The felons; they Love this Judiciary

  • The felons; they Love this Judiciary

    Our Judiciary is the safe heaven for all the felons where they come and Judiciary would bail them out.

    Judiciary is good at sampling as to which side wind blows and will go with it. For instance; supreme Court validated Musharraf Coup and even allowed him to do constitutional amendments. Then when the wind blew different; they charged Musharraf for treason on the same account. Zardari wanted to go slow on treason charges against Musharraf. Judiciary has gone by it. Now Nawaz sharif govt wanted to be bailed out in rigging of elections; so Judicial Commision has awarded them the bailout.

    Her Roz ek naya Tofaan utha deti hey; yeh Judiciary...!

  • Nawaz Sharif didn't ask for this bail out, Imran Khan asked for it. He was jubilant and declared the formation of JC as his great victory and result of his untiring efforts from Dharna to public gathering speeches. At that point in time, didn't he know the wind has changed its direction? If he didn't know then he is no politician.