ISIL Oil Operations

  • We appreciate the responses forum members have periodically shared with us when we ask of opinions and perspectives on defeating ISIL. One of the questions/comments we repeatedly receive asks us if the Coalition Forces target Daesh’s source of funds– in essence, the revenue they generate from oil.

    Since September 2014, they have conducted 230 airstrikes against Daesh’s illicit oil operations. Airstrikes targeted most elements of the illicit oil enterprise, from collection, to storage, to transportation, reducing overall Daesh revenue by 30%. Keep in mind these particular airstrikes against oil operations, are in addition to other types of targets such as airstrikes on communication and logistic supply facilities.

    Here is a strike video showing a ‪‎Coalition‬ airstrike as it destroys a ‪Daesh‬‬ gas and oil separation plant near Dayr Az Zawr, Syria to disrupt terrorist oil operations.‬

    The strikes were conducted as part of Operation Inherent Resolve, the operation to eliminate the Daesh terrorist group and the coalition force engaged in Operation Inherent Resolve come from more than 60 partner nations.

    Haroon Ahmad

    DET – U.S. Central Command

  • Question to the NATO command is why they are allowing their member country, Turkey, to facilitate Daesh to smuggle Oil out of Syria and to facilitate recruits from Europe to join Daesh into Daesh held terroritories in Syria and Iraq?

  • Israel Key Link in Exporting ISIS Oil