Grand Mufti Naeem Deobandi Issues Fatwa Against Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif

  • What has damaged Pakistan more?

    1. Corruption


    2. Mullacracy

  • ٹھیکدار مستری برادران سے کوئی خاص امید نہیں پر

    پنڈ جھگڑیاں دی ملاں مسیت دا

    یعنی مسجد کا ملا جھگڑوں کی ایک گٹھری ہے

    • Waris Shah (Heer, 1766)

  • I am more inclined to invite all religious scholars be hindu, sikh Muslim or jew to colleges and universties... this will help our next gen to understand "Religion" in general and will create

    tolarance for other religion.

  • Shahbaz Sharif's decision to ban tablighis from campuses is applaud able. I wish someone had done this when we were in school. They used to bug us a lot in hostels. But now it's not just bugging it's serious law & order situation too. I fully hope Punjab Gov't will be able to implement their decision and other provinces will follow big brother.

  • This is not a fatwa but an ill-wish or bad dua for Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharifs. In the light of the traditions of such bad-duas, here are some thoughts.

    According to Tablighi folklore, last CIA ruler of Iran, Raza Shah Pahlavi, banned the passing of Tablighi groups though Iranian soil in the 70's. An elderly spiritual leader of Tabligh was tasked to make a bad-dua for the Shah. Almighty Allah accepted the bad-dua and Shah was ousted immediately. Do no know if the successor, Ayatollah Rohullah Khomeini, opened the borders for Tabligh.

    After the siege of Makkah in 1979, the Saudis banned all kind of public speaking in the holy mosques. Some of the perpetrators had spent time with jamat. Along with other unofficial talks, the seven point Tablighi speeches vanished from the holy floors. Do not know if someone made bad-dua against the Saudi Royals. I assume not; Saudis are still enjoying their kingdom-ship.