Brussels terror: 34 killed in explosions at airport, subway station

  • ISIS claim responsibility for attacks in Brussels ISIS have posted a statement claiming responsibility for the multiple attacks across Belgium on Tuesday. The statement reads: “Islamic State fighters carried out a series of bombings with explosive belts and devices on Tuesday, targeting an airport and a central metro station in the center of the Belgian capital Brussels, a country participating in the international coalition against the Islamic State. Islamic State fighters opened fire inside Zaventem Airport, before several of them detonated their explosive belts, as a martyrdom bomber detonated his explosive belt in the Maalbeek metro station. The attacks resulted in more than 230 dead and wounded.”

  • It's only a matter of time when Trump's suggestion to ban Muslims from entering USA wouldn't seem unreasonable and extreme. If building of mosques continues and 'tableeghee' missions are not stopped, America will become another Europe. But it's too late for Europe to stop extremism among Muslims. There are big pockets of Muslim population in various European cities, and if governments start a crackdown, it'll only create more extremists.

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