IK,TUQ and ISI...

  • Judicial Commission report is not all truth as it is based on the given three TORs. JC seems to have considered only the relevant evidences in the light of given TORs. So what all is transpired in shape of conclusion of JC; it negates, the all Known Truth.

    Accordingly; report is being rejected by Masses as flawed. Although it serves Nawaz Sharif govt in power and there is lot of rejoicing seen in PMLN camps.

    But in between the lines, this report also reveals that IK campaign of Change was not his own but initiated by ISI. For which; ISI picked IK and later TUQ. They were used as ISI's pawns and tools in it.

    Campaign of Change to bring the masses out of the clutches of feudalism either initiated by ISI or otherwise is sure for better cause and this must be hailed. But I think the slogan aired during the Dharna movement by IK and TUQ; 'Umpire ki Ungli' in a way coined to ensure the masses and show the powerful support of ISI. But let’s accept it that flashing of this slogan was bit absurd and showed immaturity on the part of both the Maestros. Exposure of ISI support, if it was there, for their campaign was uncalled for.

    No campaign may run without support... IK or TUQ were seen bit flamboyant in conducting their campaign, some time they were seen over the top but they were not wrong in doing this. Unfortunately; the Dharnas of campaign came to a grinding halt for Judicial issues. Campaign went to Judicial Commission. The report of Judicial Commission is being perceived as an end of lines for the Campaign of Change. But this may also be wrong. This Change is but imminents. All the campaigns may come across some hurdles but IK as well as TUQ must pick up where they left.

    On the other hand, our Armed Forces and ISI is more than ever committed to bring about the desired changes in Pakistan, Successful operation of Zarbe Azb against terrorism shows as how much advance they have gone, Armed forces command is now busy cleaning up the dins of society, starting from the metropolitan city of Karachi. Oppressors in Karachi are on the run. IK and TUQ must catch up to that.

    Campaign of Change Must go ON


  • Nawaz Sharif has matured in politics and he has lady luck in his favor. Establishment used Imran to topple Sharif because they thought the latter would not act at their whims. Fortunately for NS and unfortunately for IK, seven generals including ISI Chief reached saturation age of retirement. Most of them were ayes to IK's dharna. On top of it, the Army School tragedy made Gen. Raheel Shareef the strongest C-in-C of all time. It is not wrong to say, in spite of such a big behind the curtain uplift, IK failed to encash it by his childish politics (like umpire's finger). Many politicians like ZA Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif rose to heights from barrack's take off. Sorry to say, IK does not have that DNA.

  • "Oyee Youthias, Yu should never redeem yrself", Hazrat Imran Khan.

  • Although Gen Pasha was not there at the time of Dharnas and now Gen Zaheerul islam was in the chair.But Dharna planning is pinned on Pasha..In this misadventure, what dismays the most is that such a grand and promising movement of Change ended in humiliation. Entire nation was mobilized.peoples had pinned very high Hopes. Pakistan had found a great ldr in IK. There was a great spiritual leader TUQ standing by his side. But it wa seen that these high hopes hinged on one single thing <> Umpire ki Ungli. To me both the Maestros used to look very hollow... when they wud say..Umpire ki Ungli Uth jaeay gi. Why they cud not made their own mottoes/ slogans. why they were putting up absurd demands like. Estifa de do. Dissolve the Assembly. They were demanding such things, on what account when we had majority parliament sitting. Somehow everything was hinging on that; Umpire ki Ungli which had now become that 1971- US naval fleet for the rescue of East Pakistan; which was Never there. So high hopes were Dashed and dharnas ended.. But Why those hope were raised at very first place. After trekking a long way; Why these two Maestro cudnot consolidate their own positions.... ; if there was nothing there as:umpire ki Ungli.why we didn't get any ISPR tweets that we get now a days. Why ISI as well as these two Maestro made fool of peoples? But in case, Umpire ki Ungli was there. why then Army did not materialize it. why Army betrayed the maestros....and when they saw their operation failing; why army as well as these two Maestros cud not disengage honourably. ..? why a great cause was turned into Humiliation.?

