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    by mbokhari

    Imran Khan (Aleem Khan really) wrote a letter to his supporters today (30th August 2015) in an attempt to justify awarding the party ticket to Aleem Khan for NA122 bye-elections. The open letter was published on PTI's official website after PTI forums and social media were inundated by a tsunami of negative comments, jeers and boos from the so-called 'ideological' workers of PTI who consider Aleem Khan infamous for being a property tycoon/land grabber and a close(t) supporter of Musharraf.

    The ghost-written letter should be taken as a case study on how dim-witted cult leaders explain their absolutely moronic choices to their unsuspecting but trusting followers. Witness the olympics-grade leaps of logic below:

    Chairman Imran Khan’s message to all Insafians: Why I chose Aleem Khan for NA 122


    It is important for all Insafians to know why I gave the NA 122 ticket to Aleem Khan and to understand the man Aleem Khan is.


    He is from a middle class family and graduated from Government College Lahore.

    Coming from an unprivileged background is not a qualification. If it is, those painters and rickshaw-drivers who were promoted by PTI during its sham internal elections are eminently more deserving of PTI's banner in NA-122. All things considered, Aleem Khan has more in common with Malik Riaz than lower-middle class graduates of GC University. Since Malik Riaz comes from an even poorer background, PTI should maybe think about fielding him as its presidential candidate? (Justice Wajih Daghi!!, #sorrynotsorry)

    He went on to study Business Administration in Canada but discovered he had cancer so he returned to Lahore and underwent treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital where he made a full recovery from Stage 4 cancer.

    Good for him! Beating cancer and all. Good health and many more plots to Aleem Khan. But was that unsubstantiated detail included to garner sympathy? Shahhaz Sharif was diagnosed with cancer too during his years of exile. Does PTI think he is deserving of sympathy and goodwill? Not apparently.

    He went on to becoming a huge success in the cutthroat Real Estate business and as always tends to happen, success attracted jealousy and envy – the same happened with Jehangir Tareen. Aleem also went on to join PML Q and was made a minister in the Musharraf government.

    Yes. Cut-throat. In ways more real than figurative:

    _In its June 2003 issue, monthly magazine Political Scene reported that there was a dispute between Aleem Khan and property owners in Malikpur village. Aleem Khan was allegedly pressuring the locals to sell their land to the society at government rates so the scheme could expand.

    According to the FIR, a copy of which was printed in the magazine, on January 29, 2002, Aleem Khan and seven gunmen went to Malikpur village and confronted Haji Bashir, demanding he sell his land. Haji Bashir refused, and the gunmen reportedly opened fire at him and his men. A night watchman, Muhammad Sarwar, was killed. The FIR was registered at North Cantonment police station and Aleem Khan and his seven gunmen were named as the accused._

    It seems Aleem Khan's real character as a murderous cut-throat villain from some Indian movie (Gangs of Malikpur anyone?) is just a small part of his list of accomplishments. If you, die-harder sappaurtars of PTI, think threatening villagers on gunpoint and evicting widows is what Aleem Khan Foundation was all about, thing again. The man is an institution! From politics to philanthropy to the cut-throat (excuse me), cutting edge world of Information Technology, Aleem Khan has made his mark. And by making his mark, I mean Aleem Khan just had the local patwari take his thumb print on forged property documents.

    Khan-E-Azam then winks slyly and goes on to list Aleem Khan's army service record (twice Sitara-e-Cherry Blossom) in words that could not be understated: "Aleem also went on to join PML Q".

    Oh, went on, you say. Let's see. What else has been 'wenting on':

    Even at that stage, when he was not in PTI, whenever PTI Lahore, under Mahmoodur Rasheed, went to him for help, he always donated generously for PTI’s cause.

    So basically PTI was funded by General Musharraf's men while Imran Khan was pretending to be fighting against Musharraf? In other, more appropriate words, Imran Khan then 'went on' to receive funds from Musharraf government through his ministers, 'went on' to enlist such villainous ministers in his ranks and then 'went on' to stage his dharna, 'went on' to have his secret wedding and kept on wenting until he had Aleem Khan donate dharna finances, DJ Butt's bills and other such party expenses (special donations to journalists etc.)

    It's still going on.

