Isn't this a case that our person can conspire but yours can't even say anything


    Mushahidullah’s bombshell upsets PML-N’s apple cart

    KALBE ALI — UPDATED 17 minutes

    ISLAMABAD: The ruling party, Pakistan Muslim League-N, has shot itself in the foot once again.

    On the evening of Independence Day, when the celebrations were still ongoing, a federal minister’s remark have thrown the ever fragile civil-military relations into a tail spin, compelling the government to deny the cabinet member’s remarks and the military to issue a denial as well.

    The strongly worded denial of the military is not going to be a good omen for the PML-N government, which is far from stable.

    It was an old plot though some of the characters were new.

    The culprit was Senator Mushahidullah, Minister for Climate Change, who told the BBC that the “former head of ISI had devised a conspiracy to remove the elected government.”

    Within hours of his remarks having hit the airwaves of the news channels, the prime minister’s secretariat and then the ISPR, the military’s media wing, denied the existence of the conspiracy in statements that snubbed the minister as well as others.

    Interview that set the ball rolling

    The minister highlighted that the plan was made when the two marches — the ‘Azadi March’ by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and the Inqlab March by Pakistan Awami Tehreek — entered Islamabad in August 2014.

    In his interview to the BBC, one year after the two marches set forth from Lahore towards Islamabad, the minister claimed that the plan made by the then head of ISI General Zaheerul Islam Abbasi was aimed at creating unrest and chaos.

    “Telephone discussions of the former intelligence head have been recorded in which he was giving directions on how to create chaos and take over the PM’s house,” Senator Mushahidullah claimed in the interview.

    He then added that these telephone conversations were recorded by the civil intelligence agency, the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which reports to the interior ministry.

    Senator Mushahidullah also told the BBC that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif played the telephone recordings for the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Raheel Shareef, during their meeting on August 28, 2014.

    After this, the minister claimed, the horrified army chief made his director general of ISI listen to the tapes. In his interview the minister further elaborated that after listening to the audio recording the army chief called in the head of the intelligence agency and got the tape played.

    “General Abbasi was asked by the army chief if the voice was his or not? And receiving the confirmation from him, the head of the intelligence agency was asked to leave the meeting,” Senator Mushahidullah stated in his interview.

    The minister even said that the government had received several other reports that the conspiracy prepared at that time in this connection would have a “bloody and destructive outcome”.

    “The conspiracy was not only to target the civil government led by Nawaz Sharif but it was even against the army chief,” he said, “The action plan was to create a deep rift between the PM and the army chief so that the prime minister may take action against Gen Raheel Sharif and then some people would come into action.”

    Unsurprisingly, the interview caused immediate controversy.

    What had preceded the interview?

    In order to understand the attention the interview garnered, it is important to point out that such rumours had been doing the rounds since last year -- about then DG ISI General Zaheerul Islam being behind the sit-in by PTI and PAT; how the conspiracy was nipped in the bud by a democracy loving General Raheel Sharif; and how the government of PML-N was saved.

    These rumours had died down as other events took place but they appeared to have made a comeback since the judicial commission’s report was announced, declaring the elections free and fair.

    Shortly after the report came out, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, who is known to say the “wrong thing at the wrong time” where the army is concerned, caused a small storm when he named General Zaheerul Islam and others of having been behind the sit-ins. This was the first time a government official had identified an army official instead of simply pointing the finger at unknown generals.

    Later, the prime minister’s brother and chief minister Punjab also called for an inquiry into the factors behind the sit-in.

    This set more alarm bells ringing.

    Observers and commentators pointed out that the PML-N government was deliberately gunning for the retired army officials including General Zaheerul Islam. The combined statements of the defence minister and the chief minister were seen as a party policy that enjoyed the prime minister’s approval.

    In addition, some news reports also once again referred to these audio tapes that proved the DG ISI’s guilt. A PTI member said in one interview that the plan was to make the prime minister so nervous that he would try and remove the army chief (as he had tried in 1999) and thus ‘provoke’ the military to carry a coup.

    The unease in Pindi

    There is no doubt that the military was deeply uncomfortable with such statements.

    As more than one observer pointed out, if these statements were being made and there was no response from the military, it strengthened the perception that General Raheel Sharif and General Zaheerul Islam were not on the same page. Why else would the military allow multiple statements accusing a retired general of instigating a coup?

    When a senior military officer was asked about the institution’s silence in the wake of the statement by the defence minister, he argued that any reaction from the military would not serve the democratic set-up well.

