MQM received funding from indian government: Scotland Yard

  • Leaked documents of the Metropolitan Police reveals that MQM received funding from the indian government.

  • “Large amounts of cash have been seized from premises associated with the MQM and a significant amount of assets have been identified in the United Kingdom. All of the cash and assets are believed to represent funds provided to MQM by the Indian government or other unlawful activity."

    A London police spokesperson has told Pakistani media that a document titled “Pre-interview briefing" prepared for Sarfaraz Merchant "appears to be a genuine police document". The document was prepared to brief Sarfaraz Anwar Merchant on April 15, 2015 who was interviewed by London Metropolitan Police at Belgravia Police Station in presence of officers DC Stuart Mathews and DC Stephen Waterworth. It says that “Interviews under caution were conducted with Tariq MIR and Mohammad ANWAR in 2012 in relation to a separate investigation. During the interviews both Mr MIR and Mr ANWAR stated that MQM was receiving funding from the Indian government.”

    The latest document acknowledged to be genuine by the London Police also says: “There is evidence that Mr HUSSAIN and members of the MQM have breached Pakistani Electoral legislation in as much as they have received ‘prohibited’ funds from the Indian government. This also constitutes breaches of criminal offenses under Pakistan and UK legislation thereby making the cash and assets criminal property.”

    An alleged document of the transcript of Tariq Mir's interrogation leaked earlier has been disowned by the London Police. However, the Police did not comment on the veracity of the contents of the transcripts.

    These documents have surfaced since the release of a BBC story by Owen Bennett Jones alleging that some MQM leaders, including Altaf Husain, have been receiving money from India's intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

    What began as murder investigation after the London killing of former MQM leader Imran Farooq later expanded to include money laundering after the discovery of several hundred thousand British Pounds in cash at MQM chief Altaf Husain's residence. It was this turn of events that led to interrogation of Mr. Tariq Mir, the MQM party finance manager in the UK, and others, including Mohammad Anwar and Sarfaraz Merchant.

  • Surprise is Pasha Party is also speaking on RAW nexus, forgot that Pappu Niazi nephew sabotage Kashmir Million March at London with the help of RAW about year + ago.

    No difference between Pasha Party and MQM, both are Jews/Indian Funded.

    Even characteristics and habits of both parties cheerleaders are same like both drink wine, addicts of drugs, fond of bakwas on media, begging donations, U turns and living in lavish life style without any source of income.

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  • Majority of existing political parties of Pakistan, including JI, ANP, JUI, either opposed the creation of Pakistan and condemned Mohammad Ali Jinnah


    after the creation of Pakistan promoted the Agenda to make Pakistan a Failed State.

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    Nisar orders to set up body to view Sarfaraz Merchant’s statement


    ISLAMABAD: Minister for Interior, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan Wednesday took notice of the statement of MQM leader and directed his ministry to constitute a committee to view its legal aspects.

    According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior, the committee will view various legal and incidental aspects of the statement of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Sarfraz Merchant.

    It will be viewed whether there was enough material in this statement to raise the issue with British government, said the statement.

    The committee will also determine that how much evidence of the statement could be helpful in the ongoing investigation in the money laundering case in Pakistan.

  • Most funny line, "Nisar is considered brain of PML N".

    Brain, which is under the influence of Mufti Naeem

    No wonder the situation of Pakistan vis-a-vis hatred against most, who do not buy into the extremist view of Mufti Naeem. .

  • Mufti Neem. .


    نیم ملاخطرہء ایماں و پاکستان

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    FIA contacts Merchant, Kamal over RAW claims


    ISLAMABAD: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has formally reached out to former MQM donor Sarfaraz Merchant and former Karachi nazim Mustafa Kamal over allegations that the party received funds from the Indian intelligence agency.

    FIA Islamabad Director Inam Ghani told Dawn he spoke to Merchant — who is also one of the suspects in a money laundering case in London linked to the MQM — and invited him to come to Pakistan to record his statement and share the evidence he had spoken of with the FIA.

    Mr Ghani said that Merchant had not refused the invitation, but sought time to consult his lawyers before travelling. Before this telephonic contact, Merchant was sent a summons, which he confirmed receiving.

