Imprudent/injudicious use of earth and severe negative impacts on environment.


    The results show that numbers of wild bees likely declined by 23% between 2008 and 2013 in key agricultural regions in California, the Midwest, in Great Plains states and in the Mississippi river valley.

    The study also showed that 39% of US croplands that depend on pollinators are suffering a significant mismatch between the demand for pollination and the supply of bees.

    Land for fuel

    The most important reason for the decline in numbers according to the authors is the increased demand for biofuels, which has seen more land turned over to growing grains. US law requires that all gasoline sold contains at least 10% ethanol, mostly made from corn.

    In the areas that have seen the most serious reduction in wild bees, there have been 200% increases in the amount of corn planted.

  • Can human beings survive without bees?

  • Seriously? Isn't it counter intuitive, the bees who live on nectar can die because the abundance of it? I read a study few years ago that finds a link between the dying bees and use of a pesticide. The problem may be pest control and not the corn.

    The corn seeds are soaked in a pesticide before sowing. Originally the sellers of the chemical convinced USDA/ FDA that the agent stays buried in the soil and does not harm bees or affect the food. Now they have found the pesticide in the dead bees and living cobs.

    The same salesman now says, this chemical does not pass down to the main human food; meaning beef and chicken. So do not eat corn or drink Vodka made from it. Just fill it in the car.