What will be the future of these children?

  • Some of worst fears of any parent are becoming a reality under the so called Islamic Caliphate. Thousands of children, toddlers even, are being taught to be violent, violent enough to slit other people’s throats. Among many other clips and images, the video of a small child, barely able to walk, cutting the throat of a stuffed white teddy bear is not only horrifying but inconceivable. Instead of caring and loving a stuffed toy they are teaching them this horrific kind of violence which would have lasting psychological repercussions. Anyone who has siblings that age, children or grand-children knows well enough how important those formative years are – the age where a child learns basic human interactions and emotions. DAESH has now ruined the development and future those innocent children.


    And now their tentacles have spread to children in Afghanistan. Shocking videos have surfaced from Al-Jazeera News agency’s documentary on how DAESH is brainwashing an entire generation in Afghanistan to brutally kill anyone that goes against DAESH ideology and declare that as Jihad.

    Haroon Ahmad

    DET – U.S. Central Command