US and Indian Concerns on Pakistan/China Relations

  • Financial Times Report

    Pakistan army chief’s Beijing visit heightens US, India jitters

    Pentagon warns Pakistan could host Chinese naval installation, as Gen Sharif visits Beijing

    Pakistan’s army chief was feted in Beijing this week on a visit that could heighten concerns in New Delhi and Washington over China’s intentions in South Asia.

    The arrival of General Raheel Sharif in the Chinese capital on Monday — a day after India successfully tested an interceptor missile designed to destroy incoming nuclear capable missiles — follows a report by the Pentagon warning that China is seeking to establish a naval base in Pakistan.

    The report, published last week, said China would “most likely seek to establish additional naval logistics hubs in countries with which it has a longstanding friendly relationship and similar strategic interests, such as Pakistan.”

    Chinese companies have helped Pakistan build the port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea, the centrepiece of the $46bn pledged by Beijing for infrastructure spending linking China to Pakistan, known as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. Many observers believe that China will ultimately seek to use the port as a naval base.

    However, both Pakistani and Chinese officials said their understanding of the economic corridor is that it is limited to economic co-operation and has no security component ....

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  • Against Pakistan, why Iran is hostile, why India is hostile, why Afghanistan is hostile, why UAE and SA are hostile, there are not only economic reasons but also strategic military balance of power in the Indian Ocean, this being key issue. Indian Ocean that includes Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf etc.. is dominated by NATO Aircraft carriers, submarines loaded with Polaris missiles, battleships loaded with Tomohawk misssiles. The expected Chinese entry with its full might of marine power in Indian Ocean with a strong Gwadar base like Russian Tartus naval base along Syrian shores of Mediterranean Sea is irksome.

  • In the world of politics, only national interests are supreme. No friendship is permanent, no hostility is forever. Pakistan and China friendship is inevitable for maintaining peace and stability in this region and both countries would continue to enhance their bilateral relations irrespective of anyone's concerns.

  • "In the world of politics, only national interests are supreme"

    Unfortunately, that does not apply in the domestic politics of Pakistan.