    I got to know Aleem Khan when he became a donor for SKMTH and later found out he had been treated and cured at the Hospital. Since I have known Aleem Khan it has also been a process of discovering his many laudable facets, especially his quiet commitment to his many charitable projects. When I began the NAMAL College project he was one of the first few donors and initial donations are always very difficult. He continues to donate generously to SKMTH and recently gave a huge donation to the Peshawar SKMTH project.

    So, Aleem Khan, by donating generously to SKMH and Namal College, and doing it again and again, is that proverbial gift that keeps on giving. A wise man, thinking of Trojan Horses, once said: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts". Khan Sahib had his basic party membership suspended for talking to the media and replaced him with a slightly less wiser man who advised: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". Khan Sahib was much pleased with this advice since he already knew who sent this gift horse, where it had been grazing and what it had for breakfast (2 acres).

    In any case, SKMH and Namal College are good, commendable, philanthropic projects, comparable to Edhi Foundation, Orangi Pilot Projects or Cheepa Ambulance initiatives. Donating time and money to the well being of the underprivileged is its own reward. It is not, and should never be, the stepping stone to a shady political career. Especially, if said donations and gifts accompany the rustling of forged property documents, echoes of gunshots and the silent sorrow of the villagers of Malikpur. In which case it is no longer a donation. It's an investment made by an investor who shall demand his pound of flesh when the time comes. Imran Khan thinks it is KPK's flesh that can be offered as collateral.

    On the topic of SKMH, well wishes and good intentions, it was after all Nawaz Sharif who allotted the land donated for SKMH free of cost. It was Shahbaz Sharif who donated funds while he was in exile when he found that SKMH was short of funds. The land for Namal College was also donated by Punjab government under leadership of Shahbaz Sharif. Not to mention the Sharif family runs its own philanthropic initiatives (Ittefaq Hospital, Sharif Medical City). We have yet to see Nawaz Sharif writing open letters justifying the award of party tickets to investors. We have yet to see Edhi Sahib launching his political party and speechifying about Edhi Foundation.

    Aleem also runs one of the best orphanages in Lahore and is now setting up a Special Children’s school Rising Sun.

    Ayaz Sadiq has also been running charity projects for decades in NA122, well-known to the local voters, but he has never mentioned them in his speeches. Do his charitable acts take away from his ghastly crimes (beating you in elections)? Guess not. His charitable projects and down-to-earth demeanour are actually some of the key reasons he has that significant store of goodwill and respect in his constituency. And guess what, Ayaz Sadiq has not 'went on' to be a 'cut throat' property tycoon of Malikpur village either. In the parallel world of Imran Khan, acts of charity, philanthropy and piety are only valid and make the first wrung on the political ladder if they are adequately promoted, talked about in speeches and desperately photographed by latest DSLR cameras. Lights, camera, jaye namaaz!

    PTI’s founding member and ideological father, the late Ahsan Rasheed took me several times to persuade Aleem Khan to join PTI. Sadly when he chose to do so, a malicious campaign started against him.

    So Aleem Khan's conscience woke up from a 10 year coma only after Musharraf had lost power and he decided to join PTI? Articles in the press have extensively documented Aleem Khan's 'cut-throating', pickpocketing ways and still you let him do his 'wenting on' from PML Q to PTI?

    Aleem Khan stood by my side and challenged anyone to produce a substantive case against him. Three people came forward but all three were proven wrong.

    Well, let's not talk about proofs, Khan Sanp, shall we? Proofs are uncomfortable things. Demanded by hostile judicial commisions from innocent, sincere, recently married party leaders in full court, right before the full glare of media. The word of honour of an innocent, sincere, recently married party leader ought to be enough, especially when spoken with teeth bared, sunglasses askew and the bhabhi on the side. But no, not those judges. They wanted proofs. Full be-murawwat scene. Koi murawwat hoti hai, koi lehaz hota hai, koi....hai, koi...hai etc.

