Geothermal heating

  • <p>9,Currently floor heating methods are mainly low temperature hot water floor heating and low-temperature radiant heating cable heating system two kinds.

    Low temperature hot water floor heating is a temperature no higher than 60 ℃ hot water as heat medium, circulating best choice for composite decking Spain in the heating pipe, heating floor, through the ground to radiation and convection heat transfer heat to the interior of heating mode, also known as geothermal . Low temperature hot water floor heating technology for hot water coil is embedded in the concrete floor inside the pipe floor heating, thus achieve uniform heat radiation to the indoor heating purposes. Low-temperature radiant heating cable heating system uses electric power for energy, heating cables of fever, 100% of the energy is converted to heat, and the ground inside the building as a cooling surface, heat transfer by convection heating the surrounding air. </p>

    <p>Use the advantages of floor heating is very clear:

    Energy efficient: the use of geothermal heating in the hall when the temperature distribution along the height direction more uniform temperature gradient is small, reducing heat loss is invalid. Practice has proved that geothermal heating room relatively high thermal efficiency, the heat concentrated in the human benefit level. Temperature uniformity: low-temperature radiant floor heating heating pipes buried in the ground, raise the backwoods home build a pallet fence surface temperature of the heat to the room, which, at 1.8 meters or less to form a hot gas layer. This will not only ensure the room, but also make the whole hall temperature distribution.

    Comfort and beautiful: the ideal heating: on the human health and the heating efficiency of the best results is from the bottom up gradually cools the way, radiant floor heating is the closest to the ideal way of heating, geothermal heating mode, indoor surface temperature uniform indoor temperature is gradually decreasing from the bottom up, giving the head cold feet warm feeling good. </p>

    <p>When people stranded in the warm floor, while the upper body and feet warm against the cold radiation effect, it was very comfortable. Indoor temperature uniformity, temperature is small, reasonable gradient, heating the body most likely to feel cold feet area, meet the needs of human physiology; do not take up interior space, fully furnished show personality.

    Save maintenance costs: radiant floor heating only periodic cleaning filters, since the floor heating coil synthetic 2x4 composite panel uk All Buried in the floor, so if it is not sabotage, almost no maintenance problems in the heating operation, the service life of 50 years, non-corrosive, non-scaling, saving maintenance costs. Environmental noise: At present, China is generally used in floor panels or cast plate, which is not very good sound effects.</p>