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  • The future of this blog is bleak. There appear to be no Moderators or even Administrator. Some members register themselves only to use the blog for advertising purpose. Such posts are nor removed immediately and remain for days, weeks and months.

    This obviously puts the regular members off and they are reluctant to come back and engage other members.

    Is this what the owners of this website want?

    I hope someone will answer the question.

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  • Most of bloggers enjoy freedom of expression and more literate friends @ the Face Book and Twitter.

  • There is no restriction on freedom of expression here. Ask your Taxi Driver friend.

    You will find that when you do that on facebook no one will criticise you because you are surrounded by your "friends" only.

  • I think bhoot is re incarnination of sm mirxa.. ghost of sm mirza haunt this place.. there was once a blog called let us build pakistan.. smirxa has destroyed it by sending wave of spammers.. javed sheikh was too lazy to remove those spammer because he was not fullfilling his moderation honestly and few days after negligance of javed the blog was overwhelemed by so many ghost of smirxas.... hoay javed jahan dhushman us blog ka asman kyun na ho

  • I still believe that this website has a tremendous record of maintaining freedom of speech.

  • Dear Fear,

    Now there is no reactionary like SE Mirza @ Face Book.

    There is comparatively very healthy and pleasant criticism free of abusive and personal remarks.

    There one can block or Unfriend any Luch Tul like BAWA, Nadan, or Anjaan.

  • Sir javed sheikh

    I am unable to understand why do you anoye of people who abuse.. the person who abuses.... may be he is religious or cultural person..because you might have written something agaist his religion or culture... bu t you dont follow any specific culutre... so i dont understand what is reason to block these abuser even on face there some remain of arab or indian culture inside you that makes feel these abuses.. please clear on your side i am confused.... if you post something on face book twitter or any media... you get 10 good reaction and 1 abusive respose.. treat it like comment it should not annoyed you.. if you annouy of one abuse along with 10 good reaction then there must be problem with you philosphy or theory

  • @Fear Bhai

    Sheikh Sahib is fairly tolerant and open to political and social criticism. Even on FB under some of his threads there are people who only do personal attacks. They are not there to debate but just hurl insults. If Javed Sahib blocks any such person I don't see any problem with that.

  • Dear Fear,

    If I post this Truth here, I will face music from SEMirza School of thought, but I am not worried to post such Truth @ Face Book and Twitter:

    Growth of Wisdom in Theocracy:


    Growth of Wisdom in Secular Society:

    1- 2- 4- 8 -16- 32- 64- 128..........

  • @Sheikh Jee

    In Secular Soceity there is currently a widespread theory that "Democracy can be imposed from outside and that too using military force".

    Can you please let me know where on your scale of wisdom it lies?

  • Shirazi

    You said:

    "Even on FB under some of his threads there are people who only do personal attacks"

    Have you ever stopped to think why? One can blame BAWA,Nadaan or Anjaan on this forum but why does it also happen on FB. Surely, there must be a reason. All those people cannot be all wrong.

    Javed Sheikh

    Two points arise from your above post:

    1. Growth wisdom is both in Theocracy and Secular Society, though at a different rate.

    2. "but I am not worried to post such Truth"

    Is this "Truth" or your "Opinion"? If this is your opinion, then even though I will disagree with your contention, I believe you are entitled to have your opinion. But if you describe it as "Truth" then I will ask you to provide evidence to prove that it is a truth and knowing you, only aayen baayen and shaayen will be the answer. Although you claim to be a thinker, philosopher and professor, my unsolicited advice to you is that unless you can substantiate your statements with underlying evidence/documentation you should use the pre-cursor "In my opinion or it is my opinion" Then you will find that people will debate the subject matter with you.

  • I have drawn this conclusion out of a detailed comparative study of Secular States and Theocratic States of the world.

    In Secular countries the growth rate of wisdom is much speedy and these countries have delivered lot of inventions and discoveries to the World just within 150-200 years.

    Where In theocratic and Religiously dominated countries most of the population is dumb and dull.

    They will kill thousands of innocents just to save Cow or Camel.

  • Sherazi ji i agree sheikh ji is tolrant but he is suggesting a way of violence like he said you can block bawa... anjaaan.. that is hard to digest.... people usally abuse for something special... if sheikh jee can attack their creeds.. openly.. with destroying the basic secular state... liberty to all.. then few abuser should not annoy sheikh jee.. thanks

  • Sheikh ji.. some truth are personals.. they vary from people to people society to society.. culutures to culture.. truth in america may not be truth in pakistan people like to hear truth from their religion.. their book quran..they will not listen your truth unless you tell it from religion.. if you tell truth from outside relgion you should prepare yourself for the is like you are imposing some other culture on them..

    Sheikh jee are you afraid of bawa or anjaan school of thoughts

  • @Sheikh Jee,

    "Where In theocratic and Religiously dominated countries most of the population is dumb and dull."

    So why West, Israel and GCC countries were worried that Iran, even with severest sanctions, will developed nuclear capabilities with just internal expertise without external help to the extent that will be capable of developing nuclear weapons?

  • Curiosity jee believe me westren are rigth...they know irani shia or saidui wahabi both are dangerous and will not hestitate in bringing the world to the destruction.. they are just using precautionary measures... because precautions are better than cure.. it is natural for them to beleive where bomb and sword is important than of my friend told me that in iran social media like face book is not avaible also internet..

  • @fear Jee

    Please don't post a reply, if either you don't understand the question or it is not directed to you.


  • Thanks few line more..I have given answer which shaikh ji might not give... you said why are they worried... reason is simple... irani have progressed backword after irani revolution... they have left the path of liberty and going to cave age where they will perhaps meet ali mola sher khuda... they are,securing their liberty by putting sanction on such country which is on its way to the age of ignorance and dangerous to their existence as well peace of world...

  • "I have drawn this conclusion out of a detailed comparative study of Secular States and Theocratic States of the world"

    So, to me that is your opinion because your conclusion whilst satisfactory to you may prove to be flawed one. Why not publish your detailed studies also explaining the methodology used, resources, publications used including the definitions used for "Theocratic State and "Secular State"

    Once the results your studies and the conclusions are accepted by the world at large, you may describe your conclusion as "Truth". Until then it is just your opinion with which people may agree or disagree!