EgyptAir Wreckage Found in Sea; Egypt Cites Possible Terrorism

  • CAIRO — An Egyptian jetliner carrying 66 people from Paris to Cairo abruptly swerved, vanished from radar and plunged into the Mediterranean early Thursday, shortly before it was scheduled to land. Egyptian officials said wreckage had been found and suggested terrorism was a more likely cause than technical failure.


    Source: New York Times

  • We all should hope that the is no 'Muslim' connection with the incident, but all initial signs pointing in that direction.

  • Try to avoid stopover in middle eastern muslim country---dangerous

  • The debris of plane found in Mediterranean Sea are not of ill fated Egyptian plane 804 - CNN reports. In the era of most sophistical cameras that can catch image of pin lying on earth either by a surveillance plane even at 80,000 altitude or through the spy satellites, the debris could not be searched out. All the data available by navigation towers is the plane was flying at around 40,000 ft. altitude when its flight height suddenly descended to 30,000 and lost all communication except the distress signal for a second or two. Whether it a was inside suicide blast or external ground to air missile attack is yet to be determined'