So who wants MQM out of Assembly ?

  • Recent attack on Gondil making me think ....

    Koi to hey jes ko MQM chuub rhi hey?

  • @ expakistani bhai

    If I have to take a wild guess I 'd say Altaf bhai himself is behind this. Gondil Saab mentioned threat to his life much before MQM resigned. Perhaps he couldn't leave on time like Mustafa Kamal, Faisal Sabzwari & Haider Abbas Rizvi. Gondil Saab should have taken Zinda Bhaag message seriously.


  • Style of target killing in not MQM's ..... "Bhai logon ko kaam pora kerney ke Pesey miltey hain"..

    More like an attempt we saw on Hamid Mir, Gondil Saab have option to leave MQM and not to join any other party.... with his background most likely he would do it. ZindaBhag options are only for Kamal Pasah, Siddquie and Sabzwari... they can harm MQM even if the leave party... they have their own backing and support. Gondal sahib is not up there...

  • You have a point. So who do you think is behind it? Agencia Haramia ???


  • Yap, Agencies. they want to isolate MQM from political process at least for sometime.... For agencies there is no good face of MQM, all are same Khalid Maqbool siddiqui to Amir khan.

    Most likely what they are looking for seats divided between PTI, JI, JUP and few seats for MQM ( divided karachi ) in Assemblies....

  • expakistani saheb: To some extent I agree with you but perhaps we are not looking the picture on a bigger canvas. Someone is greatly mistaken if they think Maulana Fazlur Rehman is visiting 90 to pursuade MQM parliamentarians not to resign. Their resignations do not make much of a difference in NA assembly of 332 members. The game of pursuation is to create a stage in a phased manner to form an MQM minus Altaf bhai. The intelligence agencies are working on a lead that attack on Rashid Godel was made neither by any MQM militant wing nor any jihadi group but their core focus is on "some RAW puppets" in Karachi.

  • @Imtiaz Ahmed Saab

    Our agencies think MQM itself is the biggest RAW puppet in Karachi. So essentially you are saying agencies are exploring if MQM is behind this.