Panama Leaks TORs by Opposition

  • Terms of Reference for Judicial Commission on Panama Leak Investigation by opposition


  • Comparison of TOR's between Government and Opposition


  • Well come back discussion form of Pk Politics, indeed came back on critical stage. Panama Leaks well said is a Pajama Leak, which has three faces to include global, establishment extension issue and exploitation of Pasha London Plan characters.First a look from my articles written on other forms.

  • **9 April 2016, Surf Wekileaks on Panama Papers and read more...... What is off shore company, legal in nature, who all has, is amply discussed in social media, so skip concept and working of off shore companies. Somebody if still ignorant must read about them from this blog or other sites.

    Pajama Leaks is a thing which contains names of off who all have offshore companies, has become media hype in Pakistan. hardly seen in BBC, CNN, Fox, or else international channels. But in Pakistan, it is just Pajama Leaks (it is not funny name to Panama Leaks, they are in reality). Main aim was to hit Russian President/Russia, Syrian President with little hope of ignition in China. Why it ignited in Pakistan, why is is hot spot, did research for about 2 days, was off. Nothing to with Russia, Syria or China, lets focus on home land. USA officials not included. Mossack Fonseca links with CIA and MOSSAD al naked now, payment of over 1 M US $ to each person hired by ICIJ.

    Umer Cheema Pakistani member of ICIJ got 1 M US $, he is same who was picked by agencies for anti state activities, head shaved and thrown off.

    Western powers associated with Jews (CIA-RAW nexus) are annoyed on both NS and RS. Both are hardcore on CPEC and Zarb e Azb. All efforts are being made through political parties and lafafa media, targets are to create rift between civil and military (Hizb uTuhrir Agenda), target energy projects, to hurt PML N interest on energy drive and target Sharif Family.

    Few weeks back during his Maldive visited was conceived. Jemima Grant acted as linchpin, who was there. All were crazy, what she is doing Maldives. NS in power is irritating for USA and Pasha Party both, especially after failure of previous effort. Indian NSA, CIA Chief of Maldives was also present, where Sharif Family was included in Pajama Papers. Hassan and Hussian inclusion could not have done the task, so name of Maryam was to be included. Media helped in Pasha London Plan was activated for all out propaganda campaign. Shuja Pasha was tasked to arrange old papers, which be tempered and given to lafafa media. ARY and SAMA were made spearhead of this conspiracy.

    Later Pappu Niazi visit to India with Sheda Tali, presences of Gullu Qadri without any good rational was to confirm plan and clear funds. Likely to come on SKMH and Jemima Grant NGOs. Just see donars, they have no worth to donate 1 US $ but donations reflected would be thousands of $.

    Pajama Leaks worth amply covered and well known to all, so no need to write again. Pajama Leaks says Sharif Family children have offshore companies, nothing else. Rest story is fabricated and tried to propagated as per Maldive script.

    What Pasha Party and its Producers/Directors want, Judicial Commission where they should not able to called for Burden of Proof. Election JC is ample story in front, where could not give evidence and lost the case, all money invested went waste. If such thing is made and given to forensic expert of USA or its friendly country, CIA will do tempering to fabricate facts, other side any minor thing found will be taken to overthrow of Government. Key irritants are Pak Army, who by now must be aware of this conspiracy and may not react. PPP is other irritant, will go to an extent, where Pasha Party is following it and soon go ahead, will halt. Jamait Islami and Gullu Qadri Firqa may be called for street agitation, they do not have any other role. Government will go for Commission, where burden pf proof has to be given by all those doing propaganda, Pasha Party + Lafafa Media. In terms of reference it will be included, if JC finds substantial evidence of money laundering, can any where in world for investigation. JC will be such where nobody can object.

    Who wins Pasha Party/Jews Lobby or Government, one thing is sure Pakistan will loose. China is irritant of Pajama Leaks, stupid media propaganda my hurt CPEC. If NS goes, Pappu Niazi will not find any thing (mark my words), weak security situation my provide room to fanatic religious factions did a rehearsal in near past at D Chowk, many would come. CPEC goes economy of Pakistan goes.

    Pappu Niazi as an alternative to script wants he should be arrested and hurt by the PML N Government. As per script if Pajama Leaks drama fails. PML N on the other side do understand it, do not want to create minor reflection that Political victimization is carried out, to which Pappu Niazi also understand and doing silly stupid things with intent.

  • Jews/Indian funded via SKMH and Jemima Grant NGO accounts anti CPEC London Plan 2 (Maldive Conspiracy) launched.

    Se characters, wohi kirdar + wohi Mohra + wohi Lafafa Media ki bakwas, nothing new. Pajama Leaks are badly exposed as CIA backed conspiracy. Even today what said few days back, In CAPITAL TALK Hamid Mir also provided evidence. Hamid Mir is same journalist who interviewed Pappu Niazi few days back. Number of other medias have also started exposing this conspiracy by CIA slowly and Inshallah after few days more research will come on it. As American with love for humanity, also did not like CIA Pajama Leak adventure and are speaking as learnt lessons form Arab spring brought miseries to USA after revolts.

    Pappu Niazi has started singing MOKA MOKA. It is his right to do politics on anything even if created by his Jew relatives, but Pakistan society ethics/norms must be kept above. Wadda protest in from Hassan house and now Riawand Dharna has badly received by Pakistani people. It is Pakistani culture irrespective he is Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Baloch, Kashmiree, Bilti that even a house held by enemy is not surrounded if ladies are residing their. Something above ethics of Pakistani society being introduced by Pappu Niazi what so ever logic he gives.

  • Now story is clear. Ambitions of different characters have came in play. Globally Saudi Arabia anti Iran, USA anti Russia and China. Establishment level request by Army Chief for 3 years extension, politically Pappu Niazi dream of PM Pakistan, MQM and PP want relief in Sindh and establishment is willing to provide relief in Karachi to keep anti Government alliance intact in Parliament.

  • Iranian President visit is sabotaged by bringing 80 days held old RAW agent in lime light 2 days before Iranian President visit in media. Putin visit is postponed. All out efforts are going on to block CPEC.

    All characters of Pasha London Plan are on board, PPP and MQM are lured in with NRO type relief .

  • Options held are either to give extension or face another dharna. First prong is to put pressure that NS should resign, which is impossible as tested in Pasha London Plan 1.. Next is Minus NS formula, which is also going difficult at moment. Next is make a TOR where NS is killed or imprisoned after ZAB judicial revenge type style. Atizaz Hussian is given command of constitutional look efforst as Zardari do not wantto come in forefront and Pappu Niazi is weak to lead but can do propaganda well

  • Kushnood Ali Khan well said, NS has smelled Pasha London Plan 2 and going for political shahadat, seems good move. Even extension is give after few months political ambitions and hatred of NS will again lead to Pasha London Plan or 4, enough of black mail. Pakistan economy may be buried in grave and CPEC will be sabotaged by instability. This is tragedy of Pakistan, 20th century "NAZAR I ZARORAT" and 21st Century "NAZAR I KHOISHAT".