I don't believe in extension and will retire on due date

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    AsimBajwa @AsimBajwaISPR

    Speculations about extension in service of COAS are baseless.COAS said;"Pakistan Army is a great institution.I dont believe in extension-1/3



    and will retire on the due date.Efforts to route out terrorism will continue with full vigor and resolve-2/3

    1:19 PM - 25 Jan 2016

    This certainly means a new tradition is being set in the ranks of top brass. Hope this becomes a pleasant code of ethic in Army.

    Personally, if such is the case, I pay a high tribute to this general Raheel Shareef because every sitting C-n-C in the past had ambitions to get as much extension as they wished as they had de facto all the powers behind the curtain.

  • Let's hope, against the hope, that next Army chief won't follow the policy of securing the national and ideological frontiers through proxy wars and good and bad Talibans.

  • Why this announcement came almost 9 months before actual date of Retirement?

  • According to Najam Sethi Gov't might be contemplating extending the tenure of COAS to 4 years - so even w/o seeking extension Gen. Raheel Sharif 'd hang around until the end of 2017 and 4 months later Nawaz Sharif will be go for polls for his 4th term.


  • https://youtu.be/XWYrE6P_5Zc

    Tribute to FULL TIME DRAMA

  • Gulraiz Bhai: Frankly speaking we have been so much used to bigotry statements of powers that be that this statement of Asim Bajwa is hardly to digest by me personally.

    On a different note, I think Raheel Shareef has been pick of International forces (both West and Russia plus China) to offer him a role of key international player to fight war against terrorism specially for eliminating the Godzilla of ISIL/DAESH.

    This is my personal view, the facts, otherwise, might be quite different.

  • I think Raheel Shareef has been pick of International forces (both West and Russia plus China) to offer him a role of key international player to fight war against terrorism

    Imtiaz sb

    آپکے جذبات کی قدرہے ، لیکن میراخیال یہ ہے کہ یہ صرف پاکستانی میڈیاکاپروپیگنڈہ ہے --حضرت اوبامہ علیہ السلام نے ایک ہفتے میں دو بیانات دئیے ہیں

    Pakistan will remain destabilize for long time.

    Pakistan has to control terrorism effectively.

    یہ توایک بہت بڑی وارننگ ہے ہمارے کرتادھرتاوّں کے لئیے لیکن یہ کچھہ سمجھہ ہی نہیں پارہے ہیں ، بس ریت میں دبالی ہے اپنی کہ گرم رہے گی -- خداخیرکرے

    اب سارے چوتیاقسم کے دانشوراگلے دس ماہ تک میاں صاحب کے سرپرسواررہینگے کہ بحال کرو، بحال کرو اورمیاں صاحب اپنی گردن یوں ادہرادہرگھمائینگے جیسے بھوتوں کے غارمیں پھنس گئے ہوں --یہ ایک بڑی پلاننگ ہے ، ہم نےتوجب سے انہوں نےاکہترمیں ہماری پچھترپچھترکرائی ہے انکی کسی بات کایقین کرناہی چھوڑدیاہے

    جسکے ہاتھہ میں سات سوبلین ہرسال آتے ہیں اورجنکاآڈٹ بھی نہیں تواسے کون چھوڑتاہے اس ملک کے باقی بیس کڑوڑ ڈرپوکوں میں جنہیں اسکاصرف ایک تہائی ملتاہے اورانمیں کرپٹ سیاستداں بھی ہیں ، ایک بھی ایسانہیں کہ جوانسے پوچھے کہ ابے ان پیسوں کاکیاکرتے ہو تووہ غدارہوجاتاہے- بھائی نے پوچھاتوتھاکہ ابے ہتھیارکیوں ڈالے تھے ، بس ہٹ گئی ، بج گئی اورنجانے کیاکیاہوگئی اورہوگیابھائی کابلیک آوّٹ

  • @Imtiaz Sahib

    The position of international envoy is created when two sides are talking like in case of Palestinians and Israel, UK and Ireland. But in case of ISIL and DAISH they are not talking. If Raheel Sharif wants to play active role post retirement he will find many opportunities in Pakistan. Politicians are more than happy are privileged to employ ex COAS. As far as international engagements are concerned he may find something like Gen. Pasha or Mustafa Kamal; 9-5 job with handsome package in some construction company in ME.


