• PTI'S DHARNA was against Gen. Raheel Shareef.


  • Dharna was a conspiracy by then DG ISI Gen Zaheer against then COAS Gen Raheel Sharif and PM Nawaz Sharif - Imran Khan was just a pawn. :)

  • It is easy to have 20/20 hindsight, a question on the table is what is being hatched in Karachi with the backing of same parties?

  • Listen to Brigadier Simon Sharaf (Pasha Party activist) interview to Matti Ullah Jaan on WAQAT. Also listen to its analysis by Najam Sethi on "Apas ki Baat" (1 August 2015) on GEO.

    Reality of Pasha London Plan is exposed.

    This is why veteran and ideological activist like Hamid Khan told the who truth at Lahore on 1 August.

    Pappu Niazi says that NS to make commission on this. Funny Joke. Pappu Niazi did not accept Judicial Commission Report in true sportsman spirit, what is guarantee he will believe on Pasha London Plan commission and quit politics. Pappu Niazi has lost credibility and nobody believes on his words.

    Pasha Party Pappu Burgers get your self release from Jehangir Tareen helicopter hijacking before it is too late.

    Its time to get Pasha Party release for Jehangir Tareen helicopter hijacking and MQM fro Altaf Hussian's criminal hostage. Bother were part of Pasha London Conspiracy, MQM was tasked to assist in reaching of Gullu Qadri at Islamabad along Pasha Party. MQM has to create fiasco in Karachi and rest of Pakistan soon terrorist of Pasha Party and Gullu Qadri Firqa have captured PM House and made PM as captive.

    Look extreme of Lafa journalism. New No 1 Lafafa journalist after Mubahsir Shero is Ahmed Qureshi (Express). All discussing stupid acxt of Altaf Hussian barking, Ahmed Qureshi is talking in lines with Bani Gala Lafafa and trying to conclude fruits of Pasha London conspiracy.

  • dherna was against Nawaz shareef and democratic system ..yes.

    dherna was against raheel shareef?....this is nonsense.

    those in army kno army does not work like this.they are one from top to bottom.

    may be this new invention that dherna was also against raheel shareef is to make raheel angry against Imran.lol..you know how much generals love themselves and this is only way to end Imran,s carrier.otherwise he is sure to become next prime minister

  • لندن پلان کا جو مقصد تھا اسکی تکمیل نواز شریف نے ہی کردی ہے - اب حوالدار اور پٹواری ایک پیج پر ہیں بلکہ قادری، زرداری ، چوہدری سب ایک ہیں

  • Great wisdom is shown by the Parliamentarian and in particular PML N. Besides Pappu Niazi abusive and vulgar language, blessed Pappu Niazi/Pasha Party seats in BAKHSISH.

    Look towards other side, firstly they threw Wajeeh ud Din to protect Jehangir Tareen wealth and planes. After all Pappu Niazi now can not travel without the, Wajeed ud Din rightly described his crime that he refused to love Pappu Niazi dogs as he love him.

    Now instigating and shouting that they do not want seats again. Pasha Party is maligning great Speaker for calling MQM. MQM is a curse all knows, both Pasha Party and MQM has no difference. I floated this comment and asked for single difference. Week plus is over, nobody is able to endorse single difference.

    Pasha Party abides by likes of Establishment and than says it is not Establishment party. Went behind Geo for Zaheer ul Islam and now see few days back Pappu Niazi came on Geo and yesterday Pasha Party MADAR I MILLAT came on Geo on Jirga. Pasha Party politician daily come on Geo for talk shows. Where is principle, Wajeeh ud Din fate openly clarify the same. MQM is ell dealt by PML N Government; no laxity is given less a chance they can improve themselves.

    If Pasha Party is doing on Hizb u Tuhrir behalf (both have nexus in Pasha London conspiracy), today joint visit of PM and COAS is slap on their faces. They will never succeed in creating rift in civil and military relations, all knows it is Hizb u Tuhrir / Jews agenda to weaken Zarb I Azb.

    If Pasha Party hates Bakshish, it is their test now. Pappu Niazi should come on National Assembly floor tomorrow, declare they do not want bakshish. As being done by Javed Hashmi. Pasha Party and Pappu Niazi should declare resignation on Assembly floor and get out of it. Lets see they display moral courage!

    If not than keep weeping and making propaganda on social media/media, but reality is they accepted BAKSHISH.