A scuffle broke out between 2 CII Mullahs Sherani & Ashrafi over Ahmedis status

  • Sehrani wanted to recommend to Parliament that somehow Parliament should legislate that Qadiyanis have rejected Islam. It's not just us declaring them non Muslims they have rejected Islam. Ashrafi thinks that's dangerous as per few rejection of Islam is death-able offense. So it's better not to touch that subject.

    Sherani Sahib tried to pursue him physically and Ashrafi Sahib couldn't react fast enough due to weight issues and received few blows.

    Ashrafi teray khoon say inqalab aai ga ...


  • Okay, so Shairani is trying the make the killing of the Qadiani a legal act. That way Islamic warriors can 'purify' Islam without the fear of going to jail.

    I'm quite disappointed in the Tahir Ashrafi's performance. Had he sat on Shirani, he would have easily suffocated Shirani. Alas, His 400 pounds body turned out to be of no good use. Probably, the Halwa wasn't made of 'asli desi ghee'.


  • اسلام کی محبت سے سرشار مولویوں نے ایک دوسرے کی داڑھیاں پکڑ لیں اور گریبان چاک کر ڈالے

    اور اس طرح اسلام کا ڈنکا بجا دیا

    سب مل کر بولو سبحان الله ، جزاک الله

  • How very predictable of you Javed Sheikh!!

  • "death-able offense"

    That is a new one Shirazi Jee.

    Re-writing Oxford Dictionary ??

  • I am a rejected-Muslim in Pakistan but a Muslim in Turkey. Is Pakistani Islam superior to Turkish Islam? What a funny Islam we have.

    I thought only Mullahs were brainless. We should include ZA Bhutto and Hafeez Pirzadah, (the original sponsors of Qadiyani amendment), in this category too.

  • ZA Bhutto was a traitor and self-centred individual. Alas, no one has undone his doings, so what can one say about those who followed him.

    It is not Islam that is funny, it is so-called scholars of Islam in Pakistan who are not only funny but ill-educated. Most of them can recite Quran but do not understand the meanings of what they are reciting because they do not understand Arabic and they have never read Quran with translation.

  • Quite amusing, this person got a certificate of first level of acceptance in Islam. How the Homeland security will treat him now.


    We hereby notify you that the one named Na’il Salu bin Basaam of the people of the al-Raqa emirate took and satisfactorily passed a course on Repentance.

    Based on this, we hereby grant him this certificate confirming that he is not an infidel [kafir] and that it is impermissible to lash, crucify, or rape him, unless a legitimate reason arises for the soldiers of the caliphate or if it’s been established that he has returned to apostasy and wants his freedom.

  • well,putting the ashrafi/sherani performance aside,mr azizi,it's confirmed news,mirza qadiani died in toilet with diarrhea.furthermore,his hallucinations have been explained in detail by himself in his books.I mean,wtf,is he on about most of the times,mollahs,moolahs,give us a break.

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  • 1. Hard Drive of Islam needs to be rebooted.

    2. All outdated files must be updated through Consensus of Opinions and Analytical Deduction.

    3. Muslims of the World need a universally Acknowledged Book of Islamic Rules and Regulations, to survive in the modern times.

    Otherwise such Tug of War will continue at each level.

  • A/Alf Sahib,

    Just think of a legal perspective. How can you restrict a law to a geo-location designed for the fundamentals of a universal phenomenon? Yes, it would have made some sense if a resolution was passed through the U.N. or at least the law was a Pan Islamic. Future generations will laugh at it.

    Would be interesting to learn, what Pakistani Muslims have gained spiritually and socially by declaring Qadiyanis/ Mirzai/ Ahmadi as Kafir?

    By the way, now a days most people die with a Rectal Catheter attach to them for fecal collection. You also must have heard about an invention called ADD (Adult Disposable Diaper). That means they virtually die in the toilet. Update your living will if you do not want to be among MGA Qadiyani.

  • CII should be dismantled, what BS forum is that. It's mere advisory body and no one gives hoot to what they say except of course days like today when their comedy find some space in media.

  • @Sheikh Jee,

    "1. Hard Drive of Islam needs to be rebooted."

    May I know what is the "Hard Drive of Islam", in your opinion?

  • "I thought only Mullahs were brainless. We should include ZA Bhutto and Hafeez Pirzadah, (the original sponsors of Qadiyani amendment), in this category too."

    Ask Doctor Mubashir, close associate of ZAB, and he will tell you that it was demanded by KSA in exchange of support for Pakistan and ZAB leadership to OIC. That's why it was included as 2nd amendment to the constitution. Those extremist religious people had already failed during the passing of the original constitution.

    The blame goes to ZAB and KSA.

  • " what is the "Hard Drive of Islam"

    All existing Interpretations of Holy Quran must be adjusted according to the requisites of modern way of life.

    Islamic Rules must be made practicable and logical through Ijtehad by the Congress of recognized Islamic Scholars.

  • Congress of recognized Islamic Scholars?

    @Javed Sheikh Sahib

    Would you mind listing the names of a few recognized Islamic scholars who can purify Islam?

  • Dear Qarar,

    "Would you mind listing the names of a few recognized Islamic scholars who can purify Islam?"

    I don't have any answer but have expressed my desire what could pull the life of Muslim World out of Chaos.

  • I don't have any answer But

    I only like to make statements without having a clue how to address the issues because I am only an Internet Thinker and Philosopher.

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