شریف سے نجات نہیں چاہتی

    اس لئے دھاندھلی کا شور کامیاب نہیں ہو سکتا تھا

  • @Javed Sheikh

    ایک غیر ملکی طاقت کی خواہش کی تکمیل کے لئے ذوالفقار علی بھٹو سے نجات حاصل کرنا چاہتی تھی


    Care to reveal the identity of the foreign power????

  • JS

    you are a former teacher and was around in 1977. The quantum of rigging was evident even before polls and thats why the provincial assembly elections were bycotted by masses. You can't put just on america or generals (althought what they did was also wrong) but Mr. Bhutto asked for it as well.

    What was the need for him to get elected unopposed and how come all 4 CM's also got elected unopposed ?

  • قوم کا اتنا قیمتی وقت ضائع کرنے ،اور اپنی مرضی کا جیوڈیشل کمشن بنوا کر تسلی کر لینے کے بعد خان کو اب میچورٹی کا مظاہرہ کرنا چاہیئے اور ملک کو ہیجان اور بے یقینی کی کیفیت سے نکالنے میں اپنا کردار ادا کرنا چاہیئے۔ حکومت کی آدھی ٹرم پوری ہونے کو ہے۔ اگر کچھ کریں گے تو عوام سے ووٹ لے سکیں گے نہیں کریں گے تو پی پی پی کی طرح کھیل سے باہر ہو جائیں گے۔ نظام کا چلنا شرظ ہے۔نظام طلے گا تو اس کی خرابیاں خود بخود ختم ہوتی جائیں گی۔


    and get out of Fools' Paradise.

    Had there been 100% Fair Elections, there would have been no Land Slide Victory for Imran Khan.

  • @# Sahrif Aadmi,

    In 1977,

    Only a few constituencies were disputed,

    PNA & PPP had reached a compromise to hold fresh elections.

    But Anti-Bhutto element knew that to defeat Bhutto in Elections was almost impossible.

    Even Zia al Haq admitted that reality.

    American Administration had already decided to finish all characters, (Bhutto, King Faisal, General Gadafi) who were ambitious for Nuclear Technology.

    Pakistan Military was assigned to eliminate Bhutto physically.

    Henry Kissinger gave the signal.