Should Balochi Rebels who Murdered Civilians be Forgiven?

  • establishment has pardoned brahmdagh bugti and nawab murree who were running a bloody balochistan independent movement.who gave the right to establishment to pardon anyone?

    why keep bombing patriotic people of fata to punish them for their love for islam and befriending secular atheist parties like mqm and balochi rebels and pardon their thousands of murders?what more proof we need that our establishment is not sincere to islam or pakistan

    is their war only against islam?

    i visited the social media and largest pakistani fora.all were praising the pak establishment,s dialogue with barahmdagh bugti and nawab murree who have been waging an independent balochistan movement since long time.i was amazed that everyone was praising that establishment has forgiven the balochi rebel leaders.

    same fora used to cry like widows when taliban stood up against america and islamic state stood up against iran and all the world combined.

    and in case of taliban and islamic state,do remember that they rose in reaction to atrocities committed on muslims by kufar nations like usa and iran case of balochi rebels they stood up against state after taking money from usa india and iran as balochis majority is no more oppressed than pakhtoons or anyone else in pakistan.

    the same media and social fora used to say that islamists can not be forgiven.their only treatment is to kill them and their families and neighbours by indiscrimnate bombings (which establishment is doing even now).

    balochi rebels used to target kill punjabis including their small kids.thousands of punjabis/pakhtoons were massacred by balochi rebels in balocjh areas, but now establishment has forgiven these murders?only Allah can forgive murder,so is it true as some people say that our establishment leaders may soon announce their divine status and their right to be worshipped by pakistani sheeple?like it happened in syria?


    so lesson learnt for us muslims is that in media and social fora the two deviant sects control everything (these sects consider only the practicing muslims who believe in jihad and political islam (true islam )as their mortal enemies).so they are happy that establishment is killing their enemies for them while they are enjoying life at home spreading fitna and ending true islam in society.

    the sad thing is that our majority is silent and they dont know that when islamists are finsihed than these deviants who control our establishment and media will kill/enslave you even if you are by name muslims but dont belong to their deviant faith that is exactly opposite quran and sunnah (this is the reason quran and sunnah have beene xpelled from collage/school syllabi and from media.

    but as it is is said that azaab times are coming so locks wont get out of people,s hearts.its cleaning up time i guess.

  • Baluchis are defending their land from occupation and Punjabis must not be allowed to take over Baluchi land including Gawadar. Punjabi army which is occupying Baluchistan and has committed murders, rapes and looting needs to be prosecuted.

    However Baluchis are not the only ones receiving wrath of Punjabi army. It’s interesting how military operation is being carried out by Punjabi army against all entities Baluchis, Pakhtoons, Sindhis and Urdu Speakers in all three provinces as we speak. This is nothing but an attempt to grab non-Punjabi lands and resources under various guises by gunda Punjabi army.

    Who can forget that Mulla Fazlullah was allowed to run his radio for years by Punjabi army without any action until he was able to radicalise simple Pakhtoon people, an obvious outcome. This was then used by gunda Punjab Army to capture Pakhtoonkhawa land and commit genocide of Pakhtoons. Previously people of Pakhtoonkhawa and Swat were not happy for Punjabi army to set foot in their land, but after Taliban atrocities they begged Punjabi army to come and intervene. By setting up Fazlullah, Punjab army both neutralised the local Pakhtoon population and came out as saviours and hero. Killing two birds with one stone.

    In general using mullahs and madrassas to overcome other provinces is a key strategy of Punjabi army.

    All non-Punjabi ethnicities are being eliminated or neutralised one by one but they are not getting it as most of them were kept backwards and uneducated by Punjabis while resources were directed to Punjab. The only community that understand this conspiracy by Punjabi army are the Urdu Speakers and that is why it has been so difficult to neutralise them so far.

    Most people just get stuck in personalities and events** and thus fail to understand the real story. If we need to eliminate crimes then the biggest bhatta khor, abductor, ghaddar and land grabber is Punjabi army, lets start from there. Who gave Punjabi army legal right to;

    • support terrorists who have killed numerous Pakistani citizens, all these years?

    • disobey and conspire against civilian governments, even to this day?

    • kill soo many Baluchis, Pakhtoons, Sindhis and Urdu Speakers without any judicial process?

    • take up so much money from Public coffers that people are starving and Punjabi army generals are living luxurious lives?

    All these are serious crimes. No other groups except Punjabi army sponsored Taliban are that much criminals.

    If you think about it most Pakistanis/Muslims in Pakistan's history have been killed by Punjabi army and its affiliate or supported terrorist groups. Amazing. How is this army protecting citizens while it is the biggest threat to the citizens and at the same time taking up so much of citizens' resources.

    No wonder Punjabi army needs to keep perception of external and internal threats alive all the time to keep people's attention diverted as well as keeping them scared enough to never think of letting go of Punjabi army.

  • **Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

    Most Punjabistanis being average and small minded get bogged down in events and people. Few try to figure out what really is going on.

  • "The only community that understand this conspiracy by Punjabi army are the Urdu Speakers and that is why it has been so difficult to neutralise them so far."

    Did you know that Punjabis speak much better and superior Urdu compared with so-called Urdu Speakers?????

  • @Rambler bhai

    Establishment decided to play ball with section of Bolouch insurgents who backed out from their demands of secession. They will be more than happy to do the same with Islamists who retreat from their demands - Shariat, one Islamic Ummah, Khalifa blah blah blah

  • . "Few try to figure out what really is going on."

    And they go to Chenab Nagar to contemplate!!

  • I don't think Pakistani establishment will ever let Balouchistan and it's resources go. Our Army is too strong and same thing for Indian Army - so secession of Balouchistan from Pakistan or Kashmir from India ain't happening. The sooner the insurgent leaders and their backers realize that it's better. We will be able to cut down loss of life and divert those resources in much needed human development. In the process insurgent leaders will draw some concessions that's raw politics we need to live with. The condition of common man doesn't change much even after successful insurgency so no hope on that front.

  • یحییٰ صاحب، نہایت مبنی بر حقائق تجزیہ ہے جس بات سے مکمل اتفاق ممکن نہیں ہے وہ اردو سپیکنگ کمیونٹی کا ہی اس معاملے کو سمجھنا ہے میرے تجزیہ کے مطابق دوسری چھوٹی اقوام اس پنجابی غنڈہ گردی کو بخوبی سمجھتی ہیں شاید اردو سپیکنگ سے بہتر ہی سمجھتی ہیں

  • Balochs are an ethnic minority of Pakistan and I am for improving relations with them. Lets set up a reconciliation mission and sign a peace accord with them.

  • The past military rulers with heavy Saudi funding allowed Salafi-Deobandi influence to grow out of proportion in FATA, KP and Balochistan areas adjoining Afghanistan. If India capitalized on it and incited local disgruntled Baloch to rebel against the state, then who is wrong here. Military rulers, saudia, salafi-deobandis, india, baloch or punjabi?