Insult of Indian Muhajirs and Indian Muslims by Altaf

  • Altaf has become a liability and nuisance for Indians Muhajirs and Indian Muslims,and his recent comment that India has not helped Indian Muhajirs is more than a slap on the face of Muslim Muhajirs from India and Indian Muslims.

    India where abuse of Muslims and Christians has become the order of day and Muslims are even denied as per their belief to use cow beef.

    India where Muslims and Christians are forced to adopt Hindu way of worships in the name of yoga.

    India where religious victimization was also pointed out by US president Obama.

    India where people are persuaded to drink cow urine

    India where muslims are denied in the name of Majority Democracy any representation in Parliament,and where Muslims are now the most backward minority due to their victimization by India.

    India which supports the victimization of Muslims in Middle East.

    India which supported the occupation of Afghanistan by Soviet Union, when all world opposed that.

    India which is having half Million army in Kashmir to maintain occupation on 10 million Muslim Kashmiries inspite of UN resolution, is presented as the well wisher of Indian Muhajirs by Altaf, which just show that he is sick and not able to understand realities and facts.

  • You are not going to get any response from Altaf lovers.

  • This needs further investigation who prompted Altaf Husain to deliver such speech.

  • @JS. Are you implying that he himself is incapable of saying those things? Why can't you take it on face value? Is he not an adult?

  • Dear M Akram,

    Thank you for your post. May I please add to the following of your utterances just to get kicks up my backside:

    1. "India where people are persuaded to drink cow urine..."

    We muslims through authentic Hadith (Sahih Bukhari 8:82:794) were set example of Mohammed (pbuh) advising people of Ukl tribe to drink camel urine with milk to gain health in Madina. Would you kindly show same hatred against Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his teachings. Or widen your think-pot to imagine that urine if treated, could yield some chemical compounds that could benefit human health. I would kindly suggest to use Sheikh Google to search these terms

    John W. Armstrong - The Water of Life: A treatise on urine therapy

    Solomon's Biblical Proverb - drink water from your own cistern

    Today's google world puts information on finger tips, but it is okay, you are richly entitled to remain ignorant.

    2. "India where religious victimization was also pointed out by US president Obama"

    Our dear Sheikh Obama of USA has many a times asked Pakistan nation to mend its ways of terrorism specially perpetrated against Indian nation which includes two to three hundreds of million muslims. But let alone helping them in peaceful ways, Pakistan celebrates many wars waged since 1947 which killed hundreds of muslim fighting for their Hindustan through Pak Army. And who has not seen the spectacles of Mumbai 2009 but in spite of Obama's sincere advice to Pakistan military and political junta to shun terrorism, Pak Islamic nation of peace continue to nurture hostilities against neighbors.

    As far as Altaf Hussain is concerned, I am of the opinion that his well wishers around him in London are the one who are coerced into digging his grave.

    Awaiting certificates of patriotism and authentic muslim-ship from you.

  • Enemies of muslims and Pakistan are very clever enough they even use Islam,Pakistan and ethnocenterism like Bengalism and Muhajirs and Provincialism like Sindh and Balouchistan to keep muslims disunited and destabilized, and due to foolishness and selfishness of state institutions and their employees who are just interested in their salaries and bonuses and ignorant of any system and rules and regulations and they do not care if blood shed is going on in Karachi from last 30 years and humanity is crying for so many years due to terrorism and hororism in this city.So many people have died like Hakeem Saeed, Zuhair Akram Nadeem, and Azeem Tariq but state employees are interested more in selfishness instead of human and moral values.

    Altaf is a monster like monsters of Boko Haram, ISIS, TTP and all these enemies of muslims are killing muslims, and muslim rulers and states are responsible for not taking any action against these vandals and criminals due to their selfishness and non commitment with humanity.

  • @AA, Namaste Bhai.

    If you are a urine drinker, you are welcome to it.

    What has Pakistan to do with Indian Muslims, they can fight for their own rights.

    You are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, Jai Ho Modi.

    Now London Rabta is also conspiring against Altaf Hussain. he is such a baby.

    Nobody is asking you to get certificate. Your leaders saying are enough.

  • pervez,

    Media is talking much about Indian Connection with MQM.

    Funding by RAW been also been propagated.

    If that is correct, then it is also possible where he might get some dictation on Policy Issue.

    Altaf Hussain is not that much prominent Philosopher as presumed by his followers.

  • "Funding by RAW been also been propagated."

    Absent Minded Professor???????????

  • Use of religion,race,ethnicity, sectarianism and gender are very strong factors when dealing real life, so in presence of such conflicts two main parties are playing main game in Karachi one is Sindhi Ethnic Card in the form of PPP and other is MQM using Muhajir ethnic card.

    Previously MQM was victimizing ethnic minorities of city of Karachi by policy of terror and horror and by grabing land and city jobs, and now Sindhi PPP is abusing Karachi situation under the curtain of Rangers operations, and Civillian Bureacracy, and people of Karachi are suffering from chronic and deliberately created shortage of water, electricity and non availability of jobs grabbed by Sindhi PPP, due to demand of a separate province by MQM.

    Due to extra ordinary situation in Karachi demand of separate province is due from long time in order to counter present situation.

  • @Akram Punjabi,

    Thanks for spitting venum against Muhajirs and demonstrating Punjabi fascism yet again.

    Gradually entire Leadership of mutahid and Muhajirs as nation are reading writing on walls. More you spit, nearer the goal will be. Iask your other brethren too keep doing good work.

  • Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's chairman Imran Khan said that in 1999 General Pervez Musharraf, then Chief of Army Staff and who later allied with Hussain, told the government that Altaf Hussain received funding from India for terrorism.

  • So funding by India to keep Karachi burning and boiling is not a hidden fact now,that is why Hundreds of Police Officers were killed in Karachi so that no system could work here and people who created Pakistan could be victimized and penalized as per policy of India,

  • India do not want any link and unity between Pakistan,Afghanistan,Kashmir and Indian muslim that is why India always keep itself ready to destabilize and victimize muslims to creat disunity in them and use people like MUTAZA,ALTAF AND HASINA.

  • don't call altaf Husain and haseena wajid like people muslims.not everyone borm in muslim homes is muslim!islam is not by inheritance,islam is by practice

  • Good Job, never ever try to understand our pain. Continue spitting venum, that's helping founders of Pakistan realizing blunders committed by their forefathers and need to undo that.

  • @Ghost Protocol. Have you invented a time-machine that you are going to fix the blunders of your forefathers?

    What should your victims do?

  • How friendly to Mohajirs and other ethnicities in Pakistan is the initiator of this thread is evidenced by another thread he started "“ Kalabagh Dam: A Symbol of Victimization of Punjab By Other Provinces"!

  • Either you are with us or against us. This is a great way to make enemies.

  • @Pervaiz,

    You want a timeframe to fix the blunders of our forefathers? You can ask even more rude questions, be more sarcastic, be more ruthless, be more humiliating, be more unjust, I want more more of these behaviours. U just don't know what's cooking up, keep listening radio Pakistan. Goal is getting closer with every bs that Punjabi nexus says, writes, acts,utters, with every extra judicial killing,kidnapping, torture, disappearance. Keep listening Radio Pakistan, just continue what you are good at and keep listening radio Pakistan.