    But thanks be to Allah and all the boys it's not the case in PTI. Our judicial commission, our election commission and our election tribunal (after Justice W.) are more honest and forthright. So when I took Aleem Khan into the container and sat him before an investigative tribunal comprising of Jahangir Tareen, a picture of JKT's Gulfstream and the map of Park View Housing Society, all three fully acquitted him of all charges. I waited for all three accusers to speak up and accuse Aleem but they never did. Imran Ismail even tried encouraging the three by sitting on them. Much groans and cries but no real accusations. No proofs. JKT smiled when it was all over and actually recommeded I make Aleem Khan the finance secretary. Don't know why Aleem winked back. He should get that right eye looked at. It's much smaller than his left.

    Perhaps the biggest proof of his innocence, which all Insafians should note, is that the Sharif brothers, who are masters of political victimization through the use of government resources including the police, for the last seven years, have tried and failed to prove anything against Aleem Khan.

    Hmm. 'Have tried and failed to prove anything'. Let's see. The weakness of democracy and judiciary when faced by a giant boot-shaped property tycoon is not a mark of innocence. There are other more worthy sailors on the PNS 'Failed to Prove'. Pervez Ilahi, Shujaat Hussain, Sheikh Rasheed, Malik Riaz, Pervez Musharraf. So many land scamming boot-worshippers, DHA-selling boot-polishers and Bank of Punjab boot-lickers from the past are now trying to walk on two feet and convince everyone they are not quadrapeds. Does that make them kosher? If Aleem Khan has been accused of being a pickpocketing land-grabbing scam artist, and has still not seen the inside of a prison cell, acquitting him in your eyes, what's so bad about Pervez Ilahi? Or Malik Riaz? Or Double Shah?

    You accused your chiefest enemy, your bette-noir, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry of everything under the sun, including stealing your mojo. You failed to provide any proofs against him in the judicial commission. You failed to even mention his name under your breath during the proceedings. This means, CJ Chaudhry, should be innocent of all he was accused of? That you should apologise to him for running your mouth? Guess not. Running your mouth and then running away is just a species of PTI exercise.

    For those Insafians who did not know, it was Aleem Khan who headed my NA 122 campaign in 2013 along with Shoaib Siddiqui and Mian Aslam – while I was busy with the national campaign and then immobilised because of my accident.

    Wait, what? Wait a second. I don't even. But didn't you lose NA 122? You first lost NA 122 in 1997, then in 2002 and then in 2013. Once every decade for the last 30 years. (Btw, 90s kids will remember your 'winning' loss to Nawaz Sharif in 1997. It was so bad it was actually good.) You didn't need Aleem Khan's help for losing NA 122 in 1997 and 2002. You did it all on your own, like a strong, independent self-reliant party leader who don't need no man. Even in 2013, your most unfortunate (depends on perspective) accident was just 2 or 3 days before the elections. How much help could Aleem Khan have extended for losing NA 122 while you were there, losing every day, before that.

    You know what I think? I think it's a super smart dig at poor Aleem Khan. Blaming him for the past loss of NA 122. Just like you blamed our dear dear bhabhi for losing NA 19. And come October 12, I bet you will have thrown poor Aleem Khan in the grave-ditch of NA 122, climbed over his prostate election-losing carcass and announced the latest plan of dhandhli, dharna, dance, attack, retreat, commission, omission, submission and finally, humiliation. Aleem Khan would then become one of many election-losing but saintly candidates in the PTI galaxy. Good company that. You, JKT, Imran Ismail, and , err, hmm, err. Never mind, there are so many.

    So I ask all Insafians, who can be more qualified that Aleem Khan to contest on the NA 122 ticket? Here is a man who gives so much to charity and is a clean success story in his business. He is also a man who stayed loyal to PTI despite not being given a ticket in the GE 2013.

    So I ask all Insafians, who can be more qualified to be sacrificed (in my place) than Aleem Khan to contest and lose on the NA 122 ticket? Here is a man who has taken so much money from so many in so little time that my head spins just thinking about it. His is a story of chority, oh, I mean, CHARity. His is a clean success 'story' (hehe) in his uhh 'business'. He is also a man who stayed loyal to PTI (unlike many uhh retired generals, who promise the cavalry and never deliver, humiliate poor party leaders on the container, stop taking calls) despite not being given a ticket in GE-2013 (but practically bankrolled DJ Butt).

    So, there. Now, you see. Dear PTIians, have some pity.

