Our half-hearted war against terrorism

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    Comment by S.R.H. Hashmi:

    Just what a timid – and now sick man advised rest by doctors (by his own admission) – is doing in a job like that of the Federal Interior Minister and that too, of a country like Pakistan, which is facing multiple threats from various terrorists outfits, including from Da’ish as claimed by the Director General Intelligence Bureau, but denied by Chaudhry Nisar in his habitual style.

    I was told that the first step towards solving a problem is to acknowledge its existence. However, Chaudhry Nisar has perfected a safe technique whereby he refuses to acknowledge the problem and that way justifies his lack of much-needed action on many fronts.

    Recently, we had some more ‘pearls of wisdom’ from him whereby he described madrassas as bulwark against terror. This is in quite a contrast to what the rest of us: members of public, the state institutions as well as the armed forces had thought who saw at least a certain proportion among madrassas as a, should I say, a dependable source of intolerance, militancy and dare I say, extremism

    And to add to our misfortune, Nawaz Sharif either lacks courage to remove him from the post and to get a capable person in his place, or perhaps he is quite happy with Chaudhry Nisar’s policy of letting the sleeping dogs lie; only the dogs are not just lying, and more ferocious packs are joining them. Or perhaps Nawaz Sharif prefers the relatively ‘peaceful’ atmosphere in the country which enables him to concentrate on essential tasks like signing nation-building, and commission-earnings projects. Obviously, any action to bring the madrassas under some sort of state control will fray tempers and bring the ‘gentry’ on the roads. Just the other day, we heard the mildest of Maulanas, who is known to the public for his engagement in the relatively harmless activity of reporting on the sighting or otherwise of the moon, threatening a country-wide protest. Just gives an idea as to what action more radical type would be planning.

    Perhaps on his next meeting, the army chief should ask Nawaz Sharif to appoint a fit and capable person in this all-important position of Federal Interior Minister.

    Through hard work and sacrifices, and with the valuable help of Karachi police, the armed forces have been able to bring a bit of peace to Karachi while also rolling back and defeating terror in the tribal areas. However, to receive the optimum benefit from the military move, and to consolidate the gains already made, a commensurate effort was needed from the civilian government’s side, which has not even started in earnest yet, and one reason for that is the placing of a weak, dithering, sick man like Chaudhry Nisar as the overall in charge of that.

    The joke has simply gone too far and must be stopped now.


  • @Hashmi Sahib

    Your frustration on half hearted war on terrorism is well placed but your target Interior Minister is misplaced. When it comes to national security matters the 800 pound guerrilla is Army not some civilian PM, CM or Minister. Army has been clear on TTP but they are protecting all other strategic state assets including Jaish Mohammad, Moulana Aziz of Lal Masjid and Afghan Taliban. People like Nusar and Rehman Malik, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari or Imran they are there just to face public back lash.

    If you got a chance to watch Zara Hut Kay yesterday you would know how ISPR blacked out media coverage of protests launched by parents and students of APS and BKU.