  • While discussing General Raheel Sharif’s announcement not to stay in office beyond his present term,

    we have got to remember that Gen. Ziaul Haq took over power with a promise to hold elections and hand over power to elected representatives within ninety days. However, the gentleman stayed with us for eleven years, which was the longest reign in Pakistan history. And even when he relinquished power eventually, it was not through a voluntary act on his part.

    With that brief introduction notwithstanding, I think we ought to welcome Gen. Raheel Sharif’s announcement of his intention not to hang around beyond his standard term of three years.

    However, we have got to keep in mind that while a person may have decided to adhere to a certain course, a change in the circumstances, or demands of the situation prevailing then may ‘persuade’ him to stay longer, not so much in his personal interest but due to the urgent and desperate needs of the country and the nation of course.

    It is true that like any capable head of an institution, an army chief should be able to prepare a capable team of officers from among which to pick a competent successor. However, it is also true that there in fact are gifted persons who are not that easy to replace.

    The Express Tribune had a news report headed ‘Keen to leave lasting legacy, General Raheel 'never desired' extension’

    And if someone wanted to leave a legacy, he had to take care as to what he does, and what he doesn’t.

    Like for example, at the present moment, army chief’s popularity is at the highest level. Still, there is already some controversy developing, becoming a favourite topic at various talk-shows that while Sindh leaders are being hounded for corruption and much else - in fact, at a briefing in Karachi, Army chief vowed again to make the city terror free - similar or worse conduct and bigger scandals in other provinces, especially in the largest province, do not seem to attract the attention of the corruption-busters.

    Also, there are rumours that an offer was made to extend the army-chief’s tenure to four years, which would have given him another year. And we know that General Ashafq Pervez Kayani had a full extra term of three years. Compared with that, a mere one-year extension is not attractive enough. Could it be that the refusal to accept the extension is more because of the paltry offer and there may be a change of mind if an attractive one is made, which may be accepted, on popular public demand and in the national interest of course.

    There may be other considerations. So far, the armed forces have enjoyed an unblemished record of success, except for controversy in Sindh. However, Sindh leaders as well as some others have already started questioning the singling out of Sindh for anti-terror and anti-corruption campaign while the rest of the country, especially the big province, seems to have been left untouched except for some minor cases despite banned outfits and their headquarters present there. Now if the army chief accepted the extension, over time, there could be unavoidable pressure on him to launch anti-corruption campaign in Punjab as well. And that could invite strong opposition of PML-N leaders, leading to a confrontation.

    Also, with Chaudhry Nisar remaining installed as the Federal Interior Minister, there is little possibility of him leaving the safe job of chasing the relatively week parties in Sindh. And before too long, a campaign against intolerance, extremism and terrorism, and indeed against banned outfits, would have to be started in Punjab where they have the largest presence, as well as their headquarters. And with safe-playing Chaudhry Nisar unwilling to take them on, that assignment would also have to be taken up by the armed forces directly or through Rangers. And obviously, the banned outfits will not take it all lying down and their retaliatory action will disturb the atmosphere of artificially-maintained peace in Punjab. And for the resulting law and order situation, the ultimate blame will be levied against the army or the Rangers backed and staffed by them at senior levels.

    Also, on the external front, the expectations built up by Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, United States and others have not been fully met, causing a disappointment and resulting in a noticeable change in their tone.

    So, for someone interested in leaving a legacy, it would definitely make sense to leave soonest possible – on the completion of his term – at the peak of his popularity, rather than hang around and see the gains further compromised by subsequent failures, real, imagined or mixed, and the popularity dented, and the legacy left behind badly bruised.

    There are many angles to almost every issue. Moreover, the lack of ethics and absence of honourable traditions in Pakistan create yet new dimensions, making it difficult to predict as to how things will shape up.

    As to my personal views about the army chief’s announcement not to stay in the position beyond his present term, I have to admit that I have been unable to form an opinion as to what is actually behind it, and whether it will in fact happen.

    My only hope and prayer is that whatever happens, it is for the good of the country and the people, in the real sense of the term.