Indian boy undergoes sex change surgery for Pakistani lover

  • A young man from the Indian city of Lucknow has undergone a sex change surgery to be able to live a ‘normal’ life with his lover across the border in Pakistan.

    “It began on a very usual note about five years ago,” Meera, who was previously known as Gaurav, told the Times of India while speaking about her lover Rizwan.

    Meera reaclled she had affairs with women and was about to marry when she met Rizwan over a social networking site in connection with her PhD. “The topic was related to Sufism which has always reasoned everything around me. He represents a Sufi school of thought too and was helping me understand the nuances for my work,” she said.

    The lovers who have not met in person till date, felt their bond grew as their conversations increased with time.

    “A time came when we started feeling that we are an extension of each other’s soul,” Meera said, while adding that she is likely to meet her beloved when he visits her in March.

    “The companionship grew stronger and a time came when he became my mehboob (beloved). In Sufism, that is the pinnacle of love and devotion that crosses boundaries of caste, creed and even gender.”

    The couple was amazed at discovering the similarities between them. “I did not realise when he accepted my feelings for him and our bond developed so deep,” she stated.

    Citing Rumi to explain her love, Meera said, “Reason is powerless in the expression of love.”

    Meera’s decision to undergo a sex change surgery came when Rizwan’s mother started looking for a wife for him. “Internet surfing gave the solution in the form of sex conversion surgery for which both of us volunteered.”

    Meera approached a doctor in Mumbai who sent him for six-month counselling, over a year ago. Meera’s family barring her sister, an actor in Mumbai, was against the decision but she went ahead and underwent hormone therapy.

    “Three surgeries took place in August, September and October to help me embrace a dream life with my beloved,” Meera said.

    Upon being questioned by her friends, about Rizwan’s loyalty towards her and their future together, Meera said, “I have immense faith in the Almighty. And I know that even if he does something which I do not want… it will be for my good.”

    Meera, who is a Kathak dancer, said the dance is her life, “I cannot live without it. Now, Rizwan is by my side in my endeavour.”

  • So Garuv (now Meera) was a PhD student in Lucknow 5 years. His research area was Sufiism that's where he met online Rizwan - the Sufi. Both of them gradually developed feeling for each other. When Rizwan's mom started exploring suitable match for her son Gaurav decided to change her gender so that rizwan and Gaurav (now Meera) can be together for good.

    If they were in US or anywhere in developed world they didn't have to go through this extra step. Now what are the chances Riawan's mom will pick Gaurav (now Meera) as his soul mate.

  • Disgusting and height of delusion