MonoEthnic Politics By MQM and Need to Recoganize and accept this fact.

  • Law and order and Life of people should be more important than any assembly,party or leader, what was the advantage of assembly membership by monoethnic party MQM, Which chronically failed to stabilize city of Karcahi and when people were dying daily in violence and victimization of ordinary people was the order of day.Even today 4 policemen were killed in city.

    There is need to accept this fact that people are very much influenced by ethnocenterism, racialism and sectarianism,there fore this fact should be accepted and solution of this problem should be made because by not accepting this fact system is becoming defective and inefective, which is resulting in failure of system.

    MQM is snatching seats on the basis of Mono Ethnocenterism from last 35 years, so now elections should be held on separate electoral basis for different ethnic groups so that MQM can not victimize ethnic minorities, otherwise this game of victimization of ethnic minorities will go on for centuries.

    More over if there are such issues in other part of the country where parties taking advantage of grouping of society on the basis of ethnicity, sectarianism, and racialism , separate electoral system should be implemented so that no one can victimize minorities or smaller groups.

  • When in India Congress was just representing Mono religion nation of Hindus, Separate electoral system was accepted by British Government for Muslims, just to make democracy and electoral representation more fair and to make system on ground facts and on actual situation , people will like to vote on the basis of character and service of candidates among their group and instead of giving votes blindly to poles and candidates erected by some political party on the basis of ethnicity, it will also decrease polarization and competition among different groups.Use of majority democracy has totally failed, so use of 100% democracy should be accepted because each and every individual is important and ignoring and wasting huge number of votes on the day of election should not be acceptable in any condition.Every VOTE and every candidate who have got votes should be relevant till the last day of assembly.

    There should be requirement of average votes for becoming member of assembly, such as if 2 million people have voted to different candidates for 20 seats, requirement for each candidate should be average 200000 votes for becoming member of assembly, for this number of votes he will have to get support of voters or after election support of less vote holders and candidates having less number of votes should be able to transfer their obtained votes to another candidates of choice, to prevent wastage of votes.

    By this system 100% representative system can be created not only in Karachi but also in whole of Pakistan.

    In past one Candidate got 100000 votes and other got 100100 votes, so later was winner and person who got 100000 votes was looser and his votes were wasted, this is totally unacceptable and a great denial of democratic right and representaion,and a great defect of majority democracy which make the democracy a gambling and is against the soul of representative democracy.

  • will you suggest same in other part of Pakistan?

    how about only Jatts should be voting for Jatts and Chudries should be voting for Chudries... raja for Raja and

    Rajpoot for Rajpoot.

    once you stop treating karachi as your Colony of Greater Punjab... you will have better result.

  • By this system 100% representative system can be created not only in Karachi but also in whole of Pakistan.

    Gambling type results should not be important but representation of whole society should be more important including all Muhajirs,Balouch, Pushtoons, Sindhies,Kashmiries,Choudhries, Rajpoots, Hindus,Christians,Qadianies and Shias and Sunnis, that will be true representative social system, hiding and pressing minorities and smaller groups under the name of majority democracy should be avoided.There should be a system where not a single vote should be wasted.Democracy is the name of accepting individual opinion and representation of all and not dictatorship of majority or rule of few.

  • Isn't this thread starter who started extremely ethnically biased thread "Kalabagh Dam: A Symbol of Victimization of Punjab By Other Provinces"

  • Provincialism or Ethnocenterism whether Punjabism or Bengalism, and Sectaianism whether Wicked Shiaism or Mental Sunism are diseases, and diagnosing, exposing and treating such diseases is service of system and humanity.

    Kalabagh Dam is a project on River Indus spread on area of NWFP and Punjab, Punjab Government is responsible for floods and non construction of Kalabagh dam.

  • How come no words on Punjab's rule on rest of the pakistan....

    laterly PML N won punjab with majority and ruling on rest of the Pakistan...?

    your suggestion to get rid of "Ethnocenterism and Sectaianism disease" can sum up with one liner...

    "Kill all minorities and sectarian group who are not among us"

  • PMLN Ruling Punjab and Pakistan, MQM and PPP are ruling Sindh, PTI ruling NWFP and Balouch nationalist ruling Balouchistan without 100% representation that is why system is defective.

    Elections purpose should be only representation of people and not rule, rule should be only of laws and rules and regulations implemented by state institutions, there should not be any king type ruler like Altaf,Nawaz,Zardari,and Imran making extraordinary changes and violations of rules and regulations.

  • correction, MQM is elected from Sindh urban but not ruling...

    I think, Karachities biggest problem is that they dont get chance to maintain their own resources....

    you give this to bodies elected by the people ... things will change, bring law makers and law enforcement agencies from local bodies...

  • First of all resources of the country should be spent on health, education, children, jobless,poor and people deserving Zakat and not for leaders of Political Parties or their extortionists members or job grabber workers, they already have accumulated huge resources.

    People in law inforcement should be in one institution like big countries USA and Canada independent of Federal,provnicial,and local interferences just to follow law and not any personal desire of any Altaf,Zardar,Nawaz or Imran.