Pakistan's Abdication Of Its Ideology a.k.a "Islam"

  • Alright, lets be honest to ourselves here. We're all pretty familiar as to why Pakistan was constituted in the first place; its diverse faith and culture from other another perverse homogeneity, which was persistently vilifying the latter's values (Like our postulate on servants/peons). And because of this accruing genocide, our beautiful nation was given birth; result of hardcore endeavors on the behest of our long gone ancestors, kudos to 'em. But now due to an increment of felonious activities and 'Imperialism' in all institutions of our heritage, this ideology is evolving a subtle susceptibility.

    Being the modern criteria of my statement, I deemed it wise to question more experienced pimps on this perilous matter. We can blatantly discern how our youth & media, me included, is being victimized by these extrinsic impetuses. If anyone were to forcefully exploit this weakness, as they are currently doing, then I firmly believe things are gonna go downhill for us guys really quick.

    So go on, enlighten me.

  • Gist of your abstract art is "you came, you saw, you got defeated". Now what do you want from us. Charity begins at home, my dear friend, first you put in your remedial agenda then we would be able to think about it or throw it out of the window.

  • Perhaps you evaded the epitome of my theoretical insight; our omission of living up to Pakistan's incipient ideology. Neither was I slightly inclined towards any of Caesar's arrogant rants as you proposed here nor was my post founded on a political basis, but its mere intention was mainly our giving the boot to the core proponent of our Republic, which is to say Islam.

    Hence, I'll state my inquiry in a more comprehensible manner - Do my fellow Pakistanis agree we've almost evaded Islam in every cornerstone and if so, would this lead to an inevitable destruction?