Sadiq Khan has won London Mayoral Race

  • Sadik Khan, a Labour politician of Pakistani decent, will be the new mayor of London. This is unprecedented, indeed!
    He defeats Zac Goldsmith of Conservative Party. Even our great captain Imran Khan could help Goldsmith. IK is proving to be a loser everywhere. :-)

  • I know not much about Sadiq Khan, but his win over a billionaire Zac Goldsmith is a great feat indeed. More so when our great Imran Khan took active campaign for Zac. This shows that Imran Khan supporters even in Britain have different standard when it comes to local politics - a bad omen for IK. It would not be wrong to foresee that IK popularity graph would descend in Pakistan as support to Jewish lobby is not appreciated not only in Pakistan but also in all the Muslim countries as a whole.


  • @Qarar ! Victory of Secularism + Democracy + Rule of Law + Credibility

  • <p>Qarar</p><p>You have every right to express your views about Imran Khan but why behave like a coward and hide behind a thread title about the London Mayor. I suggest you open a separate thread because others may contribute once the know what the topic is all about!!</p>

  • @anjaan

    The real story is about Sadiq Khan who accomplished a great feat. He is a man from very humble origin but more than that he overcame great obstacles for being a Muslim. After London terror attacks, I never thought that a Muslim candidate could have any realistic chance of winning a big city mayoral race.

    My disappointment in IK is that he decided to support Sadiq's opponent just because of his former wife. Goldsmith ran an ugly campaign based on racism. I'm sure as supporter of IK, you must be very proud.

    Here is what The Guardian writes about Zac Goldsmith:

    Goldsmith waged a campaign soaked in racism, in one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth, shamelessly exploiting anti-Muslim prejudices in an effort to secure a shameful victory. Khan was a candidate who “repeatedly legitimised those with extremist views”,he wrote in the Mail. London was offered a campaign of fear, smear and bigotry. And London overwhelmingly told it where to go.

  • To me his background (a son of a bus driver) is more praiseworthy than his faith. How he climbed up the ladder from a humble background to become a Mayor of London.

    On a lighter note, what are now the chances of a British-born Pakistani Muslim becoming the Prime Minister of Britain? If and ever that happened, Robert Clive must be turning in his grave that day.

  • @Qarar I am not a supporter of Imran Khan or anyone for that matter. Is Imran Khan not entitled to support anyone for whatever reason? You have quoted Guardian but is there any mention of who supported who? It mentions indeed the issues of the campaign. So, what I wanted to say was that the text of the post was not in sync with the title.