Im The Dim..Final Chapter.

  • The kind of politics Immy is playing on CPEC is probably going

    be last nail in his political coffin.

    1.For right or wrong reasons Punjabi Businessmen of all categories(From Mansha To Doodhwala) become convinced that

    CPEC is fundamentally going to change their life and hence Pakistan

    for better.

    2.They think anybody opposing it is against Pakistan and against their economic welfare.

    3. Anybody who understands Punjab knows it is practically not possible to win and rule Punjab without its businessmen s acquiescene.

    Wind is already there that Immy did Dharna to spoil chinese

    presidents visit and what he is doing now, it is going to turn it

    into Windstorm. Without Punjab where would Immys politics go,

    No where.

    Looks like Immys Advisers dont like him from the Guts.

    They already made him do lot of mistakes but this is going to be

    fatal one.