Jaali Degree of Murad Saeed (PTI) and the Poor VC

  • KPK's Chief Ministr, Pervaiz Khattak has recommended removal of Vice Chancellor Dr Raul Jan.

    The chief minister came up with this recommendation after a two-member inquity committee, constituted by Chief Sectretary Amjad Ali Khan to look into the controversy surrounding the degree issue of PTI MNA Murad Saeed, submitted its report.

    The PTI poster-boy from Swat had been embrioled inthe controvesy when it emerged that he, in collusion with some officials of the University of Peshawar, had manipulated the system to receive BS degree in environmental sciences.


  • کوئی شرم ہوتی ہے، کوئی حیا ہوتی ہے۔

  • What a justice by Allah Almighty, what a MUKAFAT AMAL. Long list of examples but will just quote happening in last 30 days only.

    1. Pappu Niazi instigated fake election under Pasha London Plan slogan and now accepted BAKSHISH, going to assembly with request to Speaker Ayyaz Sadiq to save him from insult.

    2. Pappu Niazi abused all during LUCKY IMRANI CIRCUS, called his Pasha Party enjoys most freedom of expression, now suspended Wajeeh ud Din and threatened all who speaks against him will be fired.

    3. Pappu Niazi speaks of justice and asool, now for Jehangir Tareen DOULAT + HELICOPTER, justice and asool are fired.

    4. Pappu Niazi questioned Maryam qualification, his wife new British National wife degree found fake.

    5. Pappu Niazi paid media anchors pointed PML N on tempered documents, Mubashir Shero is fired and Moeed Pirzada is in UAE jail for forgery.

    6. Pappu Niazi spoke against MOROSI politics and now his British National wife is icon of MOROSI politics.

    7. Pappu Niazi pointed on metro about Shabaz Sharif that he his dream project is sunk in water/flood, look Naml University Mianwali is under water now.

    8. Pappu Niazi condemned Acheson College Principal firing over admissions and look now VC Peshawar University is fired as he could not give relief to Murad Saeed.

  • یا پھر نہیں ہوتی