  • Stupid argument manufactured by Jehangir Tareen of NAZARIA ZARORAT. He and Pasha Party must listen what Hamid Khan says.

    Shuja Pasha, Zaheer ul Islam, Ijaz Shah, Kanvar Dilshad and many ex establishment characters part of Pasha London Plan. Even as per Javed Hashmi, CJP Nasir ul Mulak was dubbed part of plan by Pappu Niazi. Over Rs 1400 Billion investment to create instability in Pakistan to block CPEC. All in favour of Pasha Party, fair verdict of judicial Commission is criticized on logic based on JHALAT. Abusing in dignified manner to CJP, vulgar abuses will start after 16 August 2015 on his retirement.

    Pappu Burgers read what Pasha Party signed in MoU with PML N. Nobody can stop Pappu Niazi from U Turn, but Kuch Hija + Sharam + Grace be huti h, after all Tareen signed it.

  • SPAM Posting...

  • Article 225 of Constitution of Pakistan says; convening of Ordinance to hold any Judicial Commission is unconstitutional . Hence JC Report is placed Null n Void...!!!

  • First off Article 225 of Constitution of Pakistan is specifically meant for provincial assemblies of Pakistan. By no stretch of constitutional domain it pertains to National Assembly's Order of business.

    The judicial commission was formed under article 89 of Constitution of Pakistan which empowers the President of Pakistan to make and promulgate an ordinance which would have same effect as law passed by Majlis Shoora (parliament). Such ordinance are subject to confirmation by both the houses within 120 days, which please note.

  • Tareen paid LAFAFA journalist and anchors are upset now a days.

    See all those who predicted THIRD UMPIRE finger are now struggling that Pasha Party should remain hijacked in Tareen helicopter.

    Fawad Ch, Moeed, Rauf Khusra andf many others are well active on this type of agenda to keep Pasha Party in Jehangir Tareen, they are not sincere to Pappu Niazi, do not want to him as politician, they only want him to act as spoiler.

    Tareen was key culprits who hatched London conspiracy with Shuja Pasha, tactfully brought Gullu Qadri, Pappu Niazi, Zameerfrosh Brothers of Gujrat, Sheeda Tali type characters on one pace. His prime him was to hijack Pasha Party to become PM of Pakistan. He was in contact with disgruntled establishment characters for this conspiracy with Asad Umer, Naeem ul Haq, Shireen Niaka, Perviaz Khattak type jokers.

    Lastly he he played master stroke, used Raham Khan to seduce Pappu Niazi, share bed by exposing his experience and charm. Prime purpose was that Pappu Niazi should not get himself released from his helicopter hijacking. Raham Khan was ensured that future would of him or her. This annoyed SMQ, Hamid Khan and many other in Pasha Party.

  • PTI has been divided into several groups:

    PTI Raham Khan Group

    PTI SMQ Group

    PTI Treen Group

    PTI Asad Omer Group

    PTI Hamid Khan Group

  • Akbar Babar leaks out next moves of IK:

    New Khan Road Runner

    When a Tsunami recedes it only leaves behind debris. Any attempt to rebuild using the debris ends up assembling a shanty town. The wise build afresh with lessons learnt to save from future similar disasters. But that requires sincere introspection, a trait hard to find in today’s PTI.

    After the damaging Judicial Commission Report, the PTI is in a flux with a chorus of discord rearing its head publicly. Instead of serious reflection followed by determined course correction, a range of lollipops for all tastes has been assembled atop the Bani Gala lollipop factory. The purpose is to cap the latest dissent and create a fake perception of course correction under fresh unity. For the genuine workers, conventions are being organized to allow them to air their frustration with the lollipop of reform, for influential dissenters sidelined, the lollipop of key positions to reform the party is on offer, and for the public, the lollipop of a party going back to its roots.

    The lollipops would be distributed publicly in the freshly painted ‘New Khan Road Runner’ to be unveiled soon that could include the offer of temporarily quitting as head of the party to return only if re-elected again by the rank and file.

