I think Islam hates us: Trump

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    Comment by S.R.H. Hashmi:

    Islam has within its fold people from all continents. So, it is quite obvious it does not hate Americans or any other people.

    At the same time, it is quite true that Americans have become the most-hated people in most of the Muslim countries. But even this has not been so all along, and this pattern can change, provided the Americans change for the better in their dealings with Muslims around the world.

    In fact, I remember that during the early days of Pakistan, Americans were quite popular here, and one reason for that was that they had no imperial history in this part of the word.

    Also, there were teacher exchange programmes under which American professors use to teach in Pakistani educational institutions. And our armed forces personnel used to go to America for advanced education and training. During a visit to Pakistan, US vice president Lyndon Johnson met a Pakistan camel-cart driver on the road and invited him to the US, and the man actually went there. I even remember a Pakistan currency note equal in value to the dollar, was popularly called dollar. And Pakistan was a member of SEATO and CENTO.

    However, US-Pakistan relations started turning ugly with the ever-increasing US support for Israel in all fields – military, economic, diplomatic – despite Israel’s increasing atrocities on Palestinians, which continue till this day. In fact, this is the US excessive pampering of Israel which has encouraged Israel to defy the world and block a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.

    And then when an imprudent Pakistani General Ziaul Haq chose to join the US in its revenge war against the Soviet Union, the US used Pakistan to the full, but after its objectives were achieved, it abandoned Pakistan, leaving it to look after millions of refugees and going step further, the US even imposed sanctions on Pakistan for conducting nuclear explosions.

    And then the US invaded Afghanistan again, on the pretext of shielding Osama bin Laden, even though the Afghans had played no pat in 9/11, and they had offered to hand over Osama bin Laden for trial in a neutral country.

    And apart from further ravaging the poor country Afghanistan, they also caused problems in Pakistan. Because of the long, porous border between the two countries, Pakistan can not remain unaffected by whatever goes on in Afghanistan.

    And the US even launched a full-scale attack on a clearly-marked Pakistani border post at Salala, the location of which had been communicated to the US authorities. Fighter jets ad attack helicopters were used in this assault against which the Pakistan soldiers had no effective defence because of having been there only to prevent overland incursions by Afghan militants who did not have any air force. The attack went on for early an hour in which 24 Pakistani soldiers were mercilessly butchered by the Americans. The attack stopped only when the Pakistan army chief supposedly issued threats to send jet fighters to counter the attack.

    The needless and brutal attack by the Americans soured further the already tense relations between the two countries, and in retaliation, Pakistan stopped the use of land route through Pakistan for the supply of goods to US and allied soldiers in Afghanistan However, the supply to American through the used of Pakistani airspace continued.

    The US did not even leave Iran alone and overthrew the democratically elected government of Dr. Mossadeq. And the US imposed crippling sanctions on Iran for aspiring to become a nuclear power. However, the same US, along with its European allies, helped Israel become the only nuclear power in the Middle East, and supplied it advanced equipment and heavy water for the purpose as well as advanced computers for improvements in missile technology.

    And then the US, along with Britain, invaded Iraq on fabricated charges, permanently destabilizing the country apart from causing the death of nearly one million innocent Iraqis. Admitted, Sddam Hussain was ruthless towards those whom he considered to be opposed to his rule. However, he had given stability to the country and a fair degree of prosperity to his people.

    And even after seeing clearly what the removal of strong rulers does to countries the US, along with its allies, did the same to Libya without any good cause, and is now doing the same to Syria, messing up both countries and the region..

    And the creation of the monster Daish can also be traced back to the American invasion of the region.

    Along with all these atrocities committed on Muslims, the US even managed to do them a favour, in Bosnia. However, that was too little and too late, and amounted to no more than a drop kindness as compared to an ocean-full of atrocities.

    And Americans also gave generous help to Pakistan during the earthquake, both financially as well as by supplying helicopters, pilots and medical teams. However, there was some controversy about the helicopters ad pilots as it was suspected that they were also possibly used to try to trace the locations of Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

    So, you see, if Muslims have now started hating Americans, it is because of America’s conduct. And that means that a change in Americans’ behaviour-pattern for the better, can revive the earlier goodwill that Muslims had towards Americans. It is not a case of blind hate for Americans but is simply a matter of action and reaction.

    I must emphasize here that the hatred and anger that Muslims feel towards Americans is directed basically against their government and the state officials, and not really against the masses. This is so because we know that the American as well as the Western public is just as helpless before its government as we Pakistanis are against our mostly corrupt and inept governments. I know some of the biggest protest marches against the Iraq invasion or that of Vietnam were held in the West. Yet they failed to dissuade their government from going ahead with these. I remember George Bush once insisted on following a certain course even if the only ones by his side were his wife and his dog. I know in the democratic systems, these are people who elect their leaders. However, having done that, they do not hold much sway over their leaders until the next elections, when they have the option to vote them out.

