PTI Stupidity on Judicial Commission Repor - Open Challenge to PTI Supporters

  • Stupid argument manufactured by Jehangir Tareen of NAZARIA ZARORAT. He and Pasha Party must listen what Hamid Khan says.

    Shuja Pasha, Zaheer ul Islam, Ijaz Shah, Kanvar Dilshad and many ex establishment characters part of Pasha London Plan. Even as per Javed Hashmi, CJP Nasir ul Mulak was dubbed part of plan by Pappu Niazi. Over Rs 1400 Billion investment to create instability in Pakistan to block CPEC. All in favour of Pasha Party, fair verdict of judicial Commission is criticized on logic based on JHALAT. Abusing in dignified manner to CJP, vulgar abuses will start after 16 August 2015 on his retirement.

    Pappu Burgers read what Pasha Party signed in MoU with PML N. Nobody can stop Pappu Niazi from U Turn, but Kuch Hija + Sharam + Grace be huti h, after all Tareen signed it.

  • من ترا حاجی بگویم

    تو مرا حاجی بگو

  • جوڈیشل کمیشن کا فیصلہ اور اس کے بعد نواز شریف کی تقریر ُسن کر ایک کہانی یاد آ گئ۔

    ایک مسافر کو دوران سفر رات ہوگئ۔ رات گزاری کیلئے ایک گھر کا دروازہ کھٹکھٹایا' وہ گھر میراثیوں کا تھا۔ انھوں نے مسافر کو پناہ دے دی۔ رات کے دوران مسافر کی گھوڑی نے بچہ (وچھیرا) جن دیا۔ صبح تڑکے جب مسافر شکریہ ادا کر کے رخصت ہونے لگا' تو میراثیوں نے گھوڑی کے بچے کو روک لیا اور بولے کہ اس کو تم نہیں لے جا سکتے ' یہ تو ہماری گائے کا بچھڑا ہے۔ مسافر بہت پریشان ہوا اور بولا "خدا کے بندو! یہ گائے کا بچھڑا نہیں گھوڑی کا بچہ ہے، پر وہ نہ مانے ' گاؤں والوں نے بھی مسافر کو اکیلا جان کر میراثیوں کی سائیڈ لی۔

    آخر کار فیصلہ گاؤں کے چوہدری کے پاس پہنچا' چوہدری صاحب نے بھی سوچا کہ مسافر تو چلا جائے گا لیکن میراثیوں نے میرے سدا کام آنا ہے' سو انھوں نے گہری سوچ سے چونکتےُہوئے ارشاد فرمایا کہ میرے دادا مرحوم مرتے وقت مجھے بتا گئے تھے کہ میراثیوں کی گائے جب بچہ جنتی ہے تو وہ وچھیرا (گھوڑی کا بچہ) ہی ہوتا ہے۔مسافر مایوس ہو کر فقط اپنی گھوڑی کو لے کر اپنی راہ چل پڑا کہ کہیں یہ بھی نہ چھن جائے۔

    جب مسافر رخصت ہو گیا تو میراثیوں نے رونا پیٹنا شروع کر دیا' چوہدری نے حیرانگی سے پوچھا کہ روتے کیوں ہو?

    میراثی نے جواب دیا کہ چوہدری روتے اس لئے ہیں کہ ُتو مر گیا تو تیرے جیسا منصف کہاں سے ڈھونڈیں گے!!!!!!

  • CJP Nasir Mulak is honest man - Pappu Niazi

    CJP Nasir ul Mulak is part of Pasha London Plan as told by Pappu - Javed Hashmi

    Jehingir Tareen has hijacked Pasha Party with his planes+helicopters+wealth

    Now what has happen, Pappu must listen to Hamid Khan, Swati and Wajeeh ud Din. Ro Pappu Ro - MoU ko read karo

    Vulgar media/social media paid campaign against CJP Nasir ul Mulak will start after his retirement from night 16 August.

  • "Vulgar media/social media paid campaign against CJP Nasir ul Mulak will start after his retirement from night 16 August"

    اُس زلف پہ پھبتی شبِ دیجور کی سُوجھی

    اندھے کو اندھیرے میں بڑی دور کی سُوجھی

  • ایک صحافی نے بھولے سے پوچھا کہ وہ دھندھلی کے زریعے

    یا سازش کے زریعے وزیراعظم بننا پسند کرے گا ؟

    بھولے نے جواب دیا کہ وہ شوکت عزیز اور معین قریشی کی طرح وزیراعظم بننے کو ترجیع دے گا

  • Now a days after proving liar in Judicial Commission, Pasha Party is propagating on media that Government to make commission to probe into Pasha London Conspiracy.

    It is a good a suggestion for media attraction.

    Pasha Party did not accepted Judicial Commission Report with true sportsman spirit and took U Turn to even MoU they have signed for this commission. What is guarantee, Pappu Niazi will accept Pasha London Plan Investigation Commission Report!!!!!!!

  • Imran khan has been neutered.imran,s only hope to overthrow Nawaz govt now was to use shia establishment to overthrow Nawaz but Nawaz shareef has pleased shia establishment so much after fake encounter of sunni aalims yesterday (who were shia,s number one enemy) that I think Imran,s greatest support the shia qadri mafia (qadri is also a secret shia) may not support him anymore

  • true rambler Bhai I agree.. Nawaz will pay in the next elections. The sunnis must not vote for him now.

  • Nawaz has nothing left to lose in next elections as he cannot be PM again.

  • stupid's with pro Jews and Indian agenda talking on sectarian grounds.

    Islam has many sects and Sunni have many divisions. Muslims hate this reality of sects but can not negate it.

    Malik Ishaq was a Kharji, not a Sunni. He was deserter of Deobandi sect and even not regarded by leading Deoband extremist party ASWJ. No reaction from Moulana Ludehanvi is concrete evidence of this.

    Jews/Indian agents do not confuse Muslims particularly Deobandi Muslims with this stupid logic. It would not cash, though you will earn few dollars from Jews/Indian masters. Read character of Malik Ishaq, read my comments above and anybody to quote his single pro Islamic service for Pakistan. Single one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Islam disregard terrorism and killing of any innocent is HARAM. Nawaz Sharif and Raheel Sharif are doing great job to terminate these fanatic playing in hands Jews/Indian to create disability in Pakistan.

    How so ever will show sympathy for votes or else now for such terrorist when ZARB I AZB is own, must scare from Allah. Today appreciating this Kharji for killing of innocent tomorrow some one may kill innocents close to you. They scare / kill judges, police and lawyers who try to tackle them in legal manner, so this course is best. Though no encounter, this Kharji killed when his terrorist tried to get him release from Police custody.

    Khawarjee ka jo YAAR h Islam or Pakistan ka GADDAR h.

    Pappu Burgers look into own files and do not confuse thread. Listen what Hamid Khan. Azam Swati and Wajeeh ud Din are saying. Listen what Simon Sharaf said to Matti Ullah Jaan and today analysed by Najam Sethi. Get your self release from hijacking, as Pasha Party is hostage in Jehangir Tareen helicopter.