Are we heading towards nuclear doomsday?

  • Before North Korea confined testing of Hydrogen Bomb, Daesh was the main flashpoint, in fact both for Russia and the West. Both the arch rivals were planning a “joint venture” sort of strategic maneuver to root out ISIL. Till North Korea tested H-Bomb.

    Before discussing the change of scenario. Let us know briefly what is Hydrogen Bomb and just how it is different from atomic bomb. An atomic bomb uses unstable atoms of any of the decaying elements viz. Uranium (U235), Plutonium (Pu239) or Thorium. When a sub-atomic proton in the bomb shell is bombarded on fissile sitting in the nucleus of any of the aforesaid element through a confined particle accelerator, the neutrons of the shell breaks up in many smaller parts and its pieces fly in all direction with such a speed that whatever atoms come their way they start breaking producing huge huge amount of heat as per Einstein Law of matter and energy (e=mC^2). Breaking up of surrounding atoms continues making a huge ball of flames that burn to ashes everything within the radius range of one or two miles from the epicenter of fission. This is called chain reaction. But the deadly beta and gamma rays travel one to two hundred miles in all direction from the center of fission and fatally damage all biological bodies that absorb these radiations. This is the story of atomic bomb.

    Now what is so special about Hydrogen bomb. Although the technology and procedural composition is very complicated and classified, yet to understand it as a layman, a Hydrogen bomb is fission-fusion-fission. It is much bigger in size and has two major part. The inner part is simply atom bomb. This atom bomb (first stage) is covered by very thick material stuffed with aluminum or lead with non-fissile U-238 (second stage). When fission occur in the inner core of H-bomb, its huge fission is hit and sustained by the outer core of H-bomb. The meltdown produces fusion of the outer layer fusing the protons and producing deuterium oxide H2O2 which formats U238 into U239. The fusion of Hydrogen atoms to make deuterium oxide produces so much heat that every atom of non-fissile elements of outer layer becomes fissile atoms and the ultimate fission that occurs is equivalent to around 5 to 14 giga tons of explosive. Just imagine the area of its destruction. A H-bomb is also commonly called thermo-nuclear bomb or Teller-Ulam design.

    Having said this, it is evident how much the world is concerned over North Korea’s leap in nuclear technology. The successful thermos-nuclear device test was deep down tunneled and the earthquake recorded by USA was 5.1 while the same was recorded in Chinese observatory as 4.9. It was Russia that first tested an H-Bomb, followed by USA, Britain, France and China. So now we have A-bomb club countries and H-bomb club countries.

    The point of world tension has shifted from Aqqa to Pyongyang. The political pundits are still hopeful that N-Korea would not use this demon anywhere and any time in future but who knows what lies ahead. Pyongyang is now no more at dictating terms of the West. Any mistake can trigger the destruction of the world. Western think tanks have abandoned considering North Korea as house of wax which will collapse due to the huge economic and social development of South Korea with the support of West. North Korea’s H-bomb test is an eye-opener and game changer event in this planet’s politics. Up till now, only Russia, USA, UK, France and China were thermo-nuclear bomb producing countries. They are all developed countries. Now that a developing country like North-Korea has also joined the pursuit the question is how much long the other two developing countries viz. India and Pakistan would remain without testing a thermo-nuclear device. Is this planet heading towards a total destruction before the divine’s doomsday? It is a million question?

  • 'Are we heading towards nuclear doomsday?'

    Could be possible.

    That might be a remedy for the existing International chaos and complicated relationship.

    After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, World stayed peaceful for 30-40 years.

  • Could be possible??

    Tera kiya ho ga Kaliya??

  • اگرپاکستان اورہندوستان کی فوج کودوشہروں پرایٹم بم مارناہوں تووہ کونسے دوشہرون پرمارینگی

    ہندوستانی فوج تومارے گی ہوشیارپور اورشکارپورپر

    پاکستانی فوج کواگربلدیاتی انتخابات کے بعد بم مارناہوتاتووہ ایک بم مارتے

    کراچی پر اوردوسرا

    حیدرآباد پر

    اور اور ایک جہاز اڑارہاہوتا

    مزہ علی باسی اوردوسرا اڑاہوتا

    مانی شنکر

    ابے اتنے زہریلے اورمتعصب کیوں ہوبے تم ، کونسی گھٹٹی پیتے ہو

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