    All those involved in running a smear campaign against him are not Insafians. Rather, they are the Trojan horses, the fifth columnists in our midst and they are a greater danger to PTI than our external enemies and rivals.

    (Aleem Khan is shown in the the picture sitting with CM discussing housing schemes in KPK.)

    Yes, all those involved in running a smear campaign are not Insafians. Where's your container, hain ji? All such peetiyay and peetiyaaN who are smearing each other and the party on twitter and Facebook against poor Aleem Khan, I ask you, where's your DJ Butt, a sea of empty chairs and comic threats of violence to everyone under the sun? No. You are not Insafians.

    I think you are not even peetiyay and peetiyaaN who usually take everything lying down and then go in sajda being All Praise to Imran!!. You are just fifth columnists who are giving a headache to your Great Leader, destroyer of governments, marcher of Laungs, giver of dharnas.

    I appeal to everyone to come together and close ranks. We are confronting the PMLN government with its abuse of state power including the misuse of the police and development funds to indulge in electoral match fixing. This is the time for all Insafians to stand with all our PTI candidates as they contest bye-elections. This is what I expect from them.

    --- Imran Khan

    I appeal to everyone to come together and save me. Full bisti scene on horizon. We are confronting the voters in an open election like NA 19. All my cricket analogies have become sore and tired. Javed Minded called and begged I stop using Cricket analogies. Dear peetiyay, you are all I have left.

    October, not April, is the cruellest month regardless of that Eliot guy. It was in October of 1999 when after Nawaz Sharif's deposition, a pious General Flower came to see your Khan, hugged him in a special way and promised there will come a day, within 5 years, when he will make your Khan the Khan of Khans. That day came and went many times and today, only shy is coming. Let's not make this October yet another cruel October for your Khan and his bhabi, who is also your bhabi, I mean is my wife and your bhabi. We need to win this seat. If you think your Khan is bisti proof, you give him too much credit.

    In the muggy heat of summer, when the nights are as dark and unbearable as my destiny, your Khan sits alone on a wicker chair in the lawn in Funny Gala with just Sheru by his side for company. When the wind blows, a lonely wolf howls on the hills of Margala and rubbing Sherru's neck, your Khan thinks of many things as he looks far into the sky with a look of hopeful optimism (you know, you have seen the posters). Your Khan thinks of container days, NA 122, October 12, 1999 and October 12, 2015, General Flower and his special hug and then again of NA 122.

    Does a single traitorous salty tear trickle down a craggy rugged yet handsome face and wet someone's collar?

    Yes. Yes, it does.

  • @admin

    When you gona get ticket from PML N,

    " Suna tha aap ke Pass bhi Zameer tha kabhi"

  • I am not surprised Imran Khan gave ticket to land mafia capitalist and he is trying to spin this but miserably failed, his biggest achievement is donations, donations & donations. Imran Khan sells party tickets like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif - no difference whatsoever. I don't blame them practical politics requires capital - which you can either accumulate through bhatas like Altaf bhai or selling party tickets to wealthy donors like Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari.

  • PTI has come to age, they now fully know that hollow slogans cannot cook a sweet pudding. Donation giver and street power provider has now been fielded face on face - quite interesting. Tomorrow, IK might answer to a sudden question asked by any smart media man "How come you claim Tabdeeli?". As usual the awkward question would be answered "Election is a different genre. All is fair in contesting an election!".

  • First it used to be good Taliban and bad Taliban. Now it is good Land Mafia and bad Land Mafia.

    In some people eyes AK is good, since he is funding them just like MR is darling Land Mafia of establishment and alike.

  • good Land Mafia and bad Land Mafia.

    Good one Curiosity bhai.


  • i am wondering why

    Punjab's Anti corruption or Rangers have nt done any thing against Aleema khan??

  • Can politicians change the way politics works in Pakistan or does politics changes the way politicians have to work to survive and thrive in Pakistan.

  • It will be worthy to see Aleem Khan 's point of view ..

  • And there was a point of view of MR on Jirga.

    As I said before, first it used to be good Taliban and bad Taliban. Now it is good Land Mafia and bad Land Mafia.

    In some people eyes AK is good, since he is funding them just like MR is darling Land Mafia of establishment and alike.

    Everyone has his / point of view and there are some who buy one, some other and some none.