    I think God’s earth is large enough, and the resources ample enough to enable us all to live in peace and hopefully, with a bit of goodwill towards each other. With that option available, this getting on each others’ throats is simply incomprehensible.


  • Baat toh saach hai magar baat hai ruswai ki ...


  • گدھا ٹرمپ بکواس کرتا ہے - تمام مسلمان امریکہ سے محبت کرتے ہیں

  • When Islam was 'revealed', it claimed that God cancelled all previous religions and every soul needed to convert, period. So, from the get-go, Islam had a problem with other religions. It wasn't a big of an issue when Muslims were dominating, but now when they are at the receiving end and see no chance of ever getting back to power, their hate for other is getting bigger and bigger. I've seen it all growing up.

    There are two school of thoughts among Muslims. One says Islam can only be spread thru preaching, and the other claims that war/jihad is the only way. The common item between both groups is that they both believe that this world must be 'purified' with the holy water of Islam - they only differ on the mechanism.

    Trump speaks the truth!

  • Marco Rubio said we do not have the luxury to say what we feel like, the office we are running for requires filter that Trump doesn't seem to have. In other words he and others agrees with Trump but they don't want to say - they are filtering their statements. Look at this forum predominantly Muslims and how much love they have for west and specifically US.

  • Hate is a negative energy, you can't create positive results by using hate, whosoever is spewing it should stop and must be condemned. No ethnic or religious or atheist group is free from that stain.

    Look who is talking, a person who spews hate against Prophet of Islam and his Ahlulbayt by even labeling them as terrorists.

  • @Curiosity Jee

    M0hammad has a bigger following but ahal e bayat? The kins can do no wrong, the Sardars of Janat? blah blah blah ... people overlook their 100+ nikkahs and term their power hungry suicide missions as martyrdom - typical traits of cult. Obama and Clinton are not cult leaders but you definitely sound like cult follower.


  • Go to ME, go to Pakistan even Muslims in US ... you will see Trump is right on money. Muslims in huge number hate west and US in particular. The reason he is popular not many candidates can call a spade a spade like he does. They try to be politically but Trump's biggest asset is political incorrectness. Tomorrow Rubio will drop out ... that will essentially lock Republican nomination. Democrats need to make sure they don't repeat the same mistakes that Republican establishment did. They have to nail Trump down from the beginning. You just can't take him casually.

  • @Shirazi Jee,

    Your hate and negative energy is only going to harm you.

    Maybe you will soon get 45 marching your negative energy, even that will not help you.

    Just a suggestion, put your negative energy on side and read my statement again,


    Hate is a negative energy, you can't create positive results by using hate, whosoever is spewing it should stop and must be condemned. No ethnic or religious or atheist group is free from that stain.**

  • You have invaded Muslim countries and killed millions and make hundreds of millions homeless either directly or through your proxies. You have engineered fake springs and manufactured artificial conflicts in Muslim nations in order to subjugate those whom you could not invade.

    And you still ask why do Muslims hate you?

    I hope this loser get elected, this could possibly be a blessing in disguise for the Muslim nations as if he gets elected he'd surely be the last nail in the coffin of what we know as the United States of America.

  • @ Qarar Saheb

    You say “There are two schools of thoughts among Muslims. One says Islam can only be spread through preaching, and the other claims that war/jihad is the only way”

    However, not all Muslims are ardent followers of one school of thought or the other.

    I think that strict followers of the two schools of thought, put together form a very small fraction of the total Muslim population, estimated to be around 1.7 billion strong.

    I think by far the largest group of Muslims consists of people who pray, if not five times a day then perhaps on Fridays, Eid,and shun both the Jihadi as well as the preaching type. They shun the Jihadi type because of the widespread disruption, death and destruction they cause, and mostly among Muslims, while they avoid the preaching type because of their usually extreme narrow-mindedness, but are quite happy to listen to well-educated, broad-minded religious scholars on television.

    Some years back, I used to go to a large Madrassa/ Mosque complex in Nazimabad, to get the best quality honey in bulk. As I hired a taxi and began explaining to him the location, it turned out the driver knew the place, since he used to offer his Friday prayers there. We started talking and he told me that the mosque attracts a very large gathering on Fridays, but surprisingly, while people came there from distant locations, not many people from the surrounding locality joined them. That stuck me as odd, but as the conversation progressed, I found my answer. Among other things, he said that every Friday, people bring a few television sets (Shaitan) to be publicly smashed there.