    Merchant had offered to assist the government in the investigations into allegations that the MQM had monetary support from the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Mr Ghani said Merchant was expected to respond to the invitation by Monday.

    Meanwhile, FIA Sindh Director Shahid Hayat established contact with Mustafa Kamal in Karachi to seek his cooperation. Sources say that Mr Kamal is likely to meet FIA authorities soon.

    Days before the start of high-profile desertions from the MQM, Sarfaraz Merchant had claimed that a list of weapons had been recovered from the house of Altaf Hussain in London and that the party was receiving funding from Indian sources.

    Mr Kamal, who came to limelight after he became nazim of Karachi in 2005, developed quite a reputation for his efforts to improve public service delivery in the city.

    He settled in Dubai in 2013 after reportedly developing differences with MQM chief Altaf Hussain. He re-entered the spotlight last week when he spoke against the MQM leader at a press conference and accused him of being an Indian agent who has mismanaged the affairs of Pakistan’s biggest city from his base in London.

    Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan had formed an FIA committee to investigate these allegations and other related matters and appealed to all Pakistanis to share any evidence or information they may have in this regard.

  • For those who may not have noticed the document posted by Suleman Dar at the beginning of the thread cannot possibly be a Police document. There are so many basic mistakes of English language that it cannot be authored by the Police.

    I will highlight a few from the quote below:

    The use of "Large Amounts" is incorrect. It should be "Amount"

    "Significant amount of assets have been" is incorrect. It should be significant amount of assets HAS been"

    An Englishman even with elementary Education will not make such basic mistake. The author of this fake document should be sent back to a good school for learning how to write correct English.

    “Large amounts of cash have been seized from premises associated with the MQM and a significant amount of assets have been identified in the United Kingdom.

  • Anjan,

    Scotland yard has confirmed the authenticity of the document that I have posted above. For grammatical mistakes please write to them directly as they are the genuine author of this document.


    Scotland Yard says leaked MQM-India paper ‘genuine police document’


    LONDON: The Scotland Yard has confirmed that one of the two documents being circulated about the MQM related money-laundering investigation is a “genuine police document” however, the second one is “not recognized as a genuine police document”.

    Speaking to Geo News, a spokesman for the Scotland Yard, when asked to comment to clarify or validate, said that one of the documents “appears to be a genuine police document and a second we do not recognize as a police document”. This correspondent understands that the police now officially own the document which has been released in reference to Sarfraz Merchant while disowns the document in circulation in relation to Tariq Mir.

    Scotland Yard warned that the leakage of such documents could have a “possible prejudicial effect” on the “ongoing police investigation”. The spokesman further said: “We are not investigating a possible leak in relation to this matter and will not be drawn into discussing any further documents that may be given to the media by third parties.”

    Meanwhile, officers from Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command Unit investigating the money-laundering case related to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) visited the residence of Karachi businessman Sarfraz Merchant to check his “welfare” after a paper linked with the inquiry was mysteriously released in media, causing media storm in Pakistan.

    Sarfraz Merchant is currently being investigated by Scotland Yard for the money laundering case involving the MQM and other suspects, among others, include Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Anwar and Tariq Mir. On Tuesday, a “pre-interview briefing paper” was leaked on social media carrying the name of Sarfraz Merchant as the interviewee.

    The paper, written by the police, stated that the MQM was being investigated for receiving funds from the Indian government for its operations and that its assets and cash might be criminal because of the alleged illegal origins. The document also confirmed that two senior MQM leaders had confirmed under oath that two senior MQM leaders had confessed under oath to the British police that they had received funds from the Indian government. The BBC had said the same thing in its report last week, stressing that the MQM was being investigated for accepting prohibited foreign funds the Indian authorities – believed to the country’s top spy agency called RAW.

    Police sources confirmed that they had visited Mr Merchant to ask about his well-being and also about the leaked document. When contacted by The News, Sarfraz Merchant confirmed that the police officers were concerned about his safety and security and reviewed the security arrangements. He said: “I have told the police the truthabout the leak. I informed the police about the two men who may have leaked this information in the public domain.”

    Sarfraz Merchant had earlier told Geo News that he had shared the document with two MQM linked men who are believed to have leaked it. He confirmed that the document was authentic but not released by him. He also shared his security concerns with the police. It’s understood that the police have stepped up security around the area where Sarfraz Merchant lives.