    When the lead ‘Legal Eagle’ of the original PTI went public employing the more palatable ploy of a party hijacked by conventional politicians, it rattled Imran Khan. After initial attempts failed, a meeting was finally arranged last evening between the two. What is likely to emerge from the meeting in the next few weeks is a page out of Machiavellian politics.

    To cap more public outbursts, it has been agreed that the ‘New Khan Road Runner’ would personally attend the rebellious workers convention planned in Lahore. Besides other demands, the convention resolution would include a demand to remove those blamed for the JC fiasco except off course the top man. To rope in dissidents of all shades, the ‘Legal Eagle’ has been given the green signal to attract as many PTI dissenters as possible to the seemingly rebellious Lahore convention. The threat of a long march to Islamabad to recapture Bani Gala from turncoat politicians is also in the air with a promise, never to be honored, that even before the long march leaves Lahore, the main accused in the JC fiasco would be fired.

    All in all the Lahore convention would be fiery and rowdy signifying little as it would an orchestrated affair. The convention would create the perception of rejuvenating the status of the lead PTI legal eagle for bringing PTI dissenters on a single platform.

    While preparations are afoot to officially organize the outwardly rebellious convention in Lahore, the main accused in the JC fiasco has been entrusted with the task of convening another large ‘mixed bag’ convention in Islamabad. Besides the new political entrants and office-bearers, lists of forgotten workers are being retrieved from old CPUs to contact-never mind some are already dead and most others barely alive.

    The only honest ‘Judge’ left in PTI is scheduled to meet the ‘Owner’ of the PTI lollipop factory tomorrow. The judge is being roped in with the lollipop of meeting his demands passed through several Tribunal Orders. If he swallows the sweet lollipops of reform in all sincerity, he would also attend the planned conventions in Lahore and Islamabad.

    The lollipop for the ‘Legal Eagle’ is the promise to be made the Chairman of a rejuvenated PTI National Council to be announced in the Islamabad Convention under a ‘Grand Reconciliation’ matching in concept to the NRO of General Musharraf. The role of Zardari in the PTI manufactured NRO is to be played out by the erstwhile ally of the ‘Legal Eagle’ during the mother of all rigged intra party elections- who else but the now infamous ‘fat lounge lizard.’ The Zardari of PTI is partnering with the ‘Legal Eagle’ primarily to remove his main rival from power and once again rule the roost under the false cloak of representing PTI ideologues determined to restore PTI to its original moorings.

    At the end of it all, not only would the PTI ‘Legal Eagle’ gain lost power in PTI but his revived political stature would give him greater leverage to negotiate his entry in any future ‘Mr. Justice Party,’ if he so decides.

    The game changer in the Machiavellian power politics now unfolding in PTI is the ‘Honest Judge.’ If he decides to ride the boat of the ‘Legal Eagle,’ he risks being used and abused without achieving any substantive internal change. In fact if the Machiavellian plan is executed to perfection, at the end of it all, almost total internal control would shift back to the notorious lounge lizards.

    If, however, the ‘Honest Judge’ decides to rock the PTI boat on his own along with sincere and committed PTI ideologues to achieve real change, this would not be the first time that he decided to take the uncharted course true to Robert Frost’s quote “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”


  • Listen to Brigadier Simon Sharaf (Pasha Party activist) interview to Matti Ullah Jaan on WAQAT. Also listen to its analysis by Najam Sethi on "Apas ki Baat" (1 August 2015) on GEO.

    Reality of Pasha London Plan is exposed.

    This is why veteran and ideological activist like Hamid Khan told the who truth at Lahore on 1 August.

    Pappu Niazi says that NS to make commission on this. Funny Joke. Pappu Niazi did not accept Judicial Commission Report in true sportsman spirit, what is guarantee he will believe on Pasha London Plan commission and quit politics. Pappu Niazi has lost credibility and nobody believes on his words.

    Pasha Party Pappu Burgers get your self release from Jehangir Tareen helicopter hijacking before it is too late.