Foolish Foreign Policy of Pakistan with India.

  • It looks people who are Incharge of foreign policy of Pakistan are foolish, They are just dancing on fake and deceptive signals of India.There are some concrete points which should be taken into consideration before making any decision with reference to contacts with India.

    Instead of sending some old diplomates or dementia suffering person for talks with India, there is need to establish some standard and concrete protocol,such as

    1)There is no use of talks with India when India basic policy in just to keep Enemity with Pakistan, which is also very fruitful for India in the presence of Foolish leaders of Pakistan, that is why India want just bilateral talks to make the world fool, which means these are not international level talks but some Gossip type of talks or tea party talks, and there is no value of these talks, in fact first demand of Pakistan should be that to give these talks credibility these talks should be hold under international mediation, but there is no tongue in the mouth of Pakistani Leadership.

    2)Second thing that Pakistan should make its demands with relationship to Kashmir very clear and prominent, that there is no value of other issues with reference to issue of Kashmir, acts of few people or the politics of few personalities can not overshadow the fate of millions of Kashmiries, and when there is already consensus on all issues, when both countries are generally against terrorism, want development and good relationship at least generally so there is no need to hold talks on these issues.Pakistan should make clear that Pakistan want talks about fate of Kashmir and not about Samjhota Express Hindu Terrorist and not about any one else involved in any uncaharacteristic act, rights of millions of Kashmiries is million times more important than any other issue.

    3)Pakistan should avoid by giving very importance or value to talks or contacts on other issues, it is India policy to show world that by talking with Pakistan, is like a breaking news, while Pakistan should downplay these talks or contacts with India by terming such talks just talks and nothing more.

    4)By not having very good communication with Pakistan, India is trying to make even talking very very important, while Pakistan should exploit such behavior of India as an evidence of deceptive and enemity like mentality.

  • "dementia suffering person for talks with India,"

    To insinuate this about any person without any evidence is hitting below the belt in all civilised cultures / countries but to do it against a Muslim goes against even basic norms of Islam.

  • M.AKRAM sahib is not the only person who doesn't know abc of politics yet are fond of writing on the topic - there are millions of suck geeks.

    First off, foreign policy of Pakistan in relation with other countries is not made in PM or President House. They are just the front men. Secondly, the person who Akram sahib is calling suffering from dementia has already taken a strong stance on Kashmir issue and his visit to India has translated into deadlock. Perhaps, Akram sahib doesn't watch electronic and read print media. This covers 1,2 and 3. The 4th point does not enter into my mind as to what Akram sahib wants to elaborate.

  • یا تو پاکستان کشمیر لے لے گا

    یا پھر کشمیر کا مسلہ پاکستان کو لے بیٹھے گا

  • Dr. Akram Kissenger believes Pakistan should only talk to India on Kashmir, minus Kashmir there is no point in having any talks with India. This foolish plan is already in execution by our defacto foreign office - GHQ. But no surprises this is not first time Mr. A Kissinger shared his brilliant ideas derived from GHQ's disastrous world view.

  • بھولے نہ مزید خون خرابہ اور معصوم افراد کی قربانی کو روکنے کے لئے

    مسلۂ کشمیر سے دستبردار ہونے کا اعلان کر دیا