    Sarfraz Merchant, along with Tariq Mir, was arrested in the first week of December 2013 by the Scotland Yard investigators from his central London home and remains on the police ban. He says he was made part of the investigation after making a loan payment of around half a million pounds to two MQM related bank accounts. He stresses that he had never been involved in money-laundering or any other illegal activity.

    MQM says that it will not comment on any aspect of the investigation and will make its stance known to the police or to the jury if charges are brought. MQM says it’s fully cooperating with the police and will defend itself against all allegations.

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    FIA asks Kamal to help confirm MQM-RAW links


    KARACHI: Three Muttahida Qaumi Movement dissidents, including former Karachi nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal, met a senior official of the Federal Investigation Agency on Sunday and sought time to consider whether they should furnish evidence with regard to their allegations against their former party that it was funded by Indian intelligence agency RAW and was involved in money laundering.

    Mr Kamal, Anis Kaimkhani and former Sindh minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed in their press conferences had alleged that MQM supremo Altaf Hussain was an ‘Indian agent’ and they came to know about his RAW connection between 2010 and 2012.

    Director of FIA-Sindh Shahid Hayat visited the DHA residence of Mr Kamal and the two other dissidents and asked them to furnish any evidence if they had that could help in the investigations of their allegations as well as those levelled by Sarfaraz Merchant — a London-based Pakistani who is facing money-laundering investigations in the UK with the MQM chief and others.

    The trio was told that they would have to record a formal statement if they were willing to cooperate with the FIA investigations, a source said, adding that Mr Kamal sought time to respond to the FIA request.

    Later, Mr Kamal told newsmen that FIA director Hayat had visited him and ‘sought cooperation’ in the investigation of money laundering and RAW.

    However, he did not say anything whether he accepted to cooperate with the FIA.

    Earlier, when Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan refused to form a commission to investigate the allegations of MQM and Altaf Hussain’s involvement with RAW, Mr Kamal told a press conference that he did not have any new evidence and the government should first take action on the basis of proofs it already had.

    Later, Chaudhry Nisar tasked the FIA to investigate the allegations of money laundering levelled by Mr Merchant in a television programme as well as all other “related matters” and appealed to the people to provide information or submit evidence if they had in that regard.

    Meanwhile, in his media talk, Mr Kamal said that “MQM workers had been brainwashed to make them RAW agents”.

    He said that there was a need to find a way to bring all misguided workers into the national mainstream.

    In response to Dr Farooq Sattar’s press conference, he congratulated the imprisoned workers of the MQM that for the first time their party owned them.

    “Farooq Sattar bhai is very dear to us. There are very few people like him and I salute him with both hands,” he said in a lighter tone.

    He said that the first public meeting of his unnamed party would be held in front of the Quaid’s mausoleum in the second week of April.

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    Sarfaraz Merchant to testify in Pakistan


    ISLAMABAD: A key London-based accused in a money laundering case involving top Muttahida Qaumi Movement leaders has agreed to travel to Pakistan to testify before a committee investigating allegations of Indian funding to the MQM, The Express Tribune learnt on Monday.

    Sarfaraz Merchant is expected to fly in soon to record his statement before the investigation committee formed by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on a mutually agreed date, according to sources.

    Merchant, a close friend of MQM’s senior leader Muhammad Anwar, claims that Scotland Yard has told him the party received funds from India. The FIA formed the investigation committee before formally approaching Merchant last week to record his statement.

    Initially, Merchant was reluctant because he had some reservations, including over the ‘language’ used in the FIA summons, and the agency’s lack of experience to investigate the sensitive case.

    Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan directed the FIA on Monday to address Merchant’s reservations. “The FIA director should personally contact Merchant and alleviate his reservations,” Nisar said in his directives to the agency’s director Inam Ghani. He described Merchant as a ‘respectable material witness’.

    Subsequently, Ghani called up Merchant and addressed his reservations.

    Merchant has claimed in an interview that the Metropolitan Police had seized several weapons during a raid on the London residence of MQM chief Altaf Hussain. The raid was part of investigation into money laundering charges against the party.

    Scotland Yard also told Merchant that the MQM had received funds from India as a Dubai-based Indian company used to transfer money into MQM’s accounts.