Honor killing

  • LAHORE: Police in Sahiwal are tracing a man who shot dead both his sisters in an apparent “honour killing”.

    Mohammad Asif had previously murdered his mother four or five years ago, according to police, before being pardoned at the time by his family and set free.

    The latest killings occurred in the village of Noorshah in Sahiwal district, in the central province of Punjab.

    “Mohammad Asif, who is in his late twenties, shot his two sisters late last night because he doubted their characters and was against their lifestyle," local police official Allah Ditta Bhatti told AFP.

    He said the sisters died on the spot while Asif fled.

    “He had killed his mother around four or five years ago and was set free after his family pardoned him,” Bhatti said.

    The incident was confirmed by other officials at the local police station.

    On Monday a father in Lahore shot dead his 18-year-old daughter because she could not account for where she had been for about five hours.

    The incidents come as Pakistan celebrates its second Oscar win, courtesy of filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy whose documentary based on the heinous crime won the prestigious award.

    “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” — a film telling the story of a rare survivor of such murders — won the Academy Award for best documentary short at the star-studded Hollywood ceremony on Sunday.

    Obaid Chinoy met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recently, turning a global spotlight on honour killings in the country.

    Hundreds of women are murdered by their relatives in Pakistan each year on the pretext of defending family “honour”.

    Pakistan amended its criminal code in 2005 to prevent men who kill female relatives escaping punishment by pardoning themselves as an “heir” of the victim.

    But it was left to a judge's discretion to decide whether to impose a prison sentence when other relatives of the victim forgive the killer — a loophole which critics say remains exploited.

    Sharif last month vowed to eradicate the “evil” of honour killings in Pakistan.


  • The dude first killed mom 4 years ago and now two sisters. He was pardoned first time by family and might very well this time too. And then our fundoos are after Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy for giving bad name to Pakistan.

    If some one find a link of her two movies 'Saving Face' or 'A Girl in the River' could they please post here?

  • غیرت کے نام پر جو قتل کر دے اپنی بیٹی

    ایسے حرام خور کو کچھ شرم آنی چاہیے

  • Chinoy is as usual there for herself, no one else.

    Just like her previous movie she doesn't care to solve the problem, just out their to gain fame and fortune on the backs of exploited.

  • شیخ کی شاعری ہے یا نثر اے انسان

    کچھ سمجھ نہیں آتا سر پکڑ لو شیطان

  • @curiosity Jee

    That can be said about anyone and everyone.


  • "That can be said about anyone and everyone."

    That's not true for some who have made an impact with their personal effort, when opportunity presented them. Some of names in current era of Pakistan that come to mind are Dr. Rizvi, Mr. And Mrs. Edhi, Ms. Malala.

    This woman made it worse by daring to to compare her film award, which was just this year considered racists, with Nobel.

  • Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder - this can be said about anyone even the suicide bombers who expect returns in after life. Malala, Edhi or whoever you pick gets acclaims in this life. When their acclaims are kosher why Sharmeen's under radar?

  • "When their acclaims are kosher why Sharmeen's under radar?"

    So what she has ever done for the benefit of Pakistani society?


    All three have done wonders to make Pakistani Society better, even in most difficult circumstances that many would be even hesitant to try!

  • Malala at best raised issues like Chinoy. Edhi I agree is man of few words he believes in actions.

    Saving Face


  • @ Curiousity,

    "So what she has ever done for the benefit of Pakistani society?"

    Exposure of evil in itself is a great social service.

    She has tried to motivate you towards finding a solution for such cancer.

  • @Sheikh Jee

    "Exposure of evil in itself is a great social service."

    You really think that these movies exposed evils in Pakistan any more than what it was already there?

    These and many others evils in Pakistani society are well known to most, it is just that those with power chose to ignore them because they don't want to antigonize their friends and voters. Nothing changes to overcome those in power.

  • "Malala at best raised issues like Chinoy. Edhi I agree is man of few words he believes in actions."

    For those who are ignorant about what Malala has done should start with this site.


    Everyone knows about what Mr. & Mrs. Edhi have done for those in need in Pakistan.

    It seems some are ignorant about Dr. Rizvi and his dedicated work for more than 40 years in the area of kidney related illnesses and those in need.