T20 Cricket World Cup

  • In my opinion India has the strongest chance to win. Australia, South Africa, England, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka's chances are in this very order.

    India has solid batting and very balanced bowling attack.

    If Pakistan decides to participate, I dont think it will do any better then its recent performances. Amir could help but beyond that there is no other consistent match winner in the team.

    Expakistani sahib, what do you think?

    Hope other cricket lovers will share their opinion too.

  • PM Nawaz Sharif should have checked team's form and pool - Australia, India & NZ and not just security situation before sending green signal to Team Pakistan to go to India.

  • salam

    i think after public announcement from indian govt. officials and bangal cricket officials pakistan will fly for kolkata tonight. it's really good that pak showed some strength by presenting their viewpoint about security. i appreciate ch. nisar for aking india to make its position clear about security.

    also good to see that pakistani players are playing in 7 countries of the world. well oman is almost Pakistan A side, their match against ireland was exciting and how beautifully they won, the guy from karachi played a beautiful innings.

    chances of australia r also bright, the way they won the t20 series against south africa, it was brilliant especially chasing 205. their opener from pakistan usman khawaja is in good form.

    anyhow i think pakistan's performance with the bat won't be that poor as it was in bangladesh coz these tracks in india r on flatter side unlike bangladesh green pitches where pakistanis struggled..

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • Salam

    I think Allah All mighty doesnot like games he hates kuffars and their games and there is strong chance Pakistan could not able to win because our god always hate us. Any how pakistan is just playing for formality Afiridi is used condom. There is no value of him.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • Supporters of Muhammmad Amir on this forum assured us that the inclusion of the disgraced player will guarantee us a victory in future tournaments. What happened? :-)

    I'm curious what's the new excuse for our team's demise? Is it all Najam Sethi or Sheharyar's fault? If they resign from PCB, will our team suddenly start performing?

    The main problem with our cricket fans is that they want to win at every cost even if it involves cheating. We have totally ignored the team's morale which is at the lowest.

    Now there are calls to include Salman Butt as if he is the only missing piece in our batting. Sure, bring him in but the result will not change.

    @Shirazi sahib

    If you recall, not long ago, I suggested a Pakistani dream team that included every two-timer who cheated or doped before. Perhaps that Dream Eleven is our only chance of winning. :-)

  • salam

    though the selection of amir has been very controversial, senior players had serious reservations about it but undoubtedly he has proved that so far he's the best new ball bowler among the lot, especially his away swinging deliveries and he was the only bowler who gave tough time to kohli in asia cup rather he dismissed him but incompetent umpire couldn't judge that.

    batting has costed pakistan matches, actually there is no doubt that umar akmal and shehzad r very talented but they lack consistency badly and they have been given so many chances this means their they r not being groomed and coached properly and i am afraid if things remain same then sharjeel could be another wasted talented, he needs proper coaching his footwork needs to improve. waqar younis being a head coach hasn't been effective and has issues with many players like shehzad and others. they were thinking to hire viv richard as a coach but probably board couldn't afford him but how well he guided quetta gladiators.

    anyhow after this world t20 serious operation cleanup is needed in PCB.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • Amir is a conivict but that doiesnt take away the fact that he is a good bowler. Whether he plays or doesnt play in the team is a debate that is of no value now becuase that decision has already been taken.

    He is a good bowler and while he single handedly cannot win all matches all the time, he is the only one in the team who can "consistently" perform. He with support from other bowlers and with some support from batting could help Pakistan put up a good fight.

    If we cannot find pious politicians and yet are supporting them, we cna also support those who have been convicted and have served their sentence and are able to deliver rather than just make hollow promises (with reference to what Qarar sahib has said about politicians)

  • So finally Pakistan is playing. Good news for circket. I think they will encounter issues in its batting and without a solid consistent performance in batting it cannot rely on its bowlers.

    With no Saeed Ajmal and Hafeez not able to bowl, the spin department doesnt have any bite left.

    Wahab is an angry fast bowler but he doesnt use his anger to inflict damage to other side. Irfan has the ability to take some wickets so he could be a good support to Amir.

    Sharjeel, Akmal, Shehzad, Sarfraz have to perform consistently. And I agree with Shirazi sahib that the batting requires to score with a higher strike rate then what we have been demonstrating.

    I still think India has the best chance to win the cup second time

  • salam

    a huge achievement by afghanistan team for qualifying for the super 10 round. an associate member beating the full ICC member test playing nation itself is an upset but they have beaten zim in bilateral series few months ago as well..

    the country like afghanistan which has been in a state of war for last 35 years atleast gave something to their nation to cheer about, what would be the infrastructure of sports in that country with no grounds of international level but still how well they did. seems as if inzi is really coaching them well and i m sure afghanistan won't be an easy side for SL, SA, ENG AND WI. they have the capability to surprise them as well with the likes of opener shehzad allrounder nabi (the guy who's responsible for the ouster of lahore qalandar in PSL), shanwari etc.

    from the other group if oman gets through it'll be a big upset as well in the presence of bangladesh but i think bangladesh will make it to 2nd round..

