Question about Urdu

  • Can anyone tell, when, and how the Prakrit (Hindustani) sounds got included in the Urdu script. Urdu evolved among the population, who originally speak Dari/Farsi or were taught in the Persian traditions. These people wrote Farsi in Nastaliq script but Farsi does not support the following sounds:

    ڑ ٹ ڈ ھ بھ پھ تھ ٹھ چھ کھ گھ

    A link or a book reference would be helpful.

    Keep in mind, Farsi established itself in the area of Multan and Lahore some 200 years before it reached Delhi. The region now known as Punjab also has same sounds.

  • ڑ ٹ ڈ ھ بھ پھ تھ ٹھ چھ کھ گھ

    I think only

    ڑ ٹ ڈ

    Letters are non-Farsi characters in Urdu but rest of the characters do exist in Farsi as well including the letter ھ

    When they were included in Urdu?

    Since Urdu originated in and around Delhi during the 18th century, so most likely these letters were borrowed from the local vocabulary into Urdu at the same time. If you read the early poets of Urdu like Mir or Ghalib you will find the use of these 3 letters commonly in their poetry.