Constituional petition against amendment18 & 21 dismissed

  • The full bench of Supreme Court today pronouned judgment on a Constituional Petition challenging the validity of 18th and 21st Amendments passed by the Parliament. The petition has been dismissed. But, it is not a unanimous decision. Justice Khwaja Jawwad has written one page dissenting note.

    The main point behind this petition was formation of Military courts through Amendment 21. This amendment also gives finality of Miltiary Courts' judgment in that these judgment cannot be challenged in Supreme Court.

    The mixed reactions of senior lawyers, politicians and media quarters have already started pouring in.

  • جب پنجابی اور اسٹبلشمنٹ کی محافظ پارٹی حکومت میں ہوتی ہے تو ججوں کے ضمیر کی آواز کچھ بدل سی جاتی ہے . اگر یہی کیس پیپلز پارٹی کی حکومت کے دوران عدالت کے سامنے جاتے تو ؟؟؟؟

  • "This amendment also gives finality of Miltiary Courts' judgment in that these judgment cannot be challenged in Supreme Court"

    If that is the case then is there any need for the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court should also be written out of the Constitution of Pakistan.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I haven't yet read the judgment but as per TV channels reporting, in the judgment it was discussed at length whether the military courts formed under 21st Amendment affects, in any manner, the independence of Judiciary. It has been finally concluded since this amendment was made under special circumstances prevailing in this country (terrorism) and is directed to eradicate the same, and since these military courts would cease to exist after two years, the petition is dismissed.

    But, yes, the theory of necessity in law has once again borne.

  • @zindadil!

    tumm sindhi aur mohajir to establishment aur foj kai punjabion say bhi braai naukar ho .buss shert yeh hai kai general islam dushman ho ziya ki tarah islami zehen ka na ho/:)

    mqm aur zerdari ki musharaf aur kayani ki ibadat /chaakri aur khidmat guzaari kaun bhool sakta hai?

  • today supreme court of munafiqistan has died.

    let tahirul qadri be invited to Pakistan so he can shut down supreme court and use it to dry his wet shalwaars like he did it in Imran khan,s dherna

  • just imagine ,that if instead of ultra secular and almost atheist minded raheel shareef, the general in charge of Pakistan at present era was someone like zia with some religious background!and he had dared to kill supreme court and make military courts instead.

    imagine the reaction after that!

    whole Sindh and balochistan would have erupted in rebellion and mqm and ppp would have asked for nato and india to intervene and free them from such tyrant. america and nato had given anti Pakistan statements labeling Pakistan a dictatorial failed nation.aitizaz ahsan like satanic minded intellectuals had danced up and down in agony and had immigrated to usa where they would have been slandering against Pakistani generals 24/7.and America than would have activated its minions in pak establishment who had put some mango ki paiti in that generals plane and he would have been taken care of (like zia was killed by his own men!).

    but see how much calm is there at present after such land mark decsion!not even cnn bbc aljazeera are giving this news much importance .same channels cry like bittches when some islamist court somewhere overrules secular law somehwhere .

    just because our general in charge is favorite of America and NWO guys so all is well inside Pakistan and outside Pakistan!

    but Allah is still in charge remember.He is completing his hujjat against the enemies of don't worry!something good will come out of it inshalah.and this will also legitimise fata and kpk people,s demand to have sharia courts in future if not by hook than by crook!after all if establishment can over rule supreme court why cant islamic sharia be allowed to do that?

  • also check how Imran and pti hawaldaars are silent on this murder of judiciary and democracy in Pakistan.pti waalas cry like women at each metro bus or road made by shareefs but are totally silent on this!shows that pti is definitely establishments party

  • لندن پلان کا جو مقصد تھا اسکی تکمیل نواز شریف نے ہی کردی ہے - اب حوالدار اور پٹواری ایک پیج پر ہیں بلکہ قادری، زرداری ، چوہدری سب ایک ہیں

  • سپیکر نے الطاف حسین قادری کے ساتھ فون پر این آر او کرلیا - ظاہر ہے وقار نے ڈنڈا دیا ہو گا -

  • جسٹس ناصرالملک اب اسی طرح عمرہ کرنے کے بہانے ملک سے نکل کر امریکہ آباد ہو جائیں گے جسطرح ریمنڈ ڈیوس کو رہا کرنے والا جج غائب ہو گیا

  • Lawyers won and lairs lost.

    Liars floated this case just to protect their source of income. As more a case is delayed more they earn.

    Quick decision by courts will curb fee they earn from a case.

  • My comments to Zindadil!

    disagree with your comments. it's the necessity not the alike or dislike of anyone. The decision provide the evidence that 6 were one side and 11 were on the other side.

    Judges should be above the racial issues and I think that what happened here. It's 2015 and not 70 s or 80 s

    we should be above all these.

