Solution to Militancy and Xtremism in Pakistan - A Three Point Model

  • @Waseem Sahib

    Did Srilanka and India crush LTTE and Khalistan movement by education and prosperity? As Sunni radical ISIS sympathizer and Taliban apologist I expected this BS from you. Over 80% of the globe lacks prosperity and education do they kill people like Sunni radicals are killing all over. When cancer is diagnosed you start killing cancer cells - that's the treatment. You don't wait to find the root cause and then address that. Besides, lot of radicals are educated individuals like yourself. How education will address the religious opium?

    The solutions to crush insurgents physically like SriLankans did with the help of Pakistan Army and Indian Army did in Indian Punjab.

  • @Shirazi sahib : The world has changed now , the variables have changed the environment is different. Your comparison - equating Pakistan with with Srilanka and Indian Punjab is erroneous.

    Religiously motivated insurgency has no military solution. You have to listen to their grievances and reach a resolution. I am surprised that an educated person like you is rallying for wars and calling for crushing opponents based on your dislike/likes. My message to you would be " Learn to Tolerate other religions, give them the breathing space, live and let live and say no to wars....but I guess this is something to hard to grasp for an extremist warmonger like you. Please for the sake of humanity ....Stop advocating killing others in the name of nationalism/religion. Lets take everybody onboard.....and make this world a better place for ourselves and the generations to come! Peace Peace Peace and no wars or crushing each other!

  • @Waseem CA Sahib

    Learn to Tolerate other religions

    What other religions are you talking about. Could you be little precise. It's your beloved Sunni radicals who are killing Shias and other minorities. When you can't face the brunt of armed forces you throw white towels. As soon as you get some breather you start slitting throats, start blowing Shias and Christians and soldiers.

    Prophet himself had 70 odd battles in last 10 years of his life. Please don't lecture others on peace. The world care less what drives your JIhadi mindset - it ought to be crushed. If education could fix that you, Syed Farook, Faisal Shahzad, Osama, Jordonian Doctor who blew up 7 CIA Agents, Ahmen AlZahwari etc etc would have opted the Jihadi route. You people are not misguided folks - you believe in after life, you care less about this life. How education and prosperity would pacify you? You are like a cancer that ought to be removed. We can't just wait for the cause which BTW is not lack of education it's radical Islam.

  • @ Shirazi Sahab :

    I am sorry but you have some misconceptions about me, just as an FYI I do not belong to the sect that these extremists belong to.

    As for your saying that the prophet did wars !,,,everybody did wars back in history. The human evolution from the cave bronze age and then progressing to Iron age - to the age of empires is full of wars and conquests. History is history...u like it or not...We cannot travel back in time and stop Alexander the great from his conquests ......can we shriazi sahib?

    Can we stop Genghis Khan from his conquest? NO we cannot !

    Can we stop the british empire of the mid 1800 from we cannot it is all history...

    Similarly Muslims too fought wars, defended at some occasions and led an offensive war in others just like any other kingdom would do . I do not understand your objection !

  • @shirazi sahib : Lets get out of the history and change what we can that is the present and the future. Stop the wars and spread peace! Shirazi sahib..i have my arms open for you....would u like to embrace me as a fellow human being or would u like to bore a hole in my chest with your AK47....?

  • Pakistani professor in American university created this brief documentary on the subject

  • @ghost protocol : Good documentary but what it missed was the factor that I mentioned in my video as factor no 1 i.e. wars.

    Wars/social injustice is the most important ingredient that makes a terrorist. The next in the line are poverty and lack of education. We have to adopt a holistic approach and count all the factors and not just poverty/uneducation. In my three point approach I presented wars as the most important one preceding the latter twos.

  • Input appreciated!

    Anything but your ugly face!

  • وسیم صاحب

    شیرازی صاحب کی طرح میرا بھی کراہت کا وہ احساس ابھی باقی ہے جو شیعہ مسلمانوں کے متعلق آپ کا تبصرہ پڑھ کر محسوس ہوی تھی

    سولہ دسمبر اور صرف آرمی پبلک سکول کے بچوں کو مزاحمت کی علامت بنانا میرے نزدیک طالبان کے مظالم کا شکار دوسرے بچوں کے ساتھ امتیازی سلوک ہے لیکن میں انٹرنیٹ پر پیغام بھی دیکھ رہا تھا جس میں باجوڑ کی بم باری میں شہید ہونے والے بچوں کے لی بھی انصاف کی اپیل تھی . انصاف کے لیے اپیل اپنی جگہ لیکن ایسے تبصرے کرنے والے ایک آدھ بندے کے گھناونے اور ظالمانہ خیالات کو بھی میں جانتا تھا جن کو جب بھی موقع ملے وہ طالبان کے شانہ بشانہ کھڑے ہو جائیں

    پاکستان کے ایک اقلیتی گروہ کے متعلق انتہائی گھٹیا خیالات رکھنے والا آدمی اگر سوشل جسٹس کی بات کرے تو یہ محض ہاری ہوی سپاہ کی خود کو بچانے کی ایک کوشش ہے

    شیرازی صاحب کی فراخ دلی کو داد دیں کہ انہوں نے آپ کی وڈیو دیکھ کر تبصرہ بھی کیا

  • @ zindadil sahib : Ham Desi logoun ka yehi masla hay that we are always being vindictive or peace kee baat ko hamesha gali samgha jata hay. Anyways if you guys are not interested in peace then keep on fighting, cutting each other throats and slaughtering each other children......time will tell you that I was right in my peace proposal.

  • Anything but your ugly face!!

  • Extremist are not muslims and do not believe on day of Judgement.

    There are deliberate efforts to push muslims towards extremism and then malign them as extremist.

  • Noted!

  • Imo this gent should address his acne first,no offence intended,

    Only one point agenda is needed,root out corrupt politicians,militancy will subside.

  • "Extremist are not Muslims and do not believe on day of Judgement."

    Why Champions of Islam directly or indirectly, support, defend and show soft corner for this Brutal Class?

  • The root cause of all militancy is

    PAK FOJ who created

    TALIBAN and then militancy spread all over



  • Slam slam

    ghahshatgardon ki ma ko SLAM



  • Efforts to repaint Islam as peaceful religion won't work unless the outdated fundamentals of Islam are not modified according to the requirements of existing way of life.

    A New Pharmacopoeia of Halal and Haraam needs to be formulated.

  • @Waseem CA Sahib

    Ham Desi logoun ka yehi masla hay that we are always being vindictive or peace kee baat ko hamesha gali samgha jata hay.

    Let's overlook the history for a moment, let's ignore what Ali and Aysha did to each other, Let's forget how Ali and Mavia's son tried to resolve the political differences. Because as you said history cannot define us. We don't need to defend the blood bath of our forefathers. Let's focus on present. Your peace loving lectures will have some weight if you condemn the sectarian violence of all sorts. Are you open to distance yourself from your very recent part when you defended killers like Taliban and ISIS - the suni radicals. In your sectarian outlook you were blinded so much that you declared Shias are using primarily suni Pakistan Army to kill fellow suni leadership. Are you willing to distance yourself from Sipah e Sahaba & Lashkar e Jhanvi.

    When you say we can't be the prisoners of past essentially our present can't be dictated by the events of past. It also means we care less how people around us respect or disrespect our heroes including Prophet, his companions, his wives. If you stop rooting and condemn those who are killing fellow humans for the blasphemy of people died centuries ago I will reciprocate your peace calls else I 'd say your calls for peace dialogue education etc is just an attempt to relieve some pressure on your fellow suni radical barbaric killers.