General Hameed Gul : Mujahideen-Taliban and Victory of his Vision

  • General Hameed Gul

    Mujahideen-Taliban and Victory of his Vision

    The man saw two wars fought by Mujahideen and Taliban in Afghanistan. First in Afghan war against Soviet Union for which he raised the force Mujahedeen and fought himself . This turned out to be successful. His Mujahideen force made the Soviet Empire to fall.. Second time he also saw that same old Mujahedeen now turned Taliban fought on same given lines. Taliban gave a tough fight which is spread over long many years and yet another mighty superpower US was sent tumbling down. US has retreated from Afghanistan as defeated.

    Gen Hameed Gul finds himself much elevated for this and we see that he was always longing for that; at least some credit must be given to him as the 'victory of his vision'. He has not been given this due credit that he deserves. But lets us give him some space to rejoice at least.

    Although in Pakistan we do have some different views due to negative repercussion of the fall out of these two wars that Pakistan is left to confront with the Extremism. But this is due to not catering for the rehabilitation of Mujahideens at the first place. Mujahideen trained and reared by Pakistan was a great force. Pakistan left them in Lurch but they needed rehabilitation. Sadly they were left loose for which they were frustrated and finally we find them turned as hirelings and extremist; playing in the hands whosoever has paid them.

    And we must not blame Hameed Gul for extremism in Pakistan either, as soon after fall of Soviet Empire, when he asked... the COAS, then in 1992 to use readily available Mujahedeen force to Liberate Kashmir.;;;He was shunted out.