    Please read more literature around. I would be reluctant to make comments without detail knowledge of issue.

  • what will happen next.cause generals don't believe in remaining static.they believe in iqbals great message that harkat main barkat hai and remaining static destroys you.

    will we see a new 22nd amendment makig raheel field marshal for life?and than another 23rd amendment to give supreme authority of Pakistan to generals instead of Allah ?present qaradad e maqaasid in constitution has no value but still it says that supreme ruler of Pakistan will be Allah.

    why not end this hypocrisy (as Allah and islam is obviously not the supreme rulers of Pakistan in present era) and make raheel shareef and than his succeeding generals the supreme rulers and law makers of Pakistan?

    at present word of GOD is considered law (though actually in constitution no one acts on words of GOD.) so I do see an amendment where generals are made the law and divine beings.

    I am hearing that western scientists are nearing a technology where death may be controlled or atleast one wont die till 1000 years age (cellular oxidation will be slowed so much that cellular decay will end and a person will live 1000,s of years)...obviously our generals are richest folk in world right now.they will get this "eternal" life technology are we seeing first step in creation of new "gods" in Pakistan?

    may be pti will pass that law of making generals divine rulers forever?

    in Syria right at beginning of war the Syrian army forced sunni muslims to do sajida and pray to statue of basharul alasad .why not in Pakistan?

    already Pakistanis in villages etc even worship graves where at times even dogs are buried! so why not generals!

    I remember a narration in a book in which an agha khan,s western friend asked him that your followers worship you like god,does it not embarrass you at all ,as you are cultured and western educated man.agha khan started laughing and said that in india people worship cows,what if some of them worship me,than i am atleast better than a cow. aint I!

    Pakistan and india are center of shirk in when a dog dies people bury it in some grave in cities like Lahore etc and say that a great "saaeein " or a saint has died.than on this dog grave they made a shrine and occupy the whole land and than millions of people gather to worship that grave and ask this grave for wealth ,children and their other needs!

    so Pakistan is best suited place for above !

  • raed this as neutral and take off sectarian eye glasses for a while you will know that following is true


    just got news that Islamic scholar anjum chodry was arrested in UK because he publically praised Islamic state and urged muslims to join khilafa of IS because this is the only right way to protect muslims from kufar aggression of present era.

    he is on trial and even in his trial he openly said that british govt is terrorist and Islamic state is on truth.this trial was also aired on media without any censorship.anjum chodry,s ,essage reached far and out!

    I was thinking that in Pakistan many people were made missing on suspicion that they wrote slogans in favor of Islamic state in lahore etc,and malik ishaaq was brutally murdered with his sons for trying to establish relations with Islamic state.

    so Christians and jews say that your Pakistan is worse for you than Britain and usa etc where even the Islamic state followers are given fair trial and are not killed by state terrorism like in Pakistan.

    where will this resentment lead?remember that when humans are not let even their emotions come out and are not even allowed to speak the truth than lava bursts and whole nation goes into speaking your mind such a crime in pakistan because the satanic elite thinks that they are on wrong patha nd if truth comes out they dont have a chance?

    here even these words will be censored but i can openly write even harsher article in americana nd even zionist website and they dont censor it!

    but I have an idea why Pakistan is so sensitive about islamists.pakistan is not in hands of seculars but is in hands of worse sectarian minded people in history of ummah.and they want to kill and destroy everyone who is opposing their beliefs.they are near the irani ideology and the ideology that a new prophet etc is not bad thing and khatam e nabuwwat etc ideology is not right.

    anyone neutral here do some search on zaid zeman and his false prophet and gohar shahi and his false prophet!facts are easy to find.both zaid zaman and gohar shahis son were close to pak elite and they even openly supported certain parties here.

    establishments puppet paper nawaiwaqt exposed this truth to us all when it introduced many irani ideology columnists like asadullah ghalib and asar chohaan who openly wrote that army should do operation (I.e kill) everyone who has same ideology (of jihad and enemity with kufar) as Islamic state and Taliban (meaning to kill every deobandi and ahl e hadeeth etc!).

    and this is why I think that after Nawaz shareef their is only chaos now and may be 2013 were last Syria and Iraq or worse situation is ahead because the sectarian brigade that is in charge is only doing drama of operation against mqm but their real operation and mass killing spree is only against 1 or 2 ideology sects who unfortunately (or fortunately) are 45 percent of Pakistan population and may be 70 percent of kpk!so where this internal civil war wil lead is anyone s guess.these military courts will be used by these people to take revenge on their opposing sects!you will see.and this may create Syria like Syria also 10 percent irani sect tried to take over and forcibly convert 90 percent sunnis of Syria into their religion!and see what happened