    He, however, hinted that the some within the federal government had been informed of the unease in the military.

    However, on Friday, it seems as if the PML-N Senator caused far too much unease.

    The denials begin

    It was the government that swung into action first.

    The media wing of prime minister’s secretariat denied Mushahidullah’s statements including the notion that the PM played any tape in front of anybody.

    It also added that Senator Mushahidullah had been asked to clarify his position over his statement.

    After that the minister as well as the information minister spoke to television channels to deny the interview. Senator Mushahidullah went so far to say that he simply repeated rumours he had heard from here and there.

    But clearly, their efforts did not satisfy the military because at midnight, the DG ISPR took to his preferred social media platform, twitter, and tweeted that “The story about any tape recording as being discussed in media is totally baseless and farthest from truth...Such rumours are irresponsible and unprofessional”.

    While this will stop some of the rumour mongering for the time being, the more important question about the state of the civil- military relations will continue to be discussed. And the prime minister has his ministers to thank for that.

    Published in Dawn, August 15th, 2015

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  • It seems like in Pakistan people take BBC seriously otherwise what Mushaid Ullah said was said before by many including Khawaja Asif and Shahbaz Sharif. But only the poor son of soil is called to explain his position. Gen. Zaheer ul Islam is not asked questions about his actions but Mushaid Ullah is shit down to highlight his actions that clearly falls under article 6. There is nothing new here everyone knew Army was behind that chaos and Raheel Sharif wasn't part of it else who could have stopped martial law. Why Imran Khan is not asked who was the umpire he was referring too?

  • "It seems like in Pakistan people take BBC seriously otherwise what Mushaid Ullah said was said before by many including Khawaja Asif and Shahbaz Sharif."

    It's really a bigger question to the PML N, Federal Government and Establishment as to why nothing was said when KA and SS said same thing.

    Is it because, KA and SS are integral part of family and Mushahidullah is just an adopted Senator of Punjab?

  • Pasha Party linkages with London based Hizb u Tuhrir and Younus Al Goher are open secret. They leave no stone unturned to create rift between civil and military relations, which are excellent and example is celebration of Independence day 2015.

    Pasha Party strongly believe on NAZI Goebbels propaganda theory. Example is Shireen Naika manufactured campaign against Babur Nawaz (NA 19 Bye Election) and Mashad Ullah story. Also trying to ignite old rivalry between Rana Sana and Ch Sher Ali, to keep what being done in Pasha Party by Justice Wajeeh ud Din nothing new.

    What Mashud Ullah said was first unfolded by Pasha Party Core Committee member Brigadier (retired) Simon Sharaf in talk show with Matee Ullah Jaan (WAQAT) on 31 July 2015. Mashud Ullah did not utter a single word other than what said by Brigadier (retired) Simon Sharaf, who has nothing to do with PML N.

    Pasha Party is proposing Judicial Inquiry through his paid media (SAMA) and anchors. It is good thing, but see what Pasha Party did with Judicial Commission of SCP/CJP. What is guarantee Pasha Party will happily wellcome and through Pappu Niazi being part of Pasha London conspiracy 2014.

    PML N did wise thing, enjoy excellent civil military relations, made Mashad Ullah resign as Federal Minister. Both Sharif,s (PM and COAS) did great in putting Pakistan in order and that is point of irritation for anti Pakistan powers.

    Question is what Pasha Party did with Brigadier (retired) Simon Sharaf ?????

    Now Pasha Party paid media cells and anchors have started different campaign. Just watch key media manager of Pasha London Plan besides Mubasher Shero, evil minded Nadeem Malik. Says PML N has acted against Mashud Ullah as weak standing but did not against SS and Khawaja Asif. He him self said about 10 days back PM ordered PML N not discuss Pasha London conspiracy in media anymore and Mashad Ullah did this act after this circular. Other paid lafafa anchors like Fawad Ch, Farida Farooqi etc are doing same.

    PML N has took disciplinary action against Mashud Ullah, right or wrong separate discussion.

    All waiting what step is taken by Pasha party against Brigadier (retired) Simon Sharaf

  • The poor fellow tendered resignation. Generals can topple gov'ts but if you talk about it you are forced to resign.

  • مشاہد الله کے بیان کو جھٹلانے سے پہلے اس امپائر کو سامنے لاؤ جسے عمران خان بار بار پکار رہے تھے

    حقیقت کو مت چھپاؤ

    ہر مسلے پر مٹی نہ پاؤ

  • PMLn thugs are just kicking up the dust. Kasur incident and now ISI plotting against "democratic" government are both unsuccessful political obfuscations attempt to hide the shame that MQM and Altaf has caused to punjabi thugs.

