Billions Recovered from Army Officers

  • <p><strong>Rs 13 Billion recovered from Brigadier Asad Shahzada, Rs 1 Billion recovered from Lt-Col Haider who was posted as sector commander Chaman.</strong></p><p><br /></p><p>Widespread corruption, involving <strong>expensive smuggled cars</strong> (especially when the PPP announced an amnesty to regularise non-duty-paid imports in March 2013) and alleged <strong>drug trafficking</strong>, was unearthed. Although sources are not saying much, it has been possible to gather <strong>some snippets which hint at the scale of the corruption</strong>. Most of the crimes were said to have been committed between 2009-2010 and 2014.</p><p><br />One key officer involved headed the Pishin Scouts and Ghazaband Scouts as a colonel. <strong>When Brig Asad Shahzada arrived in Kharian to take command of a brigade on promotion; many officers were shocked to see him alighting from a personal Land Cruiser.</strong> Another two were said to be in tow.</p><p>Later he was posted as centre commandant, Armoured Corps and was arrested literally as his retirement farewell ended by the little known but feared Special Investigations Branch officers who report to the adjutant-general, Pakistan Army. It was the previous AG who had conducted the probe.<br /></p><p>Former Brig Asad Shahzada remains in the custody of SIB and reportedly a sum of <strong>Rs13 billion has been/is being recovered</strong>. On being questioned he spilled the beans. Another officer who was posted as sector commander Chaman, Lt-Col Haider is said to have coughed up about <strong>Rs1bn</strong> already. He is said to have been willing to oblige any senior who wanted a smuggled vehicle during the PPP amnesty.</p><p>More details about the others are not forthcoming but it has been reported already that during the initial investigation Maj-Gen Ejaz Shahid was unable to establish a source of income for the <strong>expensive high-performance car he gave presented his son</strong>.</p><p><br /></p><p><a href="">Read complete article at Dawn</a><br /></p><p><br /></p>

  • <p>ایڈمن جی ادہر کوئی نہیں ائیگا </p><p>وہ جو آئی جے آئی بنانے میں رشوتیں دی تھیں اسکا کیا ہوا اوربھائی نے جو پیسوں بھرا بریف کیس منہ پہ مارا تھا اسکا کیا ہوا اور حمود الرحمان کمیشن کا کیا ہوا -- بنتے رہو - چ</p>