Tile cleaning and maintenance routine

  • Tile cleaning and maintenance routine

    <p>In the modern decoration of ceramic build up in a family environment, to remove dust decontamination tile is a lot of housewives are headache, we want to effectively clean tile is not so easy. To this end Jinya Ceramics for everyone recommended several convenient tile cleanup tips should be helpful.</p>

    <p>1. The conventional way to clean tile is very simple, if you just attached to the wall or floor dust, just use household cleaners to clean can be. You can use a damp cloth to wipe beforehand, then add a small amount of detergent, cleaners watered, careful to clean the surface of the tile. For tile joints and other parts of the ash can also be used to clean up the same way, or use the new fine brush, toothbrush cleanser to wipe smear. After completing what you can wipe with a dry cloth.the cost of wpc composite decking</p>

    <p>2. If the family has children, the elderly, etc., might be left a lot of juice, milk stains, jam, urine stains on the ground and the wall, for such stains, use cleaner maintenance is a good choice. However, if left traces of relatively long, there is the case of dry penetration, it is recommended to use detergent or soap, soap spread on a damp cloth, cover the tiles to soften. After about ten minutes to half an hour and then wipe, the effect will be better.</p>

    <p>3. If it is left too much ink, inks, watercolors in the study, etc., may be used to resolve special agents, cleaning agents to clean up.building a fence with pallets</p>

    <p>4. If you are paints, coatings, rust, glue, cement and other pollutants formed just after the renovation work was completed, the conventional way of softening detergent If you can not get good results, we recommend using a professional tile cleaner to deal with. Jinya Ceramics solemnly remind the majority of users can not afford treatment in the face of stains, do not be scratched with a sharp hard object, so as not to damage the ceramic glazed, scratched outer color, the impact effect of the decoration.wpc deck suppliers