    Without MQM, current assemblies can not run for long and PMLn thugs know exactly how military will bone them deep and hard. Hence they are trying to play victim of ISI plotting against the government. All too powerful PM of PMLn could not have anyone in his herd of PMLn thugs to talk to military therefore establishment puppet i.e. Molvi Diesel has been tasked to save assemblies by bringing back MQM who were not too long ago labeled as RAW agents.

    Zardari sacrificed quite a few prime ministerial lambs to successfully complete his tenure of thuggery. Mushahidullah's case is not different. After MQM's resignations PMLn is highly vulnerable to political instability that could see new punjabi thugs could be pushed forward to serve military establishment. Therefore making Rangers to tone down and bringing MQM back to assemblies to use its anger against military is the need of PMLn.

    Also do not underestimate the fact that Military would go to any length to maintain its new found constitutional right for military courts to dispense JUSTICE. IF this is not Martial Law then what IS??

  • آپ پاکستانی فوج کی عظمت کے گن گاتے ہو

    بہت اچھی بات ہے

    لیکن فوج کا وقار بلند کرنے کے لئے کیا یہ ضروری ہے کہ سیاستدانوں کو مسلسل ذلیل و خوار کیا جائے ؟

    کیا ہو گیا ہے آپ کے دماغ کو ؟

  • Dhrna drama was most significant conspiracy of recent times against nascent democracy. All or most of it's producer, writer,actors, director and distributors are known at this time but pseudo leaders chose to ignore entire episode for remaining term of their rule.

    If balled prime minister had any ball, could have addressed in parliament and held accountable those responsible. Till few generals are hanged, RIP democracy.

  • Pasha Party and Hizb u Tuhrir failed again

    During Lucky Imrani Circus - no difference in statement between Ch Nisar and DG ISPR

    Now MOKA MOKA - no difference of statement between Perviaz Rasheed and DG ISPR

    Wasey Kasur ka incident huta h Khurshid Kasuri ki baat nahi karty, aik MOKA MOKA hua h Brigadier (retired) Simon Sharaf ki baat nahi karty.

    This tune was already displayed by Pasha Party before Lucky Imrani Circus along with paid media cells (SAMA) and Lafafa like Shahid Masood, Babur Awan, Rauf Khusra, Bhatti, Nadeem Malik, Fawad Ch, Moeed Pirzada silent as in jail, Ibrahim Mughal, Zafar Hilali, Farida Farooqi. Got MOKA MOKA, play Hizb u Tuhrir agenda for few more days, but mind this, Pappu Burgers will fail as failed in past

  • pakistan_21 jee

    What is "MOKA MOKA"?

    Did you want to say MUK-MUKA ? ? ?

    And what is "Hizb u Tuhrir"


  • As long as military rift (if at all) was whispered on Pakistani TV channels it was only irritating to top brass but as soon as this whisper went a long shot (BBC) the Military got alerted and a hard message might have gone to Nawaz Sharif government. There is an ethic in Military quarters, they don't let come out their infights and actions to the outside world and "Pakistani civilians". (Remember Adm. Mansur who didn't share the kickbacks and ran away to USA, later on came back but thereafter nothing was made public). Musharraf's military policies have gone a 180 degree turn around yet today's sitting top brass would defend him to the death. In a crystal clear case of NLC the retd. Army personnel just got a sweet slap on their faces like saying "naughty boys". In nutshell Pakistani armed forces is a well knit family. Family members might develop differences, fight each other but, in no way, it should be discussed by civil authorities or the outside world come what may.

    Back to acts and ommissions of civil side. One is fool to judge that what Khwaja Asif and recently Mushahudullah have said was "slip of tongue". This is politics, it was deliberate. The resignation was well prepared earlier before Mushahullah opened his mouth. He knew he would be made a scapegoat and he readily accepted it. It was a message from civilians to the retired and sitting top brass "destroy the dirty eggs before they are hatched". Perhaps likes of Pasha-Zaheer nexus would not happen in future but Army would always be strict to safeguard its good and well disciplined repute. Nobody washes their dirty clothes on road.

    A word of advise to curiousity saheb, good phrases and rosy words do not make a good journalist/analyzer. Sharing such articles is not bad, but in reaching conclusion use your own brains and you will come closer to reality.