Time to talk to Israel?

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    What struck me as most odd was the timing of the article. At a time when the anti-Israel breeze is blowing, and even Israel’s staunchest allies are giving it a bit of cold shoulder, the writer is suggesting that we warm up to Israel. While its military and economic aid continues, Israel’s staunchest ally United States has given an indication that unlike in the past, US veto in respect of any UN Security Council resolution is no more guaranteed. Also, Israel’s negation of a two-state solution which is considered and accepted world-wide as the only practical solution has put off European countries that are now more Palestinian-sympathetic both in words and deeds. And the BDS (Boycotts, divestments and sanctions) movement is spreading fast. Dawn of August 21 had a news that a film by an Israeli filmmaker was pulled from an Oslo film festival because it dealt with Israeli subject but did not address the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the sufferings inflicted by Israel.

    And his suggestion “What Narendra Modi did in the UAE should be reciprocated by Nawaz Sharif in Tel Aviv is simply mind-boggling. What it seems to suggest is that by losing UAE to India – and the rest of Middle East as well, if we are not careful – will be more than compensated by our relations with Israel. A saner advice would have been to suggest to the government of Pakistan to immediately do some damage-control exercise in UAE and to take some positive steps elsewhere in the Middle East, instead of just taking the support from Muslim states as granted.

    Egypt, Jordan (and Syria) fought with Israel but of course could not win with US direct intervention in support of Israel and have now made peace with Israel in return for the annual economic and military aid, except for Syria.

    And Turkey’s previously very warm and close relations with Israel got a big jolt when Israel killed in cold blood, and in international waters, nine Turks traveling in a flotilla with others taking humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza, which is termed as the world’s biggest open air prison. And displaying utmost arrogance, Israeli leaders even refused to apologize to Turkey. A few ears later, at the urging of President Barack Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized to Turkey but the relations between the two never got restored to former levels. And that clearly shows how Israel treats even its friends. And despite getting billions of dollars worth of annual economic aid and unqualified support at all international forums from the US, it continues to work against American interests and Netanyahu had no hesitation in openly canvassing for Obama’s rival for the second-term election.

    And we must remember that Israel has much closer relations with India and it is not very difficult to visualize whom Israel will favour even if we established relations with it.

    And how far-fetched is the writer’s suggestion that the best way to help Palestinians would be to recognize Israel and then to mount pressure on it to play a part in resolving the crisis, can be judged by the fact that a few years back, Turkey tried to mediate between Syria and Israel, without any success of course, and we should not forget what treatment Turkey itself got at the hands of Israel.

    It is widely claimed that Pakistan and Israel have many things in common, and one of these is that both countries were formed on the basis of religion. However, that is where the similarity ends. In the case of Pakistan and India there was substantial migration between the two countries – both voluntary and forced – but the combined population of the two countries remained much the same, subject to adjustment for those who got killed in massacres in both countries. However, in case of Israel, Jews from all over the world who had no physical connection with Palestine for centuries suddenly started descending on it, using violent means to displace the Palestinians who had lived there for generations. And unlike India and Pakistan, where the displaced persons had another country to go to where they became a citizen on arrival, the displaced Palestinians became refugees, fleeing to neighbouring states or to live in oppressed conditions within the same territory that belonged to them, with life being made more miserable for them with each passing day through illegal settlement-building activity and other repressive measures by Israelis. The interested readers can learn full facts by searching on the web for ‘Israeli massacres of Palestinians’


  • I am in agreement with Tribune writer. If Egypt and Turkey can have good relations with Israel why not us in the face of the fact Israel has established her existence. Also, Israel looks very much interested to have cordial relations with Pakistan. Also, it might neutralize Israel-India nexus against us.

  • An easy decision for those of us, who consider oppression against human beings of any ethnicity and any religion as an insurmountable hurdle for any type of contacts.

    No gain is worth of being on the side of an oppressor.

  • How about the oppression of Palestinians by Israel?

    Or is the Phobia so strong that other oppressed have become invisible??

  • Foreign policies are dictated by interests - a lesson that UAE tried to teach Pakistan yet again. But somehow Pakistan's guiding principle in formulating foreign policy os not our interest but our religion.

  • "How about the oppression of Palestinians by Israel?"

    Only oppressors would justify oppression done by Israel!

  • "Only oppressors would justify oppression done by Israel!"

    In that case the "oppressed" should also raise their voice against Israel's oppression or do they think their oppression is more important than others'??

  • سبحان الله کون کہتا مسلمان اسریل سے ٹیکنولجی میں پیچھے ہیں انڈے پہ تحقیق جاری ہے الله کی تلاش کا کام جاری ہے

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  • Good one fear jee!

  • Has anyone answered following question by just using scienticlfic facts and without referring to any religious view?

    "Which came first, X that can't come without Y, or Y that can't come without X?"

  • Old repetitive phrase. Think afresh, think new!!

  • What else "Anjan" people can say other that questioning questions.

  • "What else "Anjan" people can say other that questioning questions"

    They will definitely not make off-topic comments!!