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • Yes Afghanistan is doing well considering that they have been competing for only few years. They put up a fight and dont give up. They lose many times but with every game they are becoming more stronger. They have good spin bowler in Rashid , they have good batsmen and all rounders.

    I see Bangladesh and Afghanistan to be emerging cricket forces and Pakistan and Sri Lanka will face tough competition from both. They could become the second and third strongest force in this region after India.

    Pakistan needs to do something to retain its position.

  • @hypocrite sb

    If we cannot find pious politicians and yet are supporting them, we cna also support those who have been convicted and have served their sentence...

    There is a difference. Politicians get elected with votes. NS in Punjab. PPP in Sindh, or MQM in Karachi, they all have mandate from the people, however, players are selected. There is no compulsion to select a player who is corrupt, especially when the match result with or without the player is exactly the same.

    Plus politicians are far smarter than the players. They almost never get caught or convicted. Some who do, they are out of politics. So, my advice to players is this, if you have to use drugs or fix a match, please don't get caught. :-)

  • In my opinion, at present, Pakistan has a good trio of fast bowlers. We are weakened in spin bowling due to ouster of Ajmal and ban on Hafeez. Imad Wasim is a good spinner and good bat as well but the duo of Imad and Afridi is no threat for teams like India, Aust., NZ and SA.

    The clear and present danger lies in our batting - no consistency at all. They are not providing enough defendable total and cause our bowlers under pressure from the word go. It is also a fact, if they scored 160/170, which happens once in a blue moon, Pakistani bowlers would produce some magic. Let us see what happens. What Qarar sahib has said I have been saying the same since long. When the top management is formed on political grounds don't expect the players performance in real grounds. Politics trickles down.

  • Pakistan Team is already number one team by including convicted criminals in it. Furthermore it is being captained by a Pitch Digger and a Ball eater. Has Pakistan cricket (both PCB and fans) no shame???

  • Welcome back after a long time, Ayatullah Anjaan jee!

    The captain is proud of being loved more by Indians than the Pakistanis.

    He will be loved more by Indians, if he performs similarly, as he did in Asia cup.

  • السلام علیکم

    آفریدی جیسے جاہل پاگل کو جس طرح کرکٹ کی سمجھ نہیں لگی بیس سال کھیلتے رہنے کے بعد بھی اسی طرح اس گھٹیا انسان کو بات کرنے کا طریقہ ہے نہ سمجھ ۔ جو منہ میں آیا کتے کی طرح بھونک دیا۔ کیا ایسا بندہ کسی طرح مستحق ہے کہ پاکستان کی کپتانی کرسکے۔

  • السلام علیکم

    ویسے واقعی بہت پیار ملا ہوگا آفریدی کو اور اس کو چاہیے کہ اس پیار کا عملی نمونہ دیکھنے کے لیے بغیر سیکیورٹی کے شیوسنا والوں کے پاس جائے اور اودھے ٹھاکر سے ملے پھر اس کو صحیح معنوں میں احساس کو ہوگا کہ وہاں کتنا پیار ملا اسے۔

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  • 24/7 media circus have made their own mockery by blowing Afridi's harmless statement out of proportion and out of context. He was asked were you hesitant to play in India. He said no way jose ... and our media labelled him traitor to appease GHQ. Absolute non sense.

  • salam

    shirazi sahab

    afridi is famous for making irresponsible and unreasonable statements, the few things that he says u hardly hear that from sensible cricketers in the world. i don't know if u remember that once PCB stopped him to make any public statement because of his irresponsible words. now what has got GHQ to do with this... these were his words and the outburst from fans in pakistan is justified.. had anyone else besides afridi made this statement in the world he would've had to face the same harshness from his country....

    few things can't be justified.

    May ALLAH bless Pakistan and Pakistanis

  • @UKPaki1 Sahib

    There was nothing wrong with Afridi's statement. He was asked if he and his team were reluctant to play in India. He said we have to abide by state's policy. As far as players are concerned we love to play in India. We get more love here than in Pakistan.

    What is wrong in it? Media just blew it out of proportion and out of context. The GHQ driven media here and Shiv Shena media there is making it harder for moderates to express there opinions. It's simple courteous statement that every celebrity makes but somehow politics is dragged to dissect every word coming out of Celebs's mouth on both sides.

    Afridi is responsible. You don't get 20 years of career if you are as rash as you are trying to portray. Boards at times tell players to limit media contact but that doesn't infer Afridi is reckless.