• KARACHI: As the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) went into defensive mode over under-fire leaders, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Thursday took the opportunity to settle some scores over the ongoing security operation in Karachi.

    The MQM mocked the PPP, saying that the ruling party was at fault for all that was happening in Sindh today.

    The party’s senior deputy convener Nadeem Nusrat in a press statement responded to the press conference held by PPP leaders and said that when the MQM was being victimised and targetted, the PPP, instead of supporting them, had celebrated the crackdown.

    “Today, for the first time, PPP has begun to see the shortcomings of the Karachi operation,” he said.

    Nusrat said that the PPP had opposed the formation of a monitoring committee to oversee the operation with the Sindh chief minister Qaim Ali Shah only last week ruling it out, stating that he was the captain of the operation, and that there is no need of any monitoring committee.

    “For the last two years, MQM was being targetted in operation and the PPP, instead of stopping it or raising their voice over it, were jubilant.”

    The party reminded that it was MQM who had helped the PPP to sweep the Senate elections in March. But when the MQM’s party headquarters in Nine-Zero were raided and workers were arrested, the PPP had chosen to support the action.

    “When Altaf Hussain criticised the Rangers operation, the first cases against him were registered in PPP strongholds on the instructions of the chief minister and PPP leaders.”

    Nusrat further said that while it was only today that the PPP was finding the operation partial, he reminded that it was PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari’s instructions to extend the stay of Rangers in the province by a year.

    MQM’s Qasim Ali Raza also wrote a poem in response to the PPP