    So, you see, the Jihadis and the preaching type still form a small part of the overall Muslim population but because of being hyper-active, they are the ones who get noticed, and are talked about.

    While the vast majority of Muslims is moderate, considers the religion to be a matter between them and God, feels no compulsion to convert the non-Muslims to Islam, and firmly believes that reforming the misguided Muslims – some by a rather large margin – is the real and pressing issue.


  • US is universally hated. Who loves the Chaudhry of the village. People listen to him because they are forced to but no one likes him. It's the cost that the global policeman has to pay be it US, UK, China or Muslims.

  • Trump got away with lot of BS in primaries but now he is facing the heat. Liberal media is not going to give him free pass that he once enjoyed against Republican opponents. That was the fear Republican establishment had come General election time media won't be as nice to him as in primaries. Republicans have majority in Senate and Congress and controls 31/50 Governor mansions and majority of state legislatures. But in Presidential election Hillary may have land slide over Trump. 350+ electoral college votes to perhaps 150 or under by Trump. Who would you blame? Republican voters who pick jokers like Trump to represent them. For haven's sake Trump is more Democrat than Republican.

  • @Shirazi sb

    I wouldn't join Hillary's victory parade against Trump so quickly. All you need is a terror attack and the public opinion will change overnight. It's far easy for Hillary to defeat a conservative like Ted Cruz but Trump is a dangerous candidate who has a mass appeal among blue collar workers. I agree with Trump that some mid western states could be in play if he is the nominee.

  • @S.R.H. Hashmi sb,

    Even if 10% of 1.7 billion Muslims are extremists and can become terrorists at some point, we are taking about 170 million 'terror bombs'. That's almost equal to the entire population of Pakistan, for heavens sake.

    The rest 90%...

    Majority of them are terror sympathizers. That's why majority of Pakistanis keep a soft corner for Taliban, although according to you Taliban are extremists.

  • قرار جی - آج مولانا حضرات نے پاکستان میں تحفظ خواتین بل کے بارے میں میٹنگ کے بعد فرمایا کہ حکومت کا ایجنڈا مغرب کو خوش کرنا ہے - لگتا ہے آپ بھی مغرب کو خوش کرنے کے ایجنڈے پر کار فرما ہیں

  • Trump says US needs Indian students, they shouldn't be kicked out

    WASHINGTON: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said that Indian students can stay in the United States as they are 'smart people' and the US needs them, reported Hindustan Times on Tuesday.

    “We educate a lot of people, very smart people. We need those people in the country,” Trump told Fox News in an interview.

    Trump, who has openly called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration in US, was of the view that Indian students come and get themselves enrolled in institutions like Harvard, study and then go back to India where they set-up companies and 'employ lots of people'.

    Regarding Indians who have US H1B visas, he said that many of them want to stay in US.

    The US H1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise in specialised fields such as architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, and medicine.

    Trump, during his campaign for White House, has repeatedly criticised the H1-B visa program maintaining that it has taken away jobs from American workers.


  • "Trump says US needs Indian students, they shouldn't be kicked out"

    I don't want to scare Trump but Indian Students could be Muslims.

  • Friend Ayatullah Anjaan jee

    Trump says that, "he thinks “Islam hates us”".

    This may not be true.

    But is it wrong to say, whatever the reasons, that 'Muslims hate them?'

    If it is right, is Trump wrong?

  • @ Qarar Saheb

    I think the topic was what Trump said: “I think Islam hates us”

    Anyway, without going into the accuracy or otherwise of the percentages quoted by you – which you have chosen to apply uniformly to Muslims all over the world - I would say that a meaningful discussion of extremism and terrorism would require scrutinizing the violent acts, not just of non-state actors and irregulars – normally described as terrorists - but also of states and their uniformed officials who go around creating trouble-spots, blocking just resolution of disputes, invading and devastating countries without a just cause and motivated solely by their whims, fancies and narrow commercial interests. In fact, a rather long list of countries invaded by the US either directly or under its command in the recent history - with some countries attacked more than once - is available on the internet for easy reference. And looking at things in this manner can give an entirely different complexion to the whole issue

    And while it is true that the US and many of its allies have greatly benefited the humanity through their inventions, research and development, it does not in any way lessen the crimes committed by US and some of its allies. In a way, it makes their crimes even more despicable because these were committed, not by crude, ignorant, misguided people, but by informed; knowledgeable persons who were expected to behave in responsible and humane manner in all situations.