Where in the world killer will likely get less punishment than accomplice?

  • Where in the world self confessed killer will likely get less punishment than the accomplice who helped in disposing the body?


  • curiousity sahib: From where have you deduced that the accomplice would get less punishment than the actual killer? The reference provided by you is that the killer and his accomplice both have been sent to jail and that the killer (a major in Army) would be handed over to Army for Court Martial proceedings. Nothing so far has been done against the law. If the accomplice is a civilian he would be tried in any session court (civil Criminal procedure). I do not know the modus operandi of Military Criminal Code but perhaps that also covers death penalty in such cases. But I do know, if the accomplice is a civilian and if he would be established as an accomplice in a murder case he would be regarded as a murderer and the maximum penalty is death. But, in all fairness, he just helped in disposing of the body after the crime had been committed by the Major. So he has committed a crime but not as serious as "accomplice" of the main crime. He might get less sentence. In provocative killing the CPC prescribes less sentence (from 4 to 7 years) but what is in Military Criminal Code, I know not.

    I think it is a news so far and we should not assume what would happen in future before it would happen in due course. It is not wise to put the cart before the horse.

  • Right at start, the killer is in comforts of fellow military police, while the accomplice is in the confines of Adiala jail, under notorious custody of jail authorities most likely facing harsh treatment.

    **A judicial magistrate on Thursday handed over a serving army officer, who allegedly shot dead an Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) official, to the military police.




    The civil judge/judicial magistrate sent the accomplice of the army officer to the Adiala Jail on judicial remand.


    This is just begining, likely the differential treatment of two in favour of military official will become greater unless somehow military interferes in favour of civilian cousin also.