Imran Khan's off-shore company revealed

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    Ahmed Noorani of Jang Group broke a story revealing Imran Khan's own off-shore company based at Jersey Islands. The company by name of "Niazi Services" was registered since 1983 and was never declared by Imran Khan in any ECP nominations papers or Tax Returns.

    Imran Khan's London apartment "Flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue, SW3 3AJ" was owned by his off-shore company "Niazi Services". The reason behind off-shore company could be explained in Imran Khan's own words:

    As per electoral laws, failing to declare your company in annual asset declaration could result in disqualification. Imran Khan's income tax returns also don't mention anything about "Niazi Services" off-shore company.

    The News Reports

    Niazi Services Limited, a Benaami offshore company of Jersey, Channel Islands, owned Imran Khan’s London flat that he sold in 2003, documents of UK official land registry show; PTI spokesman insists property was always in the name of Imran Khan; Bani Gala farmhouse was bought after selling London property

    ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan’s London property which he claimed to have sold in the early 2000s was owned by a ‘Benaami’ offshore company. However, Naeemul Haq, the spokesman for the PTI chairman, told The News that the said flat was always in the name of Imran Khan.

    According to the official land registry record of the UK government, the said property — Flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue, London (South Kensington) — was registered in the name of ‘Niazi- was registered in the name of ‘Niazi Services Limited’ of Jersey, Channel Island, on May 3, 1984.

    The flat was sold on March 17, 2003 for GBP715,000. The PTI chief in his different interviews said that he has sold his London flat but never disclosed it was owned by an offshore company. The nomination papers filed with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by PTI chief Imran Khan from NA-71 Mianwali to contest 2002 general elections, officially obtained by The News from ECP, also reflected the same address of his London flat.

    The ‘Niazi Services Limited’ was registered in the jurisdiction of Jersey, Channel Island on May 10, 1983 with company code 26211 on the address Langtry House, La Motte Street, St. Helier, Jersey, reveal the documents obtained by The News from Jersey authorities after paying legal fees.

    Jersey of Channel Island is one of the most famous havens for offshore companies and is also named as one of the ‘jurisdictions’ of offshore havens in recently released database of International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

    Official documents of Jersey authorities show that i)- Langtry Trustees Limited ii)- Langtry Secretaries Limited iii)- Langtry Consultants Limited were founding members of ‘Niazi Services Limited’ at the time of its creation in May 1983 under Companies (Jersey) Laws, 1861 to 1968 with capital of GBP10,000 with 10,000 shares each having value of GBP1. This was a ‘be-naami’ arrangement. Later the control of the “Niazi Services Limited” was taken over by i)-Barclays Private Bank & Trust Limited ii)- Barclay Trust Channel Limited iii)- Barclay Trust Jersey Limited all having address “39/41, Broad Street, St. Helier, Jersey JE4 8PU, Channel Island, Telephone: Jersey (01534) 873741, Fax (01534) 872737” with all having merely 3 shares each. The official documents of The Royal Court of Jersey also provide the same information.

    The 8-page Memorendum of Association of ‘Niazi Services Limited’ explains objectives of the company as; “To carry on the business of providing consultancy and advising services of all natures whatsoever but in particular those relating to sporting activities and marketing of sporting and leisure products and the provision of technical advice in connection with products associated with sporting activities …”. There are total 12 objectives of the company Niazi Services Limited. Up to 26 pages of articles of association of company give details of different rules formulated for operations of the company.

    Documents of Jersey Financial Services Commission, Companies Registry, show that annual returns of the company continued to be filed till 2011. The documents show that a notice was issued to ‘Niazi Services Limited’ on June 30, 2015 which reads, “Dear Sir, Niazi Services Limited, in accordance with the provisions of Article 205(2) and 205(6) of the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991, as amended, notice is hereby given that, unless reason is shown by the company or a member, creditor or liquidator of the company to the contrary or Article 71 is complied with (compliance being the filing of an annual return as at the 1 January 2015 with £350 being the payment for the annual return and late filing fee) the company, the name of which appears above, may be dissolved without further legal process at the expiration of three months from the date of this notice. Yours faithfully”.

    The notice was issued by Julian Lamb, Deputy Registrar of Companies. Documents show that in consequence of this notice, “Niazi Services Limited” was struck-off. This establish that company continued to exist from May 10, 1983 to October 1, 2015 for 32 years while it owned London flat of Imran Khan from 1983 to 2003.

    In a September 2011 interview with Financial Times, PTI chief Imran Khan has responded to a question as follows; “Question: What was your most prudent investment? Answer: It would be buying my two-bedroom penthouse flat in 1983 on Draycott Avenue in South Kensington. I was 30-years-old and I lived there when I was playing cricket. It cost £110,000 then. I kept it for 20 years then sold it in 2003 to buy almost 35 acres of land and build a farmhouse in Islamabad. I grow my own food and everything is organic. It is my idea of paradise.”

    The document of property sale of Flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue when shown to PTI’s founding member and once closest aide of PTI Chief, Akbar S. Babar, he verified the authenticity of the document.

    Giving a background of events, he said in early 2011 political parties had publicly questioned Imran Khan about the source of funds for his Bani Gala property. Central Information Secretary of the party at that time was requested by Imran Khan to rebut the propaganda on a television talk show. And, as proof of the source of funds to buy the Bani Gala property, Imran Khan personally shared the Barclays Private Bank and Trust Limited document with him that shows Flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue, London owned by an offshore company “Niazi Services Ltd.” sold at GBP 715,000 March 17, 2003.

    When The News contacted Imran Khan spokesperson Naeemul Haq about the PTI chief’s London Flat, he categorically denied that the property was even owned by an offshore company and said “No it was in his name”. When pressed he reiterated, “Not at all. It was in his own name”. When The News asked Naeemul Haq to share some document which can confirm his claim, Naeemul Haq advised The News to visit a website “”, enter the address and all details of the property will be confirmed. Later he was sent the web-link of this website ( showing “Flat 2, 165 Draycott Avenue, London” was sold in 2003 for GBP715,000 but there was no detail of ownership of the property. Naeemul Haq once again repeated that the flat was in name of Imran Khan.

  • Out of scope article by News. The story is over in 2003. He brings back all his money to Pakistan that is earned outside Pakistan. Public should appreciate and thankful to him.

  • Agreed but unfortunately the media in Pakistan is devoid of Editorial Integrity.

  • It is not the money that is in question. The question is, did he mention the above fact (if it is a fact) while submitting his nomination papers before election commission for 2002 general election?

  • Indeed. First it should be established whether it is a fact or not and if it is proved to be a fact then the ball is in ECP's court.

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  • In case it is considered to be something illegal, it is not. Offshore companies are based in territories which are also called tax havens. Individuals and business including multinationals use tax havens to minimise taxation.

    It should be remembered that tax reduction is not illegal only tax avoidance is illegal!!

  • Friend Ayatullah Anjaan jee

    I agree with your comments above. However, it should be assessed if he owned the flat at the time of filing his nomination papers for the said 2002 elections.

    Second, the critics of Imran should demand owners of overseas properties to sell those and bring money back in Pakistan within a specified time, as Imran did.

    Third, the attempt of befooling the nation in the name of Judicial Commission has backfired very badly.

  • Friend Ayatullah Adnak
    Thank you for your endorsement. However I have just realised that it was wrong for me to assert that tax avoidance is illegal. In fact tax avoidance is quite legal. It is the tax evasion which is illegal.

    Appointment of Judicial Commission is also equal to evasion of owning up the facts.

  • @editor
    Immys offshore compamy, Immys sisters offshore company, Immys Financier in Pak(Tareen,Aleem, Malik Riaz) offshore companies, Immys offshore financiers(Zulfi Bukhari,Zac) off shore company , Immys best buddy Mr Goldees off shore company and..........
    Still IMMYS Dupes believe he cleanest Sh.....t happened to Pakistan.

  • This Immy Guy would be in jail for life in a lawful society when he invested 10 million dollars of
    donation money in some " Impaired Assets in Oman" but such is his Pretty Mouth ......
    anything is holy Sh.,,,,t.

  • There is nothing illegal about these offshore companies as per today's laws. These are tax heavens for the rich. However, as a politician, it's hard to portray yourself as Mr. Clean when you yourself engaged in the same shady schemes of dodging the tax system.

    Ordinary people who are on daily wages or monthly salaries never get these tax breaks. When they pay their full share of taxes, the rich needs to do the same. These offshore companies need to be declared illegal but they are not. The reason they are not is because the very same people are in the legislature making the laws and giving themselves exclusive tax breaks.

    Both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan displayed a lack of character and their conduct is despicable.

    IK had a good opportunity to depict NS as typical politician who didn't want to pay his fair share of taxes, but unfortunately, IK himself proved to be part of the same elite class.

  • @Qarar
    "engaged in the same shady schemes of dodging the tax system."

    Remember " Tax avoidance is not illegal but tax evasion is"
    Use of Tax havens only leads to tax avoidance and not tax evasion. If you have difficulty in understanding this concept, I suggest you ask a legal friend to explain it you.

  • "Both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan displayed a lack of character and their conduct is despicable"

    There are few questions need to be answered.

    • Did this offshore company existed when PTI was formed by IK and did he declare ownership of the company.

    • Was any income generated (eg Commentary fees, etc. )by Imran after he moved to Pakistan parked in this off-shore company.

    These could be enough to problematic for him both legally and politically.

    I am not surprised by this from IK, after all he went to Gary Parker Cricket for money leaving Pakistan.

  • I am puzzled. Why these questions are addresses to Imran Khan only. Surely, all politicians who contested the elections should have declared their assets.

  • There are some who want the discussion to be strictly limited to the topic.

  • Lagay Raho Munna Bhai!!

  • Friend Ayatullah Anjaan jee

    I wonder who is the author of following picture:


  • As for the last comment it requires another thread for comments at length. This thread is Imran Khan offshore companies specific as pointed out by Curiousity sahib.