NA 122

  • From the Desk of Azam Qazi:

    سردار ایازصادق کا عمران خان کو فون


    ایاز صادق ،ھیلو خان یار تو بھول گیا بچپن کی یاری

    ، عمران خان اوئے ایاز اب بچپن نھیں ھے بندہ بن ،،

    ایاز صادق یار خان کچھ تو خیال کرتا میں نے تجے 28 سٹیں خلاف قانون تحفے میں دی تو ایک نھیں دے سکتا تھا ،

    اوے ایاز اب امریکن سسٹم ھے ،

    ایاز صادق اسکا مطلب یہ ھے کہ تو واقعی یھودی ایجنٹ ھے ،

    اوے اوے اوے ایاز اوے

  • ایک حوالدار کی فتح سے یا ایک پٹواری کی شکست سے سسٹم پر کوئ فرق نہیں پڑنا یہ ایک بوری میں دو لاشیں ہیں جنہیں وقار نے مونڈھے پر اٹھایا ہوا ہے

  • Judge name should be "Kazim Meera" for using Meera level publicity


  • After going through judges six questions on conscience I have come to conclusion,

    "Deep down He is convinced He is not human."

  • لو جی - اب جج برے لگنے شروع ہو گۓ ہیں - پرویز رشید کی جعلی مسکراہٹیں بہی رفو چکر ہو گئ ہے

  • Justice Kazim's Judgement looks like a Sermon of a Molvi who wants cheap popularity through religious emotionalism.

  • A leaf from Justice Kazim's verdict:

    Is this Judge a joke? People become religious as they age but dragging religion in election counting is little too much. He then came on TV to defend his decision. I don't recall ever Judge defending his decision on TV. This Judge needs to see Psychiatrist.

  • I have great respect for Judiciary but Justice Kazim is just acting ridiculously by coming to Media directly and discussing his Judgment. When Justice Iftikhar gave a statement in response of Imran Khan's allegations, Imran Khan said that Justice Iftikhar should not give political statements, but Justice Kazim's statements are not objectionable near PTI supporters, why?

  • Wait and see what happens in Leave to Appeal in Supreme Court. To me, CJ Jawwad S. Khwaja looks like Iftikhar Chaudhury though his tenure is for one month only.

    The fact of the matter is, while on the point of the whole re-election raised by Imran Khan the door has been closed by JC. On the point of de-seating of Ayaz Sadiq, the door is still open until SC closes it by confirming the judgment or annulling the Tribunal judgment or gives stay.

  • How one slice of Pizza could be O.K. where whole of Pizza has been detected as poisonous?

    In NA 122 PTI member has not been unseated but both PMLN members for NA and PP have been disqualified.

    That doesn't look fair.

  • I agree with Nusrat Javed. PMLN is doing mistake by going to higher courts and not contesting elections. Had they pursued that route in NA 125 may be NA 122 and NA 154 decisions wouldn't have come against them. By election in one seat at a time is better than all 4. I think Jhangir Tareen might win NA 154 but I don't think PTI can win NA 125 and NA 122.

  • PMLN has now decided to confront PTI in electoral battle rather than in a legal one by going in reelection in all three constituencies, NA122 NA125 and NA154 which I think is a better option. I think they first chose to appeal in SC because they werent confident that they could win in By Elections but recent By Elections, specially Haripur By Election has given PMLN huge confidence which is the reason they have now decided to go in reelection

  • @Amirudin Saab

    PMLN has now decided to confront PTI in electoral battle rather than in a legal one by going in reelection in all three constituencies, NA122 NA125 and NA154

    I don't see any such news yet. What is your source?

  • I saw it on Geo about an hour ago

  • General opinion regarding last two years that country move forward in areas concerning common men that is Economy and Law & Order:

    Economy – Price stability & low inflation, better fiscal discipline, lower budget deficit, improved current account situation with record foreign currency reserve and of course improvement in load shedding.

    Law & Order – Reduction in terrorist activities, action against extremist, significant improvement in Tribal Area, Baluchistan, Karachi etc.

    PMLN is comfortable to go to elections. Recent election result from NA-19 shows big improvement in PMLN vote bank & reduction in PTI votes against 2013 election (this NA-19 election held under PTI govt. supervision).

    PTI is wasting its time in issue least concern to common men & seems losing its Mojo after reasonable performance in Election 2013.

    If situation remains the same and IK & his team waste their time & energy in useless activities, PTI might lose most of the seats they won during 2013.

  • "PMLN is comfortable to go to elections"

    مرتا کیا نا کرتا

  • Imran Khan, now, will never call the Umpire to raise FINGER.

    I am Sure, he will endorse what Benazir Bhutto said:

    'Democracy is the Best Revenge'.