Gujrat District Chairman Position LG 2015

  • District Gujrat Chairman PML N Ticket “A Hard Decision”

    PML N decision on District Chairmanship ticket is waiting anxiously. In local Government Elections 2015 PML N got 60 Seats whereas 15 Independent Chairman has joined PML N. Now PML N consist of 75 Chairman in the District Council of 117 Chairmans. PTI 15 and PML Q having 27 Seats in hand showing their interest in district contest.

    PML N Candidates for district Chairman are Ch Muhammad Ali Tanveer (Ch Abid Raza MNA Brother), Nawabzada Tahir Ul Mulk ( Nephew of Nawabzada Mazhar Ali Khan MNA), Ch Sher Afgan ( Son of Mian Tariq MPA), Shoaib Raza ( Ch Jaffar MNA Relative), Ch Shahzad Deona ( Relative of Ch Ashraf MPA), Ali Ahmed Tahir (PML N Worker). All the candidates showing their power in Local newspapers and trying to make alliance with different groups of PML N. The final decision of ticket will announce from Party Leadership.

    Ch Abid Raza Kotla MNA Group is showing Maximum strength of Chairmans and also further added 10 reserved seats which make their strength to 50. 7 Independent Chairman join PML N Ch Abid Raza Group. They have also announced their alliance with Ex MNA Ch Mubashar, Ch Raza Matta and Ch Ashraf Deona MPA. The strong position of Kotla group showed in local general election where in his PP-115 constituency 12 Seats PML N, 2 PTI and 2 Independents who has joined Kotla Group also. PML Q is totally removed from NA-107 whereas They got No Seats in this constituency. PML 25 Seats and PTI 08 Seats in NA-107. Kotla Group Nominate the Chrismatic Personality of Ch Muhammad Ali Tanveer for the district chairmanship. He is the man of commitment. He gave 18 Hours to the Public for solving their domestic and community problems.

    PML N Nawabzada group facing difficult situation to get district ticket. The alarming situation for PML N in NA-104 where PML N got 17 Seats PML Q 12 Seats and 6 Independent Chairman elected. After the Election 3 Independent Chairman joined PML Q, 2 Joined PML N Nawabzada Group and 1 join PML N Ch Abid Raza MNA Group. PML N gradually loosing their position in this constituency due to Non –Interested and non serious attitude of Nawabzada Group towards the public affairs. In Rural Area Panchayat System is most effective whereas MNA and MPA sits their Nawab House situated at Gujrat city. Middle class and poor public cannot afford the expenses of travelling so that they are suffering and going to their nearly accessed Public representatives. PML N has won both Provincial and One National Assembly seat but in Local General Election 2015 Nawabzada group has loose the Position.

  • @zaheer1

    Thanx for sharing the information but what I heard was that Chaudhry Mubashir is being considered for district chairmanship slot? And